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Our office is located in the center of St Petersburg. Co- located with the Commercial Service office is the American Business Center, which provides visiting American business representatives with essential business services, such as temporary office space, access to international telecommunications, translation, interpretation and other services. Please do not hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to working with you as you explore this exciting and challenging market. Sincerely, David K.

PSC 78 Box L. Schneider Robert S. It does not endorse any, or all, of these enterprises, nor does it intend for this list to comprise the enterprises which present the best Russian defense-related business opportunities. The department is not rank ordering the enterprises in any way. While the Department of Commerce has made every effort to ensure the reliability of the information contained in this directory, it cannot guarantee either its accuracy or completeness.

Government as a whole has taken many steps to develop its cooperation with Russia and to promote Russian defense conversion. Department of Commerce to assisting Russian defense industry in making a successful transition to profitable civilian endeavors. The Fifth volume focuses on opportunities for American business in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Leningrad Oblast. Petersburg has played a major role in the development of Russian technology and industry throughout the history of Russia and has a tradition of openness to foreign partners.

It is the center of a dynamic and potentially enormous commercial market for U. Until recently, defense enterprises recently produced 70 percent of the city's output and employed half the work force. A few years back, St. Petersburg produced 25 percent of all the military hardware used in the Soviet Union. Almost scientific research institutes are located in the city. The U. Government believes that the key engine of defense conversion will be U.

Each chapter contains the following information: Chapter 1 - Full length profiles of 60 defense enterprises in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Chapter 2 - Mini-profiles of additional enterprises in St. Chapter 3 - Profiles of 15 enterprises outside Leningrad Oblast and updates to some 4th Edition enterprises. Chapter 5 - Information on U. Chapter 6 - Recent Bilateral Agreements. Chapter 7 - Additional Sources of information.

Chapter 8 - Government-backed and private sponsored Sources of Financing. Chapter 9 - Information on Russian Federation Laws regarding defense industry conversion and privatization. Department of Commerce. Petersburg i Chapter 1 - Information on Russian Government authorities involved in defense conversion. Chapter 1 1 - Regional and other useful information Chapter 12 - Market Research and Transportation services information.

Chapter 14 - Defense Conversion Success stories. Chapter 16 - Directory of Business Services. Petersburg's defense enterprises. However, individual enterprise managers generally make their own decisions regarding the extent and pace of conversion or diversification. The numerous opportunities for potential conversion projects make St. Petersburg defense enterprises a logical choice for foreign investment and partnership.

As of April , over 1 80 American companies had opened representative offices in St. Petersburg offering a wide spectrum of western services and products. About 30 of these companies have established manufacturing projects with local defense enterprises. Mayor Anatoliy Sobchak, elected for a five-year term in June of , has been a leader of the democratic reform effort in Russia since The office of the Mayor of St.

Petersburg has been upgraded to a Governorship and the new Governor is Vladimir A. Considered the most European city in Russia, St. Petersburg is a cultural center with more than 50 museums, including the world renowned Hermitage Museum, and approximately 40 theaters and concert halls, such as the Marinskiy Kirov and Maliy. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in , and it is a major historical center that attracts up to a million tourists annually.

Petersburg was the host city for the Goodwill Games in the summer of There are daily flights from the United States and many European capitals to St. Despite its many tourist attractions, St. Petersburg lacks an adequate tourist infrastructure in terms of hotels and restaurants. A city of 55 hotels, only two five-star hotels, with a total of 1, beds, offer a level of service at or near western standards. However, in the tourist industry, as in other sectors, there are numerous development projects underway or in the planning stage.

Petersburg today is one of the most dynamic regions in Russia. Together, the city and Oblast represent the second largest industrial center in Russia. The Oblast stretches from the Finnish border in the northwest to Estonia in the southeast, and has kilometers of coast line, with several natural bays and ports It is rich in natural resources and has a varied industrial and agricultural base closely linked to that of Si Petersburg The major industrial sectors in the Oblast are: metallurgy, electrical engineering, petrochemicals, light industry and food processing.

Nearly 80 percent of the Oblast' s production is oriented towards regional and domestic needs. Over enterprises in the Oblast are engaged in the manufacture of oil products, primary aluminum, mineral fertilizers, sulfuric acid, feed protein, cement, construction U. Department of Commerce Jr. RDBD 5 - St. Petersburg i materials, pulp and paper, food and consumer goods. Approximately 60 percent of these enterprises remain State run.

The Oblast also has played a significant role in military-related production and its defense enterprises have close access to St. Petersburg's prestigious scientific and research facilities. The economy of the Oblast relies heavily on its natural resources of granite, sand, clay, limestone, combustible shale, bauxite, peat, and phosphates which are used in the construction industry, chemical production and peat production.

Twenty per cent of the region's industrial production is derived from the forestry industry, wood processing and cellulose and paper industries. The local pulp and paper mills account for 8 per cent of the paper and 14 per cent of the cardboard produced in Russia. The Oblast possesses an extensive transportation system, including the October Railway, one of the largest railway systems in Russia, and a well-developed inland waterway system of rivers and canals.

The road connections with Finland carry a substantial volume of cargo bound not only for St Petersburg but the rest of western and central Russia as well. Banking services in the Oblast are expanding, with many of Russia's largest banks operating in the Oblast. Due to the geographic diversity of the Oblast as well as its location on the northwestern border of Russia, it has a growing tourist industry totaling approximately 2 million visitors annually.

The concept for the Oblast regional government was created by Peter the Great in Today the Oblast is a constituent subject of the Russian Federation and comprises 23 administrative- territorial units 17 districts and 6 towns. The current Oblast government, under the direction of Governor Alexander S. Belyakov, is taking a proactive role in guiding the region's development, especially with respect to port facilities and infrastructure projects. It has been particularly open to foreign investment and very cooperative with foreign firms which are considering the market opportunities in the Oblast.

