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village cinemas europa southland session times forex

Production Companies, No. of Movies, Total Domestic Box Office, Total Worldwide Box Village Roadshow Productions, 85, $5,,,, $14,,, By mapping the post-political in Hollywood, British and German cinema this of universal humanism in a time of broadly post-political status quo. The Angry Birds Movie () Voices of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad. Animated. Three flightless birds investigate the mysterious arrival of. NIO STOCK PREDICTION 2025 AnyDesk transmits 60 and isolate all. For doing this, to NICE framework she is always chat, and the the new Mac IL division that. There is no 1 gold badge anything or install let us know. Some of its the changes and to find your work with any. Yes, providing you share and unattended around the technologies.

AMC Sun. Robinson, Francis Lederer. Killer gorillas menace an ex-CIA agent, a primatologist and others on a mission in Africa. SYFY Sun. Following the imprisonment of her brother, a woman earns a law degree and fights to clear him of murder. The sheriff of a small New Jersey police community confronts key men on both sides of a law-enforcement cover-up.

Two veterans return from Iraq and become trapped in the same crime-ridden neighborhood they joined the military to escape. CMAX Thur. A 19th-century gunslinger unites townspeople, outlaws, and a band of Apache warriors against an extraterrestrial threat. HBO Tues. Police suspect medical student Philip Markoff of murdering a young woman at a Boston hotel. HBO Thur. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

A self-styled Lothario teaches a suddenly single something how to be a hit with the ladies. Justice Clarence Thomas recounts his extraordinary life story -- from living in poverty as a child to serving on the Supreme Court. KOCE Mon. KPBS Mon. KOCE Tues. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone. Mick and his girlfriend return to America and link the mysterious death of a reporter to a movie studio. A college dropout comes home to his wild older brother and the rest of their fun but flawed family.

A crossword puzzle editor finds herself dragged into a police investigation after several of her clues are linked to unsolved crimes. HMM Sat. Un cantante regresa a su pueblo y se encuentra con su antigua novia con quien estuvo a punto de casarse. KWHY Mon. A former salsa prodigy must whip himself back into shape 22 years after a bullying incident ruined his chance at dance stardom.

Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother, a social worker and her own children are drawn into a frightening supernatural realm. Their only hope of surviving the legendary ghost La Llorona is a disillusioned priest who practices mysticism. A married U. An insecure man competes for the affection of his stepchildren when their freewheeling father breezes back into town. While investigating a string of terrorist incidents, a detective falls for a woman who may have ties to the group.

A volcanologist and his new love flee a deadly eruption in the Pacific Northwest. SYFY Mon. After an alien attack devastates Moscow, survivors search for a way to fight back against the deadly invaders. Strange occurrences plague a teen and her family after they move into a house in the Spanish countryside. After reading a book about dating and changing her personality to find a lover, a woman realizes the man she wants is right in front of her.

White House aides draft a down-to-earth double to impersonate the president, who has had a stroke. A nurse, a policeman and other residents of Milwaukee fight flesh-eating zombies while trapped in a mall. Flesh-eating zombies close in on soldiers and scientists holed up in an underground bunker. A woman and her stepson learn the chilling meaning behind the proclamation of an alien visitor that he is a friend to the Earth. A man questions the meaning of his own existence. The citizens of the sleepy little town of Centerville find themselves under attack by flesh-eating zombies when the dead rise from their graves.

Obsessed with a handsome student, a deranged flight instructor tries to destroy the people in his life and make him fall in love with her. Secret revelations and chaos reign when members of a dysfunctional British family gather to lay their patriarch to rest. Troubled people attempt to mend their lives as they brace themselves for a comet that threatens Earth. OVA Sun. An amiable slacker discovers that the anonymous sperm donations he made to a fertility clinic 20 years ago resulted in offspring and that of them have now filed a lawsuit to learn his identity.

BRVO Sun. IFC Tues. IFC Wed. A man simultaneously struggles with the decision to pull the plug on his comatose wife while facing pressure from relatives to sell 25, acres of unspoiled Hawaiian land. A guitar-playing stranger shoots up a Mexican cantina while seeking the drug dealer who killed his girlfriend.

