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Deltastock forex peace army

deltastock forex peace army

WikiFX News:Recently My Forex Funds(MFF) has become a trending topic in We also found the traders' feedback on Forexpeacearmy(FPA). DeltaStock is a forex broker. Delta Stock offers the MT4 forex trading top platform. orira.xyz offers over 75 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities. orira.xyz offers over 75 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, shares, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. BEN GRAHAM INVESTING QUOTES REAL ESTATE If as a size of yours. Keeping in mind trying to get the device driver works on the is a good antivirus at a Books on. N-able offers a you accidentally hid to verify your. All of them the remote computer.

Ignore reviews here that talk about getting margin-called and the like That's just a lack of risk-management. Set a reasonable goal, trade with reasonable targets and stops, and use Oanda's infinitely adjustable lot-sizes to manage risk appropriately, and you may be one of the forex traders who actually makes it.

Whereas it appears as a bad one in Forex Peace Army! And one of its bad reviews there is that reviewed by Ivan Ivanov from Bulgaria:. Customer Service - excellent, the best I've seen from any broker. They always respond to my questions immediately. Spreads - They advertise tight spreads and they actually offer tight spreads, I usually always get one pip or less.

Execution - great fills. Typically very limited slippage. I don't trade news. Order Type Options - A wide range of order types are available, my favorite being the trailing stop. Complicated Platform - Like most comments I've seen on other sites I do agree that for new clients their platform is difficult to use, but after a couples weeks I got the hang of it and now wouldn't trade with any other platform.

Interest Rates - don't plan on receiving competitive rates because EFX does not offer it. Charting - free charting is not currently available. I'm sure as time goes by they will only improve their services. While, on the other hand, there is a complete different reviews in a website called Forex Peace Army, in which only 2 or 3 good reviews about EFX Group are hardly found. Patent Forex Brokers. Wednesday Currenex Review. FPA has claimed that Currenex - a well known broker as well as patent one- is not from the best brokers to choose it for performing Forex Trading.

As John Francis has claimed: "I opened up an account with them a while ago. I have been previously making money using Oanda on News trades. When Oanda's spreads went through the roof I decided it was time to put my main trading on currenex.

It is very dangerous. If you hit buy or sell just a couple of milliseconds after the number you might be at the top of the spike and you will lose. Hope this helps". Posted by Patent Brokers at AM 10 comments:. Labels: attack , brokerreview , defend , fakereviews , fall , felix , forexbastards , forexbrokers , forexmarket , forexpeacearmy , forum , patentbrokers , platform , scam , signals , spam , trading.

You probably already know what I am about to say, but from what I know, Refco used to be the biggest Forex Brokerage in the world, and they did some gray activity with people's money. They traded against their people's account, which most brokers still do by the way, but Refco was really bad to their profitable traders, putting their accounts on "manual execution" and pissing everybody off to the degree that people would quit.

It seems like all refco wanted was beginner traders that would piss their money away, and Refco would make all that money. I also heard that the founder of Refco was charged with a number of criminal charges, and either went to jail or turned bankrupt or both. Also, the straw that broke the camel's back was an instance when Refco froze every single account of their clients, and didn't let them withdraw money for a while, claiming that they were investigating some fraud, but in reality they were just using people's money for some short term shady operations.

I personally used FXCM and my experience with them was fine. I don't think their affiliation with Refco should matter much. Anyway, that's the rumors and news that I heard about Refco, I may be wrong on a few things there, but would love to hear from some people who truly had accounts with them.

Posted by Patent Brokers at AM 4 comments:. Xpresstrade Review. Though there are many traders recommend Xpresstrade as a good broker to trade with, FPA still insisting in attacking it. There are many bad reviews there, such as that submitted by Steve from North California: "I wish I found this site before opening account with Xpresstrade. After reviewing many online futures brokers I decided on Xpresstrade because of the quality they purport and tops in industry and how quickly they replied to my many questions prior to me wiring funds to open an account..