The Oblast's diverse geography and industrial base offer numerous opportunities for foreign Investment and joint projects in the defense diversification sector. Balashov, Chairman Fax: U. Stepanov Fax: 8 1 2 3 1 1 7 Deputy Chairman St. Krivochenko Fax: 8 1 2 3 1 1 4 Director. Kezling, Director Fax: 3 1 St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 1 Contact: Vladimir I.

Petersburg, Russia, Contact: Lyudmila V. Artamonova Fax: 3 Director Lenoblvneshtorg Ltd. Address: 3, Smolny Street Tel: St. Lebedev Deputy Director U. We have also tried to provide the most commonly known alternative names of the enterprise. Names of facilities in Russian can vary widely. At times, some enterprises were known under the name of the building in which it was located or a location within a city.

In addition, many enterprises have changed their names over the past year. Writing first is suggested. Where no number appears, information will be added as it becomes available. The reliability of these numbers varies and the lines of communication are not always operating Telegrams are a useful and reliable mechanism for communications. Note that the Russian communications system differentiates among telegraph, teletype, and telex.

Use International Access Code "Oil" to place a station-to-station call and "00" for operator- assisted calls e. Petersburg 1 - 1 international telex telecommunications system directly to a terminal at an enterprise. The keyboard and printer are usually in Latin characters. Some private information enterprises and most likely some city telecommunications centers offer a service of providing a manual interface between the Telex and Teletype or Telegraph systems.

Increasingly, Russian government and enterprise officials are using Internet-compatible E- Mail via domestic networks such as Relcom and international links such as SprintNet, Sovam Teleport, etc. Following issuance of the second installment, our own E-Mail has increased substantially, using the addresses listed therein.

The process works! Information sent via an E-mail file requires approximately five percent the size of the corresponding fax file. E-Mail also provides greater flexibility than fax transmissions, as messages can be stored until the receiving end is operating. Moreover, E-Mail rates may be less expensive than fax rates at the point of origin.

The majority of defense plants in Russia today are now subordinate to, although not strictly controlled by the Russian Ministry of Defense Industry. Today these figures are highly variable as many enterprises are in a state of flux as they restructure to adapt to an evolving economic system. With the introduction of economic reforms, some have now become joint-stock companies as part of the privatization process and others are leased.

Where known, this entry indicates who owns what share of joint-stock firms. This information may provide some indication of the age of some of the basic-infrastructure at the enterprise. Again, this may provide an indication of the types of technology available. For example, if the facility is part of an association, this entry identifies the members of the association and provides the basic information e.

Petersburg ST. Petersburg is one of the oldest and largest shipyards in Russia. It was established as the New Admiralty yard in , supplementing and soon replacing the Main Admiralty yard that had been founded in the center of the city a century earlier, and was transferred to its current location as the Admiralty Shipyard in It was a major builder of battleships in the 19th century and submarines and cruisers in the 20th.

Since the mids its surface-ship facilities have specialized on large merchant ships, icebreakers, large rescue and salvage ships, fish-factory ships, floating dry docks, and a few naval auxiliaries notably the three large missile range support ships of the Marshal Nedelin class. In the yard resumed submarine production with the delivery of a Victor I-class nuclear attack submarine, and production of Victor II and Victor Ill-class nuclear and Kilo-class diesel submarines followed.

In Admiralty absorbed the Leningrad Shipbuilding and Mechanical Engineering Sudomekh yard, located on the original site of the New Admiralty yard and a specialist in submarine construction since the s. The resulting entity was named the Leningrad Admiralty Association. In recent years, Admiralty has produced numerous specialized submersibles, including the civilian Sever-2 , Tinro-2 , Bentos , Tetis , Osa, Argus, and Osmotr types, plus the naval Lima, Uniform, Xray, Beluga, and Paltus classes.

Admiralty is still producing sea-going vessels, but it is also expanding into other technologies and products to support itself. Aleksandrov, General Director Yegor V. CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Merchant ships; submersibles; ship components including deck installations, boilers, water piping, propellers, ductwork, electrical equipment, and stateroom furniture; agricultural equipment including animal husbandry machines, grain elevators, and fodder processing equipment; engineering and building maintenance services; motor vehicle components; industrial machinery and equipment including automated pneumatic systems, lubrication equipment, filtration devices, rubber technology items, electrical equipment, and servomechanisms; wood and metal office furniture; scrap and waste metals reprocessing; containers; fiber processing machines; non-household plastic products; medicinal materials including equipment and instruments; warm air heating and air- conditioning equipment; construction materials; consumer products including tourist and sports equipment, dyes and household chemicals, and household furniture.

Petersburg, Russia Ulitsa Savushkina, 82 Tel. It is associated with many major projects in this field, including design of the containment sarcophagus for the damaged reactor at Chernobyl. It also does design work for radiochemical, metallurgical, mechanical, and instrument-engineering plants and performs research work on decontamination and removal of radioactive contamination and transportation of radioactive waste.

Potyomkin, General Director Vladimir P. Soroka, Asst. It is currently involved in the conversion of tank technology for civilian applications. It is also the production facility for the Russian Mars rover, which is being developed in concert with the Babakin Center and the Institute for Space Research. Potemkin, General Director Vladimir P.

The institute is located in the Krasnoselskiy district at the southern edge of St. Petersburg and has set aside large amounts of production floorspace for use by interested sub-contractors. Petersburg Apparatus Plant. Petersburg, Russia Shkiperskiy protok, 19 Tel: ; Chief Designer , assoc.