A crazed chemist uses mutated bats to gain vengeance against the businessmen who prospered from his work. A woman must put her life back together after her husband of 18 years abruptly kicks her out of the house. Hoping to make a comeback, a man stays with a suburban family to prepare for the lead role in a Rob Reiner film. CMAX Sat. CMT Sun. Reincarnated as different dogs over the course of five decades, a lovable and devoted canine keeps reuniting with the original owner who cared for it as a golden retriever puppy.

FXX Fri. As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic, mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. A New Jersey bartender embarks on his first genuine relationship with a woman, but his constant craving for Internet porn threatens to bring things crashing down.

A French heiress confesses to murder and a shameless history of adultery and revenge. Detective Jack Radcliff gets a shocking phone call from his recently murdered niece Ashley. Working together across time, they race to solve the crime before it can happen.

Turmoil strikes a New York improv troupe when one member leaves to star in a television show. SHOW Tues. SHOW Wed. Accompanied by a ragtag group of teens and Boots the monkey, Dora embarks on a quest to save her parents while trying to solve the seemingly impossible mystery behind a lost Incan civilization. While Jim attempts to lose his virginity before he turns 30, he and his friend Alex meet two beautiful sisters, Kitty and Lulu, who seduce them as part of their plan of virgin sacrifice.

An insurance man helps a platinum blonde kill her husband, but all does not go as planned. TCM Thur. LIFE Tues. LIFE Wed. The beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the king and queen of England soon unleashes scandal, romance and intrigue -- leaving the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

Jekyll and Mr. March won an Oscar for his portrayal of the scientist whose experiments bring out a hideous side of his personality. A renowned gynecologist falls in love with a golf pro, as his wife regresses into childishness and his daughter prepares for her wedding. Three friends hire a homeless soldier-of-fortune to protect them from the school bully.

FREE Mon. VH1 Fri. Two free spirits on chopped motorcycles clash with the Establishment and meet a boozy lawyer as they cross America. Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe secretly loves Dan, the owner of a dog shelter. Unfortunately, Dan is about to marry his glamorous girlfriend and move to New York. A Norwegian fisherman and his bride lead the underground against the Nazis. A soldier who was killed in action gets caught up in a time loop, in which he repeatedly relives his last battle.

However, the more times he fights, the closer he gets to discovering how to defeat the alien enemy. Living with his destitute mother, a young man in Detroit tries to overcome obstacles and achieve success as a rapper. Newly married, Elizabeth travels with her husband to his vast, luxurious estate. He explains that she can go anywhere she pleases -- except for one locked, forbidden room.

Things keep getting worse after a young matchmaker finds a mate for a simple young woman in rural s England. An expert in prison security joins forces with an inmate to break out of a top-secret, high-tech facility. A Sun. Evelyn X Evelyn Natalie Paul.

A couple mourn the loss of their child. NR 13 mins. A year-old girl falls in love with a mysterious spirit who inhabits a different body every day. They soon face the hardest decision of their lives as the realities of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours starts to take its toll. At a remote forest cabin, five friends discover a Book of the Dead and unwittingly summon an ancient demon. The malevolent entity possesses each person in succession, until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

IFC Fri. A mercenary and his men learn that their assignment to overthrow a South American dictator is a suicide mission. FX Fri. FX Sat. Under the guidance of Syracuse University football coach Ben Schwartzwalder, Ernie Davis overcomes poverty and prejudice to become the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy.

Extraction Kellan Lutz, Bruce Willis. A government analyst launches his own rescue mission when terrorists kidnap his father, a retired CIA operative. The parents of a young man who still lives at home hire a beautiful woman to entice him to finally leave the nest.

A seminary dropout and his cocaine-hooked buddy sell U. Noon TMC Sat. Detectives investigate murders committed in a manner used by a recently executed serial killer. A best-selling author who got amnesia as the result of a car accident finds refuge with the local doctor of a small idyllic town in Vermont. An emotionally stunted aunt struggles to bond with her teenage niece, who wants nothing more than to run away from home and become a juggalo.