I also currently manage a private stock portfolio of my own and do well executing those trades through another online firm. However, many of the negative points I read on here I have to support myself sadly. For the time I have been with Xpresstrade, I have noticed what seemed like "reasons to cause me losses or them commissions" and kept it in back of my head a while now.

NO more. Another situation has seen very, very bad fills from seemingly stable and quiet markets and as if we were set back a point of so to their benefit and not the trader's? There was situations when we had trailing stops in place and their system showed movement and the stops ratcheting, etc. Then about 15 minutes later their system showed all different numbers and prices which made no sense and my trail stop not activating for about 18cents out of favor in a corn market??

Contacting them, they blamed it on a bad tick from the floor broker and said they had to reset their systems and took my profits away from that trade which we ran copies of the screen, etc off to have. Other instances the screen would seemingly flash before your eyes and cause you to sign off and re-sign on again which causes delays and losses, and contacting Xpresstrade, they told me they had to reboot their systems and I question why not after hours?

Many times we have witnessed screens freezing, news stories very late and useless to utilize too. Many times the supposed instant quote screen lags and delays up to 30 minutes we have experienced also which does nobody any good basing trade decisions. I utilized trading as I used to do through my previous broker directly, versus using this web based platform, but I tell you, I am not happy with how Xpresstrade has performed as it seems almost "weighted" in their favor for commisssions, but of course, that would be very illegal if found to be true.

It almost seems when you really need to rely on their platform to perform, it simply does not or lags or slows down and you get screwed. It took me 15 minutes to get a market order fill today in a simple grain market that was doing nothing out of the ordinary. I have also found troubles with limit orders on some options we tried to get, and are forced to take them at market to get the option, but prices costly.

Posted by Patent Brokers at AM 2 comments:. TradeStation Review. For Jason from New York has claimed: "They are a den of thieves. Allow to me explain. I also hear their futures and equities trading is ok too. As far as FX trading is concerned, avoid them at all costs. Spreads are tighter than other dealing desks, but not as tight as ECNs.

Since they're charging the same commission as other ECNs, the spreads should be competitive. They are NOT competitive. Now for the real kicker, TradeStation adds 0. You can download the Gain demo and run it simultaneously side-by-side to compare. For this "service" they have the audacity of charging an ECN commission. What a joke You're effectively paying a commission for a higher spread at Gain, then paying an extra pip to TradeStation!

On top of this, they rob you of any interest on idle funds. Absolutely ridiculous The extra pip they take is blatant robbery. Avoid at all costs. Use an ECN broker. Posted by Patent Brokers at AM 3 comments:. Spacevision Review. Spacevision is one of the best brokers in Forex Market and it still maintains its positions among traders. But FPA continues to include it in their bad reviews. As Didier from France has claimed: "Please just avoid them if you want to make you some good.

As soon as they saw that I was making money I got slippages or requotes on almost all my trades. And withdrawing my money was a very painfull experience. It took me more than 3 weeks of daily pressure emails, phone calls And by the way, they increase the margin requirements during weekends, from to !!!!!

These people are just thieves. As we used to from FPA, who pretend showing the fact of brokers, there are alot of bad reviews concerning Forex. For Jamal from Israel has claimed that: "I was looking for a broker with smaller spread and i was very delighted to find this forex company, The demo seemed 2 to work fine userfriendly and i didn't hesitate to start with 67, dollars. I tried contacting customer support while the movment in the the market started to shift, but i was still in profit.

They indeed tell you they take 2 pips on each trade. I closed my account after that incident. Posted by Patent Brokers at AM 1 comment:. Synthesis Bank Review. Being once a good broker you must be attacked by Forex Peace Army bad reviews. Synthesis Bank like many others has undergone this assault. As Max from Europe has claimed: "Probably that once it was the good broker???!!!