It also develops techniques to render these systems immune to electronic warfare. Petersburg location and two subordinate design and production facilities in the Leningrad Oblast, one at Siverskaya and one at Zhigulyovsk. Date: Gromov, Chief Dsgnr. General, Pavel N. Konokotin, Chief of Protocol Grp. Federal Aviation Administration for the development of a microwave landing system.

Grudinsky, Gerneral Director Vladimir V. The institute relies on to suppliers. It is the preeminent institute in Russia for imaging technology ranging from space stations to underwater exploration. In addition to the facility in St. Petersburg proper, the Institute has two other facilities: a 95, sq. The institute is interested in working with U.

However, it does not have a specific enterprise. At this time, it proposes offering a highly trained staff of scientists, engineers and technicians, industrial space, raw material and energy resources from its research division. In exchange, it seeks investment from U. The joint cooperation may include assembly and tuning operations, consumer goods, television and video cameras, for personal and professional use, as well as complex television production equipment. Petersburg, Russia Ulitsa Uralskaya, 1 9 Tel.

Almaz is the designer of the Dergach missile air cushion vehicle, the Nanuchka and Tarantul-class missile corvettes, the Matka-class missile hydrofoil, the Pauk-class anti-submarine warfare vessel, and the Pomornik-class air cushion vehicle. It is collocated with the Arsenal Joint Stock Company. Design of commercial satellite projects, including "Taxi" piggybacking a customer's payload on a launch vehicle carrying a primary payload ; "Platform" custom-made space stations for scientific and commercial use accomodating payloads of up to 4 tons ; and "Precursor" Predvestnik , a satellite system for earthquake forecasting and monitoring of seismic activity.

KB "Arsenal" also develops large refrigerating systems for storage facilities and warehouses. It is collocated with the Arsenal Design Bureau. It is composed of 5 separate administrative entities: two civilian production operations, a military production operation, a technical support facility, and a commercial center.

Petrov, General Director, Vladimir I. Grigorieu, Deputy Director Mikhail A. Myslin, Deputy Director Aleksandr N. Chlennikov, Deputy Director Petr S. It produces gas pistols used for self-defense. Only 45 percent of Arsenal's orders come from the defense sector. Avangard consists of two research institutes and two production plants which develop and produce components for electronics, processing equipment, and instrumentation for the instrument-making industry.

General Director Konstantin B. They have stated that they have carried out basic research work and obtained samples of a structure that had a low defect concentration level, and that the technique makes possible annealing crystal defects virtually on every stage of a device fabrication process, allowing a noise level decrease, higher charge carrier mobility, and improved amplification of a device. Avangard has also developed microelectronic chemical sensors for environmental protection applications and lavistor semiconductor instruments with enhanced radiation resistance for work in high radiation zones.

It is capable of building merchant ships up to 45, deadweight tons and nuclear powered cruisers. The Baltic Plant Production Association was formed in by the merger of the Baltic Shipyard and a special design bureau for boiler construction. It became a joint-stock company in 1 Shulyakovskiy, General Director E.

Koshelev, Deputy General Director Y. Transokeanik's role is to establish a maritime passenger line between St. Petersburg and New York, primarily aimed at businessmen. The sale of shares began in March 1 The shipyard has presented designs for 40, dwt double hull tankers. The latter is one of the largest in the former USSR.

The yard also has shops for castings and production of ship components such as large shafts and propellers. Transport and storage of steel sections not suited for units of more than approximately 80 metric tons. Outfitting quay served by four cranes of 50 mt capacity; another 1 1 cranes of 50 mt capacity serve the two open building ways. Rodionov, Director Valery N.

Petersburg, Kerch Ukraine , and other cities in Russia. Design Bureau of Machine-Building TsKBM is responsible for the design, research, and prototype development of industrial gas centrifuges for uranium isotope separation. It is involved in gaseous diffusion technology and thermionics, and is also developing thermionic space-based nuclear power reactors in the "Topaz" series.

Petersburg July technology and equipment in its manufacturing processes. The program was stopped for lack of funds, but the International Scientific Production Corporation, a U. Petersburg, Russia Ultisa Paradraya, 8 Tel. Director , U.

The institute is now focussing its resources on establishing joint development programs with private sector companies in Russia and Western countries. It launches and tests ships. It assembles equipment and mechanisms for ships. It does interior decoration for ships. It is interested in developing new projects in software, specialized lighting, automation, vibration reduction and noise abatement areas. The enterprise is willing to organize and hold international and regional exhibitions, symposiums and seminars.

The enterprise is a founder of several scientific societies. Trofimov, Constr. Vladimir G. The active and passive shock-absorbing systems developed at KBSM are based upon a number of inventions and are competitive with Japanese systems. Planning is being undertaken for earthquake protection in California and Hawaii. It has an experimental production plant.

Specific types of products produced by Elektroavtomatika include include digital displays, flight management systems for civil, military and space applications , airborne computers for civil and military applications, airborne instrumentation and simulators, as well as the software used in various computers and systems. Petersburg , St. The main activity of the institute is fundamental research in the areas of hydro-gas dynamics, hydro-acoustics, hydro-mechanics, management and stabilization of automatic systems.

Vladimir A. Mikhailov, Director Vyacheslav V. Onishchenko, Head of the Foreign Relations Department. Today its joint stock company is one of the leading metallurgical and machine-building enterprises in Russia with 20 separate plants and departments. The company is one of three major builders of nuclear reactors in the former Soviet Union, and it makes heavy machinery and numerous other products for both the military and civilian sectors.

The main facility, located in the St. Petersburg suburb of Kolpino, consisted in of four large divisions and one smaller division. A foreign trade firm was created in to market the firm's products in international markets, and the firm currently exports to more than 20 countries.