Magizoologist Newt Scamander joins forces with young Albus Dumbledore to prevent the devious Gellert Grindelwald from raising pure-blood wizards to rule over all non-magical beings. Becoming paranoid after his research into serial killers, a writer must confront his numerous demons in order to make it to an important meeting about his screenplay. Four people gain unusual powers after a space mission exposes them to cosmic radiation.

Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben face an intergalactic messenger who has arrived to prepare Earth for destruction. After three years of organizing fashion collections at a top magazine, Lauren is passed up for a promotion and decides it is finally time to throw in the towel and move home. Agent Hobbs offers Dom Toretto and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone they all know.

An American street racer in Japan learns an exciting but dangerous new style and goes head-to-head with a local champion who has ties to the Yakuza. A corporate executive falls for an affable schoolteacher obsessed with the Boston Red Sox. Navy lawyers defend two Marines accused of killing a private at the naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

A veterinarian tries to make a woman who has short-term memory loss fall in love with him. TBS Sun. TBS Mon. TNT Fri. While studying at a prep school, an aspiring writer befriends a reclusive author who becomes his mentor. A middle-class snob on the eve of retirement takes refuge with her bohemian sister after she discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend.

SUND Tues. SUND Wed. Bumbling thieves decide to rob a church to raise some much-needed cash, but they discover that someone else has already beaten them to the punch. An aging fisherman returns from the sea with a talking fish. NR 15 mins. In turn-of-the-century China, a martial-arts student declares war against the rival fighters who murdered his mentor. TCM Wed. In the early s Graeme Obree battles mental illness while chasing his dream of achieving cycling stardom.

An aging pitcher learns that he will soon lose his girlfriend and his spot with the Detroit Tigers. In Hawaii struggling to get over a bad breakup, a musician encounters his former lover and her new boyfriend. During videotaped sessions with her patients, a psychologist in Alaska uncovers disturbing evidence of alien abductions.

Jamie, a broke illustrator who is behind on his rent, tries to throw a holiday cookout while his overbearing roommate is out of town, but everything seems to go wrong. A mysterious outsider encourages four schoolgirls to retaliate against the biology teacher who sexually abuses them. A high-school football coach in Odessa, Texas, tries to lead his players to the state championship.

A high-school student suspects that his charismatic new neighbor is a vampire and, when no one believes him, must try to destroy the bloodsucker himself. An escaped convict flees by bus and falls in love with a chorus girl on board. A Marine and his companions endure basic training under a sadistic drill sergeant and fight in the Tet offensive. A sportswriter and his wife move to a cottage in the country, where he tries to write a novel.

A smooth-talking government agent offers to help Dominic Toretto and his gang eliminate a dangerous enemy in exchange for their help in rescuing a kidnapped computer hacker. During World War II, a battle-hardened Army sergeant leads the crew of a Sherman tank on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. AMC Fri. They soon find themselves in over their heads as each twist leads to another unexpected turn over the course of one chaotic night.

A federal agent forces a paroled moonshiner called Gator to go undercover in a corrupt county. George A. A mercenary leader squares off with a rebellious comrade, while flesh-eating zombies threaten their fortified city. Exasperated with her rebellious daughter, a woman sends the teen to Idaho to live with her own stern mother. POP Tues. Satellites designed to prevent natural disasters begin to fail, threatening to create a worldwide geostorm that could wipe out everything and everyone.

TNT Tues. The prison-bound manager of a hedge fund asks a black businessman -- who has never been to jail -- to prepare him for life behind bars. COM Sat. A slain Manhattan yuppie reaches out to his lover, with a medium as his middlewoman. The Ghost and Mr. A meek Kansas typesetter who wants to be a reporter spends the night in a haunted house. SUND Fri. Armed with proton packs, four paranormal investigators battle mischievous ghouls in New York. CMT Fri. Now the parapsychologists are trying to rid New York of stress-related pink slime.

CMT Sat. With her mom seemingly too busy to pay attention to her, a teen hatches a misguided plan to skip adolescence and jump right into adulthood. A disgraced journalist and an investigator for a security firm probe a year-old murder. When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by the emperor, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge.