However, after they were sold to one of main Scammer in this market "Saxobank" they began to use the same methods of struggle against successful traders. These Thieves later some hours have changed the price of opening of my transaction more than on 30 pips and at all have not sent me any message. When I have addressed to them, they have informed me about the "wrong" prices and have referred to some Items in the contract.

Their contract is the license for arbitrariness from their party! Under this contract they can make with you all that will want! To change transactions or completely to cancel! Be careful of these swindlers and do not test destiny!!! ABN Amro Review. Delta Stock Review. Capital Spreads Review. Capital Spreads has been under attack by FPA as well as many other patent brokers. There are many bad reviews about this broker, such as that submitted by Kazak from London: "These guys are just below average.

There software and computer infrastructure is extremely inferior this leads to regular freezes of the platform. Speed of execution is very poor leaving you out of the spike and at times the retracement. On Sunday nights they open anything between hrs and hrs GMT and there is no customer support or dealing desk from GMT. God help you if you get a platform freeze on the wrong side of your trade!!!

When there is the support they are helpful and friendly. Capital Spreads are a spread betting company whose heart is in the right place and whom it is possible to make money with but they need to tighten-up on their game. DBFX Review. Well known, sound, trustworthy. I would think that DB would have done some research in FXCM and easily discovered they are not completely honest with their customers, or at best lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are honest, then the alternative is their platform sucks and is filled with gliches.

Why would DB get any where near them or even allow the appearance they are somehow invovled with one another? I was really hoping for something great but what they are offering is just more of the same. Too bad DB could have done this right.

I'm going to give one star because the choice below that is scam , I dont plan on finding out if they are scamming or not, they lost my business right after I downloaded their platform. One World Forex Review. As Davo from Australia claimed that: "How can this broker be rated 2 stars - they were a scam and have gone out of business without returning any clients money!!! The website has disapeared, they don't reply to emails - they are gone.

I am lucky that thanks to Felix circulating that note last year showing broker assets and advising that the NFA was increasing asset requirement, I withdrew most of my funds straight away and got most of my money out. The first I knew that the company had closed up was when the trading platform would not work. In the months since, their has not been a single note advising of what has happened to all of the clients money?

ODL Securities Review. ODL Securities has a great deal of popularity among Forex traders. And FPA doesn't leave it for its own. They will cancel your trades and close your account if you try to trade news. Not to mention allways requoting you the rest of the time.

No wonder they have so many cases against them with the NFA. Beware of this broker! My trades were canceled, E4, in total. COESfx Review. What they do is pretty simple yet very convincing. Come on guys put-up or shot up. Another hint that these guys are crocked they will never talk to much vie email and prefer to spill their bullshit over the phone or undercover under made-up usernames on forums right stockwet?

This company offers a managed fund: www. Now contrast this connection with a statement made by Mr. Craig Karlis I'm sorry but it actually angers me that these people are deceiving people to stay in business. The worst part is no one is aware of this connection and as a result, BTR has managed to raise a large amount of capital, currently in their fund, without even being NFA approved. They claim to be getting NFA approved sometime soon, but I don't see that happening legitimately.

So be warned. I-Trade FX Review. Hopefully, they don't mind. They're sister companies, but they are not the same company. They're run by different people - and are run separately. The post by the guy who was supposedly "touring" the company sounds suspiciously like a former employee. Regardless of his opinion, I have never seen the president "sitting in daddy's office with an attitude like hes a God or something".

He's a very bright individual who is very hands on within the company. I have seen him on the phone with clients as needed. How many times at another company will you get the president on the phone with a client? All of the I-Trade brokers are licensed brokers - and they're all easily reached on the phone.

Compare that to other brokerages, where you're often talking to an unlicensed salesperson who only knows the platform and that's it. Many of the people in this company have worked for a variety of financial firms and investment houses - and in most of those cases, that information would NOT be on the NFA website. Everyone at I-Trade FX is hard working, their spreads are competitive, and I never saw anyone try to cheat any client.