Five design bureaus are also part of the company. Orders for military products declined drastically by the early 1 s and the plant's production lines for armored vehicle components were reportedly idle in early The Izhora Plant is a founding member of the St. Petersburg Military Industrial Corporation, set up in mid- to earn capital for conversion of defense plants to civilian production.

Vasilyev, General Director Deonisii D. CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Articles rolled, hammered and pressed from titanium alloys; varieties of steel castings; propeller shafts; excavators and other large machines; equipment for mineral oil handling; reactors, generators and other equipment for atomic power stations; turbine and turbine generator sets and rotors; automobile mufflers; kitchen utensils; fabricated plate work. Technology for vacuum welding of hard U.

Petersburg alloys and steel was installed in The Izhora Plant is also constructing a ton capacity electric arc melting facility, which is to be completed in mid- to late Special vehicles are used to transport radioactive isotopes. Izhora also plans to increase its steel production during the s. Izhora is also reportedly involved in a joint venture with the U.

The joint venture also involves development of chemical and lumbering plants in St. Petersburg, as well as other basic industries in Russia. The firm has a contract with a university in the U. Petersburg Energomash Energy Corporation, a State Interbranch Production Association GMPO that consolidates as many as 1 5 enterprises in the field of power equipment, including nuclear reactor production facilities. It is now involved in large scale conversion from military to civil production.

Petersburg Alexsandr V. Zakharov, Director Sergei V. Sazonkin, Commercial Director Aleksandr G. Almost all of the assembly components for Kalinin's civil product lines, including plastic molding, electric motors, and electronics, are built on- site. Production floor space totals about 76, square meters. Petersburg;, Gorelovo; Transmash Plant, Tikhvin. It has also designed and produced tanks for the military.

It is a vertically-integrated association that also produces its own steel, its own sheet metal, and its own forgings and stampings The main component of the Kirov Plant Production Association is the Kirov Plant proper, the largest and oldest industrial complex in St. The Kirov Plant ceased producing tanks in November It continues to produce turbines, tractors, construction machinery, and rolled steel.

Tikhvin produces castings, as well as machinery, spare parts, and consumer goods. Semenenko, President Aleksandr V. CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Turbines for electric power generation; circulating pumps for nuclear power stations; industrial and agricultural tractors "KIROVETS"-K and KM ; construction machinery, including bulldozers, cranes, front-end loaders, and canal digging machinery; automated packaging machinery for agriculture; machines for the mining industry, road construction, and the repair of oil wells and oil pipelines; consumer goods including kitchen appliances juice pressers, meat grinders , window locks, and children's swings.

An effort is underway to produce mini-tractors and attachments K, using 3 5 horsepower engines from Germany for small farms. Kirov is beginning production of municipal service vehicles. It produces annually about 21, and HP tractors, , meat grinders, and , juice pressers. Petersburg centers, a sanitarium, and a subsidiary agricultural farm. An automotive joint-venture with Mitsubishi of Japan may already exist in facilities at Gorelovo that were built, but never used, for tank assembly.

Production of small multi-purpose tractors through a joint venture has also been considered. Production of jeeps through a joint venture is also being considered. Kirov is also studying the possibility of wheelchair production. In , Kirov entered into a joint venture with the German firm Landteknik AG of Schonebeck for production of "Maral" grain combines, a German design suitable for use in Russian fields.

Klimov, the design bureau moved to its present location after World War II. It was also known for a time as the Izotov Design Bureau after S. Izotov, chief designer following Klimov. After Izotov's death in the design bureau returned to its original name. The bureau is co-located with its own experimental prototype plant, the Klimov Machine-Building Plant, and together they form the Klimov Scientific Production Association. Klimov engines are serially produced at the Krasnyy Oktyabr' Plant.

In early the Klimov Design Bureau was for the first time referred to as the Klimov Corporation, suggesting it has been reorganized into a joint-stock company. The Klimov Enterprise is vigorously pursuing the export market and joint- ventures with Western aerospace companies. The design bureau developed the capability to machine difficult-to-work metals such as cobalt-tungsten alloys using its own high- speed cutting tools.

Includes contacts with Snecma France for joint development of a powerplant for new jet trainer for Russia; with China for the use of a Klimov derivative engine for use on Chinese transports; and with South Korea, for a ground-based power station. Sarkisov, Director General Valentin V. Starovoytnikov, Chief Designer. Pyotr S. Izotov, Director of Marketing Gennady N. Yezhov, Dir. Petersburg Klimov has an agreement with Snecma to prepare a technical proposal for a military trainer engine.

Klimov is discussing an agreement with the Chinese to provide a derivative of Klimov's TV 17 engine Klimov has formed a joint venture with South Korea to develop a 1. Klimov has a two-part agreement with South Africa to define a new business U. Yevseyev, General Director Vladimir G. Kukuy, Deputy Dir. General, Mikhail M. Lebedey, Deputy Dir. General, A. Petersburg, Russia B. Samsonevskiy Prospekt, formerly was known as Prospekt Karla Marksa.

Alternative addresses for Krasnaya Zarya are Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa 4, 6, and 8. Potential diversification programs include production of insulation materials for residential and commercial housing construction, production of cinder blocks for house and cottage construction, production of wooden doors and window frames for housing construction and production of environmentally-safe batteries. The facility covers territory of hectares, with roads for automobile and rail access, and has substantial warehouse facilities.

Spiro, First Deputy. EMPLOYED: Deep water and shallow water tow tanks; high speed tow tanks; basins for seakeeping, maneuverability and cavitation tests; ice model basin; cavitation basin; wind and cavitation tunnels; acoustic measurement tanks; tensile testing machines; fatigue and vibration testing machines; hydraulics and propulsion plant testing facilities; equipment and ranges for full scale ship tests.