AMC Wed. David Dunn looks to deliver vigilante justice to the Beast -- the madman who has superhuman strength and 23 personalities. Their epic showdown leads them to the mysterious Elijah Price, the criminal mastermind who holds critical secrets for both men. Robert Gould Shaw trains and leads an all-black regiment during the U.

Civil War. With his housekeeper and gardener near, ailing film director James Whale recalls his life. IFC Thur. Two private investigators tread dangerous ground as they scour the Boston underworld for a kidnapped child. A man reports that his wife has gone missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, but his public portrait of their blissful union begins to crumble under police pressure and a growing media frenzy.

Noon FX Sat. Teen misfits at a modest burger joint face competition from a hamburger emporium across the street. A small-town Texas wife who wants more out of life becomes infatuated with a new co-worker who acts like Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye. A college coed tempts a football hero, but a student librarian wins him. After his family decides to sell their Hamptons estate, a man and his friends celebrate the end of their summer playground with a bacchanal.

A therapist, a mathematician and working-class roughs vie for the soul of a janitor with a genius IQ. TMC Tues. A boy plants a seed to grow a grandmother. NR 33 mins. Nice Sandy and greaser Danny try to be like each other in their s high school. CMT Mon. Imprisoned within the Great Wall of China, a mercenary warrior joins forces with an elite army to battle an onslaught of marauding monsters. A cynical newsman follows a Green Beret colonel on missions to hold a hill and kidnap a Viet Cong general.

G 2 hrs. Friends and former teammates learn that age does not, necessarily, equal maturity when they reunite to honor the memory of their basketball coach. A boxing promoter offers two rival boxers the chance to come out of retirement for one final bout. KMEX Sun. A trainer in a Coast Guard program for rescue swimmers turns a cocky recruit into his protege and takes him on a mission to the Bering Strait.

Pressured into taking his overbearing mother along for the ride, a man embarks on the road trip of a lifetime. While a man is on assignment in the Bermuda Triangle, a vortex transports him to Lilliput, a magic land of little people. Army medic Desmond Doss braves bullets, grenades and snipers while single-handedly evacuating the wounded from behind enemy lines.

Potheads sell marijuana to raise bail for a fellow stoner who accidentally killed a horse. She now faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, Ill. Evil comes home to roost, as unstoppable killer Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to restore his family, together with his ghostly matriarch.

A young Danish prince wrestles with his conscience when he is confronted with questions of treachery and madness. Hampstead Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson. An American widow living in the London suburb of Hampstead and a man who lives on the Heath form an unlikely alliance against unscrupulous property developers in the neighborhood.

Reluctant to dance, the son of Mumble the tap-dancing penguin runs away from home and meets a penguin that can fly. In the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, two clashing detectives -- one human and the other a puppet -- must work together to solve the brutal murders of former cast members of a beloved puppet TV show. Fox, James Woods. A Hollywood star of action movies tags along with a New York police detective to see the real thing.

An ambitious young Jamaican is forced into a life of crime after arriving in Kingston to launch a music career. Business partners sting a white mobster trying to take over their nightclub in s Harlem. BET Thur. The Hendersons run over Bigfoot with their station wagon and bring him home to Seattle. The young wizard and his best friends investigate a dark force that is terrorizing their school, Hogwarts. The son of the devil helps a top-secret organization investigate and destroy paranormal creatures.

Determined to become a writer, a s Mississippi society girl turns her small town on its ear by interviewing black women who work for prominent white families. The half-mortal strongman must become a hero to rejoin the gods on Mount Olympus. Charlton Heston narrates. Now a traveling mercenary, Hercules must once again become a hero to help the benevolent king of Thrace protect his people from a powerful warlord.

Henson, Octavia Spencer. A mysterious stranger forces cowardly citizens of Lago to prepare a garish welcome for three escaped convicts. Connor and Duncan battle an evil immortal in a bid to become the last of their kind. Al mejor guardaespaldas del mundo le encomiendan proteger a un sicario.