We had a number of hard working individuals who did their utmost to learn all they could about trading and the markets so they could best help their clients. It's a newer brokerage, so things are always changing, but I feel confident they will continue to be a major player in the future.

If you have issue with my review, I would request your specific complaint - and keep in mind that a lot of the complaints on this page about charting refer to MTI, not I-Trade FX. Windsor Brokers Review. There is also a scam alert by FPA concerning Windsor Brokers, which is actually one of the greatest brokers.

Yazan from Syria claimed that: "I have been trading with them for 3 years. After my accounts got really big and was adding profit aproximately every month by a special technique, they were waiting for me to enter the market on the nonfarm payroll news as I usally do. As I did they froze our trading screens and gave us a slippage of 90 pips!!!!

And after they gave me the slippage they refused to close the positions they forcefully gave us by requote and offtrade!! Till all our accounts were sucked dry! Their only reply was that the bank couldnt cover our trades because it was volatile!!! Please we all know that our accounts were'nt covered from the first day we entered its a scam!

CFG Trader Review. I am glad to see them go. I hope the rest of CFG goes out of business for good. I did two trade with them and was executed at 6pips on each. I immediately got the withdrawl papers and sent them in on sunday nite IT looks like this broker has gotten a Margin Call big time After a month of waiting, the courts agreed to sell all the accounts to another company called I-Trade FX, and this company later refunded my money completely I went back to my old broker and was glad to pay the extra pips for staying in business What timing eh?

Forex Swiss Review. It is clear that FPA has nothing to charge brokers with except being scam. Like what they have done with Forex Swiss , a well known broker. Ali Y from USA has claimed that: "These people are professional scammers not their customer service is bad they dont even have customer service they have a machine that tells you we received your email but never reply they scam you on opening and closing orders so your spread ends up to be around 6 or 7 pips and if you have a position making about 40 pips when you decide to close out of it you will be lucky if you get 25 out of those pips dont make my mistake and go with these guys they are pro scammers.

Danger can easily reach any body especially if he is successful, because there are always enemies fighting success, like FPA fighting patent brokers such as FINEX Group. Teun from Belgium submitted: "Stay away from finex.

I had accounts running with several brokers. Finex suddenly made a huge loss in September. While the other brokers continued making profit. Margin call the claimed, while a margin should have happened on the other accounts with different brokers also. Finex does some weird stuff, and its sure as hell ain't legit. If you like to keep your money stay away from them because sooner or later they take off with it. IG Markets Review. Bullrock form London claims that: "I have lost a fortune with these people when I was a novice.

Then I have decided to come back with and have deposited certain amount. In the beginning was very quick. Then sometimes it took seconds or more. I had to reloging from a different machine to actually able to close the position.

Because I have two other charting software and platforms open they could not trap me. And before the price moved quickly down - what was the case in reality - they have had a weird spike upwards that I could not see on other platforms. They could not trap me again as I rarely use stop losses physically. So I do not enter such thing. Refer to 1 and 2. These people are real market makers that is their interest is against your interest.

LiteForex Review. LiteForex succeeded in establishing its position among great brokers in Forex Market. However, it has not been left safe by Forex Peace Army, for has been reviewed as a bad broker. MoneyForex Review. FPA is not satisfied with this large number of victims to accuse them of being scammers, but it continues to include MoneyForex , one of many great brokers.

And here is one of their bad reviews done by Joe from USA: "They deducted my account and took my money away when I submitted a withdrawal request. They said during my profitable trades, their system was not updating prices correctly and cancel my trades over two weeks ago.

My losing trades were not cancelled. They basically denied my withdrawal request and took my money away. They robbed me. They are based in london so you can't complain to the SEC or have any legal actions on them in the US. Be careful. The quotes they put up on the software and the actual prices you get on trades are worse.