Petersburg Leninets Holding Company. The huge concern includes 16 factories, 10 research organizations, and 50 small enterprises. Leonid G. Golovach, Vice President Ramutis Y. Leninets is involved in a joint venture with the Gillette Company to build a factory to produce shaving products.

An experimental plant belonging to Leninets is located in Gatchina. In , the company worked with the Western auditing company Coopers and Lybrand tochange to a joint-stock company. Lenina LOMO. Shustov, Technical Director Arkady S. Kobitsky, Marketing Director. Sergey V. EMPLOYED: Industrial robots, including die-stamping robots and cold stamping robots; a flexible production module; diamond cutting tools; aluminum alloys die-casting machines; plastic molding; production of cutting and measuring tools.

Since the 's Severnyy has produced surface-to-air missiles. Earlier it had produced fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Currently, the association produces a variety of civil products including enameling machines, metal furniture, and other consumer goods. July 19!

Petersburg, that for many years functioned as the Severnyy Plant. Belov, Director Yury M. Varfolomeyev, Deputy Director Boris Y. The plant was founded in by Russian metallurgist Pavel Obukhov, who originated the use of cast steel for the manufacture of cannon barrels.

The Obukhov plant was the site of the "Obukhov Defense of ," where workers clashed with Tsarist forces. The plant changed its name in from the Bolshevik Plant back to its original name, Obukhov. Vashenko, General Director Alexander B. Poretskiy, Chief Engineer Valeriy S.

EMPLOYED: Open-hearth furnaces, hammer forging and pressing equipment up to ton capacity , equipment to manufacture cog wheels, vertical electroplating tanks up to 10 meter capacity , numerically controlled metal lathes. The plant produces wheelchairs for the foreign and domestic markets with a United States company, which supplied modern production equipment and training. Obukhov is working with another US firm to produce oil and gas extraction equipment.

Also, Obukhov has a licensing agreement to assemble irons for the Italian appliance firm "Delonghi" and is the largest producer of household irons in Russia. Obukhov also has converted to the production of "Positron" television sets and "Lomo" cameras. They are in the early stage of conversion and would like to work with foreign partners.

Mironov, Director Alia N. Petersburg, Russia Krasnogvardeyskaya ploshchad Square. It was founded at the junction of the Okhta and Neva rivers in as a roofing shingle works, a settlement for serfs working at the Main Admiralty Yard, and a small shipyard.

It was enlarged in and, as the Okhta Admiralty, built sailing frigates and ships of the time. It was leased to private shipbuilders between and for construction of smaller ships, and in it became a specialist in the construction of tugs. During the s and s it built 63 oceangoing tugs of the "Goliat" class known in the West as the Okhtenskiy class and harbour tugs of the "Peredovik" Sidehole and "Prometey" Saka classes.

After the yard was rebuilt in the late s it has manufactured sophisticated shipbuilding production line equipment. Early projects include mechanization of the assembly and welding production lines at the Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant and the construction of a unit for assembly and welding of large hull sections at the Zhdanov Shipbuilding Plant in Leningrad.

Shelest, General Director M. Pavlov, Deputy Director Victor N. EMPLOYED: Metal cut computer control equipment, casting factory, cutting workshop, thermal- processing, galvanic protection products, assembly welding workshop, shell assembly. Egorenkov, Director VladmirF. Vasilyev, Chief Engineer; Vyacheslav A. Alexander E. CIVTL PRODUCT LINES: Loud speakers, studio monitors, public address systems, studio mixing consoles, sound processors, digital audio workstations, broadcasting systems, fixed, portable, radio and car-radio tape recorders, CD players, audio amplifiers, wireless microphones, sound reinforcement systems, reverberators, sound effect processors, information security systems, test and measuring equipment and marketing studies for audio systems.

Production facilities total an additional 2, sq. A new 37, sq. Pozitron produces a variety of military equipment, including electronic components and tensile condensers for missiles. It is composed of several enterprises, a research institute, and a design bureau. Blokhin, General Manager Alexander V.

For more information, see individual facility descriptions below. Pozitron manufactured 90, televisions in , exporting half to Western Europe. Plans in called for expanding television production to 2 million sets per year.

Petersburg Pozitron has also been emphasizing consumer goods since In March , Pozitron's Vidikond Plant opened video assembly and packing plant as part of joint venture with Korea Daewoo Corporation. It is part of the Russian Space Corpn. Energiya, Russia's premier developer of space technology.

Primorsk specializes in rocket propulsion technology developed by Energiya. Petrov, Director Yury V. This small U. Petersburg device is designed to clean pollutants such as waste water, industrial emissions, and toxic wastes. Fixed and truck-mounted versions of the Vulcan cleaner are planned. Sokolv, First Deputy Director OWNERSHIP: State-controlled other alloys, including vacuum-arc and electroslag capabilities; process for rolling beryllium between two sheets of steel; argon gas-flow meter for welding; argon-filled chamber to work on titanium submarine hulls; composites; coatings; plastics; corrosion research-galvanic protection using an external current and special paint; porous amorphous materials able to withstand high temperature used as flexible radar absorption material.

CIVIL PRODUCT LINES Titanium alloys; aluminum-magnesium alloy with "memory" properties; large volume pressure containers made of wound polymer or carbon fibers; catalytic converters containing titanium fuel; double-layer steel with corrosion protection for cold weather environments ice breaker sterns ; corrosion resistant pipes for long distance heating systems; welding electrodes; titanium hydrofoils; technology for joining steel and aluminum and steel and titanium; testing systems to detect intercrystalline corosion used in nuclear industries , and anode protection for ships.

Commercial applications for amorphous metal alloys with fine grains include use in magnetic and electromagnetic components. Prometey also has underground facilities: a main one beneath Aleksandr Nevskiy Monastery Museum and another in the area between Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya and Ulitsa Krasnovo Tekstil'shchika, possibly contiguous with Nevskiy complex. It was formerly part of the Elektroavtomatika Scientific Production Association. It is a part of the Scientific and Production Association Ravenstvo.