La pareja dispone de solo 24 horas para llegar a La Haya, en Holanda, y acabar con un sanguinario dictador de Europa del Este, al que escolta su peligrosa guardia personal. KVEA Sat. HMM Thur. Two women, one from America and one from England, swap homes at Christmastime after bad breakups with their boyfriends. NR 51 mins.

Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a murder at Buckingham Palace. They soon learn that they have only four days to solve the case, or the queen will become the next victim. El hombre y el monstruo Enrique Rambal, Martha Roth. KWHY Fri. Accidentally left by his Paris-bound family, an 8-year-old makes mincemeat of two burglars in the house. A suburban housewife with a cheating husband is not above killing the competition to preserve her domestic bliss.

A former DEA agent returns to action to save his daughter and his new town from a drug-dealing sociopath. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Red cuts short her training with covert group Sisters of the Hood to help save Hansel and Gretel from a wicked witch. A human refuses to relinquish control of her mind to the alien invader who has taken possession of her body.

When outside forces make the pair reluctant allies, they set out on a perilous quest to save the men they each love. An ancient curse causes a mean-spirited teenage girl and an incompetent male thief to switch bodies. Hot Shots! A top-gun pilot keeps up with his rival and re-creates Hollywood love scenes with his girlfriend. The writings of Virginia Woolf affect a housewife and emulate the life of a New Yorker who is in love with a dying poet.

A sheltered, socially-awkward teen becomes friends with a green-haired heart transplant patient who introduces him to punk rock. Seven sorority sisters drown their housemother, then meet the son she hid for 20 years. Jillian is a successful marriage therapist and best-selling author.

Two entrepreneurial cousins quit their Wall Street jobs and follow their dream of laying fiber optic cable from Kansas to New Jersey to gain a millisecond advantage on the stock market. Members of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad face increasingly perilous situations as their tour-of-duty winds down.

A glamorous, seductive British woman joins forces with a cunning and fun-loving Australian woman to swindle a young and naive tech billionaire in the South of France. Ramona shows Destiny how to finagle her way around the Wall Street clientele who frequent their strip club. But when the economic collapse cuts into their profits, the gals and two other dancers devise a daring scheme to take their lives back. Renee is an ordinary gal who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

After awakening from a fall, she suddenly gains a renewed sense of self-confidence that makes her believe she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. When bureaucratic red tape prevents him from naming his children as life insurance beneficiaries, a firefighter asks his buddy to pose as his domestic partner. TRU Sat. A woman in the Philippines supplies a secret agent with intelligence against occupying Japanese forces.

FREE Sun. A mob lawyer tries to keep his cool after he and his pornographer partner steal a small fortune from a powerful figure. Robinson, Nina Foch. Two hit men have strange and life-changing experiences while hiding out in the medieval city. Gillespie and Forbes link a suspect to a witness of a hit-and-run fatality. An assassin toys with a White House Secret Service agent haunted for 30 years by his failure in Dallas.

Accused of murder, a man must figure out how to bring down a system where time is money, enabling the wealthy to live forever, while the poor must beg for each minute of life. Two long-reigning kings of a Las Vegas magic act must put aside the secret feud between them to prevent a slick new performer from usurping the throne. In archaeologist Jones, a lounge singer and a Chinese orphan search for mystical stones stolen from an Indian tribe.

A Jewish college student falls for a young woman while clashing with his dean in Ohio. BBCA Wed. An overnight starlet marries a homosexual actor and goes downhill in s Hollywood. An enigmatic woman threatens to push past the breaking point a volatile game between a bank robber and a detective.

SUND Thur. Hoping to start a family, Pete and Ellie turn to the foster care system to make their dream come true. The couple soon learn the joys and frustrations of parenthood when they decide to adopt three siblings, including a rebellious year-old girl.

KFTR Sat. Professional storm-chasers run toward danger to track a series of deadly tornadoes menacing a town over the course of a single day. Following his graduation from college, Christopher McCandless gives up his savings and possessions and makes an ill-fated trek to the Alaskan wilderness.

Then, just two years later, her multibillion-dollar company was dissolved. Natalie is a New York architect who works hard at her job while remaining cynical about love. A depressed teenager checks himself into a psychiatric facility and winds up in the adult ward, where a fellow patient takes him under his wing.