Always get worse prices than what you see on the software. This is Oct, They are scammers from london". Neuimex Review. There are non stop bad reviews done by Forex Peace Army and it continues to include one of the greatest brokers, Neuimex. One of their bad reviews is that done by Neuimex Client from Europe: "The company is dead Neuimex was keeping and telling to its client that they could not trade any more on their acccount because of audit and this during 3 months!!!

Neuimex people were not respectful of their clients and company has been liquidated Additionally, they support the ever-popular MetaTrader 4 MT4 and UniTrader, both of which are available on desktop and mobile. The app features an easy-to-understand interface suitable for any beginners. Opening and closing trades are simple and there is even an economic calendar provided.

The platform is known for having a user-friendly interface, lots of technical analysis options and intuitive research tools. Opening and closing trades is very easy with MetaTrader 4, there are three execution modes: Instant execution, execution on request and execution by market.

It is a fully comprehensive platform suitable for individual traders and companies alike. There are many perks of UniTrader, including easy order management, the ability to trade different financial instruments from a single window and a wide range of open position information. As with MetaTrader 4, this platform also features a mobile app. The broker also offers commodities like oil, silver and gold, for that gold-plated experience.

Finally, shares and ETFs from a range of stock exchanges can be traded. BMFN does not charge a commission, instead, they take a fee from the spread. The broker operates a floating spread system, targeting an average of 1. This is one of the most liquid times of the day and the offer is slightly worse than the average of some of their competitors.

The leverage rate varies between different assets. The maximum leverage available is on forex pairs, although the default is set at and you must contact customer support to raise this. Commodities and CFDs can be traded with a leverage of BMFN offers two fully functional mobile apps. There is a mobile version of UniTrader available on Android. The app features over financial instruments, full control orders and detailed trading history. Technical analysis is made easy with eight different graphics that you can scroll through or zoom into.

The UniTrader app lets you use open either a real trading account or a demo account. This is available on both iOS and Android. Again, this app is fully functional and provides access to all the financial instruments available. There are also over 30 technical indicators available to enhance your on-the-go analysis. There are no charges for deposits and withdrawals, though all withdrawals are in USD so currency conversions could cost.

All withdrawals are processed to the account that funded the trading account. BMFN does offer a demo account , where you can practise your trading skills and get used to the platform. The demo account is available on both the MetaTrader 4 platform and UniTrader, as well as the web trading interface. The demo account lets you trial the different markets and refine strategies with unlimited funds in a simulated, live environment.

BMFN regularly runs bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers.

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They have servers everywhere, China, Middle East, two in Europe, etc.

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With DeltaStock, retail clients can get maximum leverage which ranges from and on all positions and on both accounts. On the other hand, professional clients have access to increased leverages. To qualify as a professional client, you must have over the past previous 4 quarters, have carried out an average of 10 trades per quarter on the relevant markets in significant size, hold a portfolio size that exceeds , Euro and have experience in the financial sector at least one year in a professional position.

When trading currency pairs, the minimum trade size available for trading is that of 1 lot and there is no limit on the maximum order size clients can make. From the information we found on their website, this broker does not seem to charge any commissions on any of its accounts. This means that this broker makes its profits through the differences between the Bid and the Ask price, also referred to as the spread. DeltaStock has a target spread that they continuously aspire to quote, however in times of low liquidity or high volatility, the company might not be able to maintain the target spread.

On the same page, clients can also find a list indicating what swap rates they might encounter when trading forex pairs, however, this list is meant to be used only as a reference and not a real-time list. This broker also provides the Key Information Documents, which include basic information about the asset, risks involved, performance scenarios, costs, and other important information about all their available assets.

This highlights the level of professionalism that this broker operates by. You can find these documents on the KIDs segment on their website. DeltaStock aims to keep its spreads at its target level, but this highly depends on the volatility and liquidity of the markets. Having said this, this broker does offer fixed spreads but these tend to be slightly higher than the target spreads outlined by the broker. You can find the full list of spreads, for both account types, on the trading conditions list on their Forex menu.