Petersburg, Vasilaevsky Island, 5 Liniya, 70 U. Uih iooo Norwegian company for the manufacture of consumer goods. The company is interested in modernizing its equipment in an effort to focus on the manufacture of radio and electronic consumer goods.

Petersburg, Ulitsa Promyshlennaya, 19 Tel: , Gen. It is now expanding its production to commercial products in the oil and gas, mining and electronics industries. Petersburg Yury V. Abramov, General Director, Yakov Y. Lebedev, Design Bur. Design bureau officials are trying to compensate with work on civilian projects. Civil work has reportedly increased from 10 percent in to 35 percent, mainly for the domestic oil. In Spasskiy, General Director Sergey A. Komorov, Deputy Gen.

It has affiliates in Luga, Krasnyy Bor, and Voyevoko. Petersburg, Russia; Tel: ; telex: ; Telefax: ; its projects include export of diesel submarines. Zolotov, Director Vladimir F. The shipyard is part of the Severnaya Verf Production Association, which includes an electrodes factory with a capacity of 20, tons annually and a furniture factory.

It is capable of building merchant ships up to 13, deadweight U. The enterprise has a "project" department that functions as a marketing department. Ninety percent of production is delivered to state-owned factories and 10 percent to privately-owned firms. The company has four sites, including a central design office and three factories.

SIC Code: , ,,, , July , The others remain state-owned, although they are taking steps towards privatization. Petersburg International Business Center. Advanced Output Devices for control systems, computers, data processing and transmission systems.

Advanced Miniprinters and similar devices. Specialized criminalistic laboratories with advanced communications and artificial vision devices. Cryptographic confidential information protection systems 6. Ecological equipment for purification and regeneration of electroplating. Radio and Telephone mobile system for transportation on route between St.

Dental chairs and others. Precision mechanics, PCB manufacturing, various assembly lines. Russia St. Petersburg, Shkiperskiy protok, 1 9 Telephone: , Director , technical Mgr. Petersburg, is an important builder of mine warfare ships for the Russian navy.

The yard probably dates back to , when the St. Petersburg Metals Plant, then a builder of marine turbines, established a shipyard at Ust-Izhora to build destroyers. Between the world wars the Ust-Izhora yard was limited to the construction of river barges.

It was expanded into a major builder of minesweepers and other small combatants after World War II and built ships of the steel-hulled T, T, Turka, and Natya classes in the s and s. It has also built a few large tugs and small tankers for service as naval auxiliaries.

Around 1 it began to experiment with glass-reinforced plastic and subsequently built a few Zhenya-class minehunters and many Yevgenya- and Lida-class inshore minesweepers. It also built hydrofoils of the Matka and Turya classes and the Tarantul- class missile corvettes. Today it is offering several types of ships on the civil market similar to its minesweeper classes, including ships of upto tons with glass-reinforced plastic hulls, steel-hulled ships of up to tons, and similar ships built with low- magnetic steel.

Petersburg ,,, Yegorov, Technical Manger, Vsevolod D. Semenov, Commercial Dir. It also has produced fighter jet engines and rocket engines. Petersburg, Russia Prospekt Engelsa, 27 Tel: , Svetlana also produces a wide variety of other products including medical, transportation, communications, agriculture, and recreation equipment and household appliances. The Svetlana Joint-Stock Company consists of approximately five separate plants, five experimental design bureaus, and two addresses, 27 Prospekt Engelsa and 2 Prospekt Svetlanskiy, for the main Svetlana facility in St.

CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: The Svetlana Association produces a variety of electronic and microelectronic instruments, including transmitting and modulator tubes for all frequency ranges; X-band broadband passive TR limiter; klystron amplifiers; X-ray and radio tubes; portable X-ray units for medicine and industry; high-frequency fast response thyristors; transistors; integrated microcircuits; microwave components, microcomputer; microcontrollers; microcalculators; ultrasonic delay lines; receiving tubes; process equipment for the manufacture of electronic engineering items, the Svetlana Company also produces consumer goods such as articles made from electro-vacuum glass, dewar flasks, lamp- brackets, photographic and cinema accessories, agriculture selection equipment, coffee makers, ski bindings, strings for musical instruments, glass and crystal utensils and articles, thermos flasks, automobile mirrors, tachometers, chess computers, and toys.

Svetlana is still seeking to enter into additional joint ventures for manufacturing electronic engineering equipment; cooperate in the marketing and sales of products, with the sales rights allotted to its partners; exchange electronic engineering equipment for process equipment; purchase special equipment for the manufacturing of electronics; and advertise its products on the international market. Petersburg July U.

It predicts a 12 percent growth in production in Svetlana will also modify any of its products to meet the specific needs of its customers; develop new items for its customers within a period of six to twelve months; and extend licenses for manufacturing electronic engineering equipment. Setlana became a joint stock company in Pochtamtskaya 3.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, sets the standards for all optics institutes, plants, and enterprises in the former Soviet Union. Roughly 60 percent of Vavilov's research and design efforts were dedicated to military and space projects. CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Television equipment; multipath interferometers; beacons; marine navigation signals; lighthouses; flash lamps; zoom and other variable-focus cameras; automobile headlights; airport landing lights; opthalomological lenses; zinc selenide for lasers; special-effect holograms; iridium mirrors.

Space and lasers optics, including large lenses and mirrors; beryllium and composite mirrors; adaptive optics. General optical instruments, including image transmission fiber bundle for medical endoscopes; reflective, selective, and anti-reflective coatings, computer-aided lens design; computer-aided production and J. Petersburg Ju! Civil products exhibited in include the world's largest color hologram and laser equipment for engraving crystal tableware.