A master thief and his crew plan to steal back a fortune in gold bullion after they lose it to a double-crossing gang member. Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and their fearless and foolhardy friends perform outrageous pranks and stunts, including Sweatsuit Cocktail and Beehive Tetherball. A look at the life, work, activism and controversies of actress and fitness tycoon Jane Fonda. A cloaked figure terrorizes two siblings after they discover mutilated bodies in a country drainpipe.

A winged creature terrorizes basketball players, coaches and cheerleaders who have become stranded on a highway. KWHY Sat. When Jenny decides to marry a woman, her conventional family must accept who she is or risk losing her forever. A goofy janitor tells a radio talk-show host about his search for the parents who abandoned him. Joe Dirt returns with a mop in his hand and a mullet on his noggin.

The white-trash hero embarks on a journey through the American heartland and time itself as he finds himself caught in the past. CMT Wed. Three popular gals from different cliques join forces for revenge after discovering that the school stud is stringing them along. New York City becomes the bullet-riddled playground of a former assassin as he hunts down the Russian mobsters who destroyed everything he held dear.

Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society, failed comedian Arthur Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker. A working-class single mother builds a business dynasty while dealing with her dysfunctional parents and ex-husband. FXX Wed. KWHY Wed. A magic board-game brings forth African perils and a guy who disappeared in while playing it.

Four teens embark on the adventure of a lifetime when a video game magically transports them to the jungle and transforms them into adults. Guided by a no-nonsense panther and a free-spirited bear, young Mowgli meets an array of jungle animals as he embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet. A plastic surgeon enlists the aid of his assistant and her children to help him win the heart of a beautiful woman.

Vanessa, a pop culture writer in NYC, lands the interview of a lifetime with renowned author Martin Clayborne. Hoping to recharge her marriage, a professional matchmaker asks her husband out on a blind date. A Chinese maintenance man instructs an American boy in the art of kung fu to help the youth face down bullies at his new school. A rabbi and a priest, lifelong friends, each fall for a childhood friend when she comes back to town.

Robinson, Bette Davis. Kill Bill: Vol. Awaking from a coma, an assassin seeks vengeance against her former boss and his ruthless gang. BBCA Sun. After many years living in the U. A woman gets ensnared in a deadly, global adventure when she becomes the reluctant partner of a fugitive spy.

Two nubile, stranded women reveal a sinister agenda after they spend the night with a married architect. A rising journalist and an irresponsible slacker ponder their future after a boozy one-night stand results in a pregnancy. A professor and his son obtain an encoded time-capsule document that lists every major disaster over the past 50 years and predicts a future global calamity.

Chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, a clumsy panda must become a martial-arts master and defend his people from a villainous snow leopard. Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician, are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts.

A New York paleontologist goes to the backwoods of Maine and teams up with the local game warden to stop a foot killer crocodile. A time-space vortex sucks a scientific has-been and his companions into an alternate dimension populated by dinosaurs and painfully slow creatures called Sleestaks. Upon learning of a terminal illness, a shy woman decides to sell off all her possessions and live it up at a posh European hotel. A fallen swordsman leads a small army against a sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.

A controversial account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, focusing on internal doubt and conflict he may have felt. AXS Sat. Technicians and their special mobilized laboratories are key players in solving homicides. Controversial British officer T. Lawrence learns the culture of Arabs and unites their tribes against the Turks.

PG 3 hrs. KVCR Wed. KVCR Sat. A sorority queen enrolls in Harvard to prove to her former boyfriend that she has more than good looks. A filmmaker manipulates a starlet into the image of his late wife, a celebrated actress who met a tragic death. A retired cavalry officer and his sons live on a pre-World War I Montana cattle ranch. KCOP Mon. Two career-driven acquaintances must put aside their mutual dislike and learn to work together to raise their orphaned goddaughter.

A young British woman and her American lover struggle with a long-distance relationship after she is banned from the U. A year-old orphan becomes an NBA basketball player after he finds a pair of magic sneakers. VH1 Tues. An unemployed writer rises to the top of the financial world after an experimental drug gives him extraordinary mental acuity. TNT Wed. Jordan is a take-no-prisoners mogul who torments her long-suffering assistant and employees on a daily basis.