This is quite a low minimum deposit requirement, especially when considering the assets available and the fact that this is a fully regulated broker. Having such a low minimum requirement is also a great way to encourage beginner traders to take the leap and enter into the trading world without spending too much money from the get-go. Like most brokers, DeltaStock does not accept deposits made by third parties.

To withdraw funds from their accounts, clients must submit a withdrawal request that can be found once they are logged into their account. Once a withdrawal request is sent it is processed within a minimum of 2 business days. At the moment, DeltaStock does not have any bonuses or promotions on offer. On their Education page, this broker offers a number of lessons that goes into detail about different aspects of trading such as factors affecting major currencies, margin trading, market analysis, calculating positions and prices, overnight positions and much more.

These lessons are more than enough for a beginner trader to start making their way into the trading world. DeltaStock also offers a vast video guide that helps clients get to know their proprietary platform. These videos go through several subjects such as placing orders, reviewing orders, stop and limit to a position, charts and more. On their website, clients can also find a number of trading tools that can help them make better decisions when trading such as an Economic calendar, daily technical analysis, currency calculator, DFC Quotes, Market Stats, and currency correlation just to mention a few.

Clients wanting to get in touch with this broker can do so via phone, email or through their live chat. We did contact this broker via live chat and we had a pleasant experience when doing so. We were helped by a friendly and extremely well-informed customer service agent who stayed with us to make sure all our questions are answered and understood. If you want to test out trading with DeltaStock you can do so by opening up a demo account which will enable you to test your trading strategies in real market conditions but without the risks.

When opening a demo account, you will have initial equity of 10, EUR. The website is nothing more than a front for fraudulent activities. They claim to offer impartial and honest reviews of Forex brokers, but in reality they are just out to make money by defrauding innocent people.

Dmitri Chavkerov is a self-proclaimed Forex of Forex Peace Army fame guru who promises to help people make easy money by trading in the foreign exchange market. But before handing over your hard-earned cash, be sure to do your research. A quick Google search will reveal that Dmitri Chavkerov is nothing more than a scam artist who is said to have been convicted of fraud multiple times.

There are a lot of Forex scams out there, and Dmitri Chavkerov ofThe Forex Peace Army Scam is an elaborate moneymaking scheme that claims to be able to make you a millionaire. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of this scam. He has been around for years, and his name is always popping up in connection with various Forex scams.

He has been accused multiple times of running various Forex scams, and yet he continues to operate under different aliases and companies. Forex Peace Army is a website that provides users with information on Forex brokers, as well as offering reviews and ratings of these brokers. The site also offers a forum where users can discuss their experiences with different brokers. However, some people believe that Forex Peace Army is actually a scam, and not a reliable source of information. One reason for this belief is that the site has been known to make money by promoting certain Forex brokers — even if those brokers are not actually good choices for traders.

So should you trust Forex Peace Army when it comes to choosing a broker? Forex Peace Army is a website that claims to offer impartial and honest reviews of Forex brokers. However, our research has found that this site is nothing more than a scam. He has no experience or qualifications in the financial industry, yet he makes false claims about the quality of various brokers in order to lure people into signing up with them.

In addition, Forex Peace Army often publishes fake reviews written by paid employees of certain brokerages. These reviews are designed to promote those particular brokerages while painting other competitors in a negative light. There are numerous Forex Peace Army like Scams out there.

Any organization that asks for your hard-earned cash before sharing their secrets is probably not on the up and up. Professional websites have high quality graphics, well written content and are easy to navigate around. If something seems too good or bad! Are you looking to invest in the Forex market? If so, you need to be aware of the Forex scam artists out there. These people will promise you huge profits, but they will only end up taking your money. So how can you protect yourself from these scammers?

First of all, do your research.

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