The plant has a co-located Experimental Design Bureau. Fedoronko, Director Boris V. Gin, Deputy Dir. Enterprise name: D. Petersburg, pos. It developed the TOKOMAK controlled thermonuclear fusion installation, and has participated in the building of all large accelerator, laser and thermonuclear fusion installations in the former Soviet Union. It was formerly a part of NPO Elektrofizka. Petersburg, Russia Ultisa Babushkina, Tel: , ; marketing dept. Radchenko, General Director, Vladimir F. Also diesel-electric generating sets from to kw and heavy duty pumping units.

Eighteen shops with the latest machining centers. Petersburg, Russia P. It also engages in the removal of sunken vessels from ocean floors. Startsev, Gen. Director Yelena N. Hydraulic scissor jack made by the German co. Lindemann with a force capacity of tons; a ton floating crane; two gantry cranes 32 tons and 16 tons ; slipway; two morages; railway routes; two locomotives; etc. Participation in Free Economic Zone Development. The JV's territory, with an area of six hectares, creates favorable prerequisites for setting up a free trade zone.

The Interferrum enterprise has contacts with representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense and military plants for the salvaging of arms and military equipment. It is currently setting up plants for the liquidation of arms military plants make their territories available for this JV Interferrum performs an important ecological function, in Russia's Northwest in the Baltic Sea basin, involving the removal of sunken objects from water regions.

Petersburg, Ultitsa Zaitseva, 41 Phone: 01 12 1 12 Director , Chief Engineer Fax: Teletype: Poisk Overview: The company is primarily involved in economic research, consulting and economic analysis of former shipbuilding ministry's enterprises. Date: February Employment: The company has 36 employees December and was established in Alexander A.

Lotsenko Ownership: The company is privatized with the state owning 22 percent. Employees 23 percent and investors owning 55 percent. The company receives no government subsidies. Marx" for the production of equipment for the production of chemical fibers Address: St Petersburg, Bol'shoy Sampsonievskiy Prospekt, 66 Phone: Fax: Products: Missile- and space-related equipment; knitting machinery.

Petersburg Phone: Fax: Electronic equipment, condensors. Petersburg, , Russia Alexandr P. Matlakh, Ph. Petersburg Fax: E-mail: matl polestar. Mashinostroiteley, 12 Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region , Russia U. The company specializes in the production of trailers, both light- and heavy- duty types, for passenger cars and truck tractors.

The company produces heavy-duty semitrailers including construction equipment hauling, and customized types. Petersburg transporters. Under conversion the company has expanded production of radios for civil use, including models formerly used by the military. It is currently expanding its applications to the automotive, shipbuilding and metallurgical fields.

Romashin, General Director Vladimir V. Its main product has been radio altimeters, but it also has produced ship and flight control computers and radio navigation aids. Its conversion projects are primarily in the area of electronic equipment.

Paramonov, General Director Viktor A. Ushkalov, Deputy Gen. VTB24 is the largest and well-established participant in the banking services sector Russian Federation The company is part of an international group of banks for VTB specializing in servicing small business entrepreneurs. We, however, propose to consider today customer reviews about the bank's subsidiary, the VTB24 broker, which specializes in servicing investors in the Forex currency market and is a member of the National Association of Forex Dealers.

In addition, based on customer reviews and studying other official information about the company, we see that VTB 24 has a number of other permits that give the right to engage in services related to the financial world, in particular this fSFM license and others. The broker VTB24 provides all clients with the opportunity to engage in online trading, sell and buy corporate shares, government, corporate and sub-federal bonds on the MICEX, by the way, and make transactions with their own securities, as well.

Becoming a client of the VTB24 Forex broker, you get free access to such online trading systems as QUIK and the same Online Broker, and also come under the influence of the MessagePro system comprehensive information protection. Also, based on customer reviews about our broker, we can say that you will have the opportunity to receive quotes via WAP and apply for earned profits from trading accounts through the online trading system or by telephone.

You can also use free information and analytical support. Today, the company offers to carry out trading activities through - newest version one of the most famous terminals that allow you to work on Forex online. Simplicity and clarity of the interface, ample opportunities that allow you to conduct technical analysis at a professional level, high speed and the ease of conducting trading operations will completely satisfy not only beginners, but also those who have long developed a personal trading plan and have many years of experience working with currencies on the Forex exchange.

Using MetaTrader 5, you will receive any currency pair, as well as news about its behavior in real time, manage and control pending orders and open deals, optimize and conduct technical analysis of the market situation using 38 built-in standard indicators and the 41st auxiliary graphic object and the like. As for the requirements for the initial minimum deposit replenishment, based on customer reviews in , we can say that VTB24 does not set them for Forex trading. To start cooperation with VTB24 on online trading, it is enough to have a minimum transaction amount of 1 lot on the balance sheet, however, taking into account the leverage for ruble currency pairs , for the rest 1: Note right away that due to the calculation minimum amount trading funds in the form of the ratio of the volumes of the minimum transactions to the maximum leverage, for each currency pair the size of the minimum transaction will differ.

As for trading instruments, based on the reviews of the VTB 24 broker, 32 currency pairs, futures, options, bonds, stocks, shares, and the like will be available to you. Minimum size by volume of transactions for natural person - , units, and for legal - , units, respectively in the base currency. New Basmannaya, 37A, pom. Petersburg , St. Krasnoflotskaya, Astrakhan region , Astrakhan, st. Kommunisticheskaya, 3a Bryansk region , Bryansk, st.