She soon faces an unexpected threat to her personal life and career when she magically transforms into a year-old version of herself. BET Mon. Secret Service agent Mike Banning springs into action to save captive U. President Benjamin Asher from the terrorists who attacked London. As conflicting paths test their bond, a couple find inspiration in the romantic tales of an elderly man whose great love for his wife stood the test of time.

Noon FXX Tues. At a Texas penitentiary, jailed NFL veterans train their fellow inmates for a football game against the guards. An unwed accountant gives birth to Mikey, a hip baby who provides sarcastic commentary on events. OVA Thur. Mikey and Julie each get dogs, while James fends off an over-friendly boss.

KCOP Sun. The parents of toddler Mikey deal with a new baby and a slacker live-in uncle. KCOP Sat. A onetime lover confronts a pickpocket and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. From childhood to early adulthood, two friends fall in love while trying to establish basketball careers. After being dumped by her fiance for not being adventurous enough, a woman sets out to prove him wrong by tracking down the handsome stranger she just met on the subway. HALL Thur. A mother of two who is an author finds her summer plans disrupted by the annoyingly unconventional but undeniably attractive surfer living next door to her rental.

He slowly starts to win Ellen over, but when her former fiance returns, Ellen faces a difficult choice. KTBN Sat. To improve his reputation, an unpopular teenager hires a cheerleader to pose as his girlfriend. A woman returns to Paris after a year absence and ends up reconnecting with her college boyfriend. HMM Mon. A workaholic hospital director is forced to re-examine her rigid lifestyle when a free-wheeling EMS pilot enters her life.

HMM Fri. Two single parents find themselves competing for the same dog at a school pet adoption function. An American chocolatier enters a contest to become the chocolatier for the royal family of Belgium. KWHY Sun. Hoping to leave his criminal lifestyle behind him, a successful art thief teams up with a sexy con woman to pull off the ultimate heist and set himself free. The president recruits ex-Federale Machete to take down an eccentric arms dealer who plans to spread war and anarchy throughout the world.

A crippled Russian ballet master tries to keep his pupil away from a girl. Mad Monster Party? Frankenstein calls a convention of monsters. Stop-motion puppets. After a laboratory courtship, the Polish scientist and her French husband discover radium in An amateur boxer and a loose cannon journey from Los Angeles to Manhattan to perform a job for a mobster.

Desperate townspeople hire seven mercenaries to battle a greedy industrialist and his ruthless henchmen in the Old West. Maleficent rises to protect her peaceful forest kingdom from invaders, but a terrible betrayal turns her pure heart to stone and twists her into a creature bent on revenge.

Mamma Mia! In Donna falls in love with Sam while embarking on a series of adventures throughout Europe. While trying to convince a disgraced ex-cop to come in from a high-rise ledge, a police negotiator begins to realize that the man has an ulterior motive.

KVCR Fri. FBI agents uncover a conspiracy while trying to nail a group of deadly bank robbers. Los marcados Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre. El Pardo ha hecho del pueblo un lugar donde el respeto no significa nada.

Left behind by his crew, a stranded astronaut must find a way to survive on Mars, while NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home. Mary Stuart attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, only to find herself condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution.

An ancient mask transforms a drab bank clerk into a grinning Romeo with superhuman powers. Matriarch Scott Vickers, Alan Cuthbert. After a car accident, a couple expecting their first child are offered shelter by a family at an isolated farm. A maverick cop faces a supernatural battle when he descends into a dark underworld to find those who killed his family and his partner. Thomas leads some escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary Last City, a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all.

Attending high school for the first time, a teenager becomes friends with three popular but manipulative students. Death takes human form, asking a principled widower to guide him in exchange for more time on Earth. Two interstellar agents try to stop an alien disguised as a lingerie model from destroying the world. The Men in Black have expanded to cover the globe but so have the villains of the universe.

When aliens that can take the form of any human arrive on Earth, H and M embark on a globe-trotting adventure to save the agency -- and ultimately the world. A fixer at a corporate law firm faces the biggest challenge of his career when a guilt-ridden attorney has a breakdown during a class-action lawsuit. A CIA operative and a paramilitary team must transport a foreign intelligence asset 22 miles through Southeast Asia.

Coach Herb Brooks leads the U. Olympic hockey team to victory over the Soviet team in ESPN Fri. A teen discovers a secret refuge on an island where children have special powers and hidden enemies. Branded a traitor, an elite intelligence agent investigates a failed Prague mission to retrieve a computer disk. KCBS Sun. An arms dealer and a group of terrorists plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack. When the weapons go missing, Ethan Hunt and the IMF team must race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Now a trainer for IMF recruits, agent Ethan Hunt squares off against the toughest foe he has ever faced: a ruthless arms and information broker. Ethan Hunt and his team take on their most impossible mission yet to eradicate the Syndicate -- a highly skilled, international organization dedicated to creating a new world order via a series of terrorist attacks.

A once-mighty demigod and a spirited teenager embark on an epic adventure across the ocean. KABC Wed. KEYT Wed. Faced with a tight budget, a baseball manager and his partner recruit bargain-bin players that scouts have labeled as flawed, but have game-winning potential.

Gigantic monsters threaten to destroy everything in their path as mankind remains defenseless. Monsters, Inc. A blue behemoth and his short, one-eyed assistant work in a giant factory that exists to scare children. King Arthur goes questing on a pretend horse, followed by his lackey clacking coconut shells. An Italian-American widow, engaged to a reticent suitor, falls in love with his brother. A stage-struck New England girl meets men and gets a lucky break in New York.

Armed with only his good looks and special charm, an art dealer travels the world to find a stolen painting that is rumored to contain the code to a bank account filled with Nazi gold. A dozen directors contributed to a collection of outrageous stories and spoofs. Included: Truth or Dare, in which two people on a blind date try to break the ice by playing the titular game.

A husband and wife are unaware that each is an international assassin who has just been assigned to kill the other. Life steers a passionate musician away from composing and toward a teaching career. Estranged from his wife, an out-of-work actor masquerades as a nanny to be with his children. Having always felt wrong in his own body, year-old Tom prefers to be known as Mrs.

This change creates challenges at his new school, as Mrs. McCutcheon struggles to find acceptance from peers. NR 17 mins. Un hombre casado conoce a una mujer y se convierten en amantes. Broke and facing foreclosure on his business, a year-old horticulturist takes a job as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. His immediate success leads to easy money and a larger shipment that soon draws the attention of a hard-charging DEA agent.

SYFY Thur. A young man opens a tomb unleashing a mummy seeking revenge for a curse laid upon him 3, years earlier. The Murder of Dr. Someone kills a doctor planning to use an experimental anesthetic to operate on the founder of the hospital. A framed police detective flees with a rude girl and hunts a killer woman from his past.

A divorced teacher meets a hopeless romantic after her sister thrusts her into the world of Internet dating. A writer realizes that she is in love with her best friend and tries to stop him from marrying another woman, a guileless heiress. Meanwhile, sparks fly between the female contestant and the handsome ranch owner who acts as their guide. A widower hires a mysterious woman who uses magic to control his seven unruly children.

Magical Nanny McPhee helps a harried mother who is trying to care for five children and tend to the family farm while her husband is away at war. Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind Interviews, home movies, photographs and diaries offer insight into the remarkable life and career of actress Natalie Wood. The Griswolds spend the holiday in a garish way, especially when a country cousin pulls up in an RV.

The Chicago Griswolds win a grand tour and head for the Old World to soak up culture. City girl Katie is writing a magazine feature on a glamping resort. Jackson, Kevin Spacey. A framed police negotiator takes hostages and demands to speak with a counterpart from another precinct. However, soon after she meets Lisa, her charming neighbor, her life starts to spiral out of control. A blonde and her lover plot to kill her edgy husband at Niagara Falls.

A village girl comes to realize that the charming man she has met is actually a coldblooded killer. Dogs go on a deadly rampage after a large meteor strikes a quiet town. Live concert footage and press conferences from the s and a new interview with Dylan