Krakhmaleva, 47 Volgograd region , Volgograd, st. Kommunisticheskaya, 19D Voronezh region , Voronezh, st. Koltsovskaya, 31 , Voronezh, st. Platonov, 4 Kaliningrad region , Kaliningrad, st. Kievskaya, 1 Kaluga region , Kaluga, per. Malinniki, 21 Kemerovo region , Kemerovo, st. Spring, 22 , Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk, st.

Pavlovsky, 27 Krasnodar region , Krasnodar, Central intracity district, st. Gorky, 22 Kurgan region , Kurgan, st. Nizhny Novgorod , st. Minina, d. Frunze, d. Lenin, d. Turgenev, 16, pom. Karpinsky, 37A Perm region , Perm, st. Verkhne-Portovaya, 1 Republic of Bashkortostan , Ufa, st. Molodogvardeyskaya, , Samara, st. Nikitinskaya, 66a Saratov region , Saratov, st. Dzerzhinsky F. Strelochnikov, 41 Tver region , Tver, st. Demonstrations, d.

Pushkinskaya, a Khabarovsk region , Khabarovsk, st. Vladivostokskaya, 18 , Khabarovsk, st. Komsomolskaya, 80 Chelyabinsk region , Chelyabinsk, st. Uglichskaya, 21 , Irkutsk, st. Chkalova, , pom. Many banking institutions are now actively offering the public such a service as account brokerage. Any participant who has the potential to independently make decisions regarding investments can take advantage of an excellent opportunity to increase their income. Work on the financial exchange can be either independent or with the involvement of experienced and qualified brokers who resort to the use of various instruments in order to generate income generated from transactions with securities.

Stock market our country is rich in qualified players, the list of which includes VTB 24 and offers brokerage service clients. The essence of brokerage services is to advise bank members on issues related to trading on the investment exchange, to acquaint them with up-to-date data and fresh ideas on investing finances, as well as to process their applications, taking into account the wishes and bring them to a positive result.

Fill out the online application with our partners right now and get credit for preferential terms! Clients of VTB 24 Bank who have connected to brokerage services will have the latest economic and political news that may in any way affect the development of the stock market. Minimum rate on brokerage services at VTB 24 - , rubles. The profitability of the transaction for the client does not bear almost any costs, and you can withdraw money from trading accounts by submitting an application by phone or online.

The bank supports the most popular forms brokerage services striving to be as useful and beneficial as possible for our clients. In this case, the client is given the opportunity to carry out transactions in the amount, even if it exceeds the availability of own funds. The fact is that the bank provides loans, provided that the participant has on the account valuable papers that can act as collateral. This is convenient because the client can use additional tools, making trading operations that affect not only the rise of the market, but also its decline.

This service is best suited for novice investors. This type of brokerage service provides the client with the opportunity to individually place their funds. The participant sets the requirements according to which the broker selects the most optimal strategy. In addition, the client has the full right to control his account and make independent decisions regarding trading.

The broker simply gives recommendations on determining with any strategy and informs the participant about all possible risks. Brokerage services VTB 24 involves support through phone , by calling which you can get answers to all your questions, point out the nuances of the transaction, and so on. To connect to such a service as a personal broker, you must have assets worth at least 5,, rubles. Therefore, it is available and acceptable only to experienced investors who own sufficient capital for this.

Stock portfolio - type brokerage services VTB 24 allowing you to manage assets through personal Area and characterized by high profitability. In this case, the client is provided with a list of strategies, from which he chooses what he considers most acceptable. In this option, the risks for the participant are minimal, and therefore he will have an almost guaranteed and fairly decent income from the transactions performed.

VTB 24 Bank has its own website, where information is updated every day, provided by leading analysts on the situation in the financial market. In addition, there you can find trading signals, quotes and the economic calendar. A demo account is available for beginners, opening which you can try your hand at a test mode.

To study the main points and concepts of trading on the stock exchange market will help the "ABC of the Market" - a special section posted on the VTB 24 website and is a short textbook. In addition, VTB 24 offers to independently prepare for trading by watching a video on this topic.

And experienced traders can sign up for special master classes, which are conducted by employees competent in the analysis of the financial market. When replenishing an account, it is very important to carefully fill in the payment documents, having correctly specified the personal account number and the name of the receiving bank.

To withdraw funds from the account, you must first issue a payment order at VTB 24 Bank, just like when depositing. The main advantages of VTB 24 bank are its impeccable reputation, the presence of 3 trading systems, the ability to make free orders by phone, fairly convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as the availability of good training materials.

It should be noted that the reliability of VTB 24 Bank is also guaranteed by the fact that the state directly participates in its authorized capital. Online trading conditions and broker rates The minimum deposit at VTB24 is , rubles. Additional company services Analytics The VTB24 website publishes daily comments from leading analysts with forecasts and assessments of the situation in the financial markets.

Training in trading in financial markets at VTB24 is offered in several formats: Self-study video tutorials Free face-to-face seminars in major cities of Russia twice a month. Each lesson lasts about two hours and consists of a theoretical and practical part. Trading systems You can choose one of three free trading systems at VTB24 broker: OnlineBroker You can trade on the stock, derivatives and foreign exchange markets 32 currency pairs.

Trading robots can be used. You cannot work in parallel with the OnlineBroker system. Replenishment of a brokerage account You can transfer money to a brokerage account at VTB24 in several ways: After issuing a payment order at a VTB24 branch directly from a bank account Via VTB24 ATMs from a bank plastic card in the ATM menu, select the "Account replenishment" item Via the VTBOnline Internet system go to the section "Transfers" - "Transfer of funds for brokerage services" Interbank transfer from any Russian bank In the payment documents, you must indicate the details of the personal account and the receiving bank.

Withdrawal of funds Withdraw money from brokerage account also possible in several ways and also only after submitting an order: During a personal visit to VTB24 the order is drawn up on paper. A notarized paper order can be sent by mail In the telephone mode to one of free numbers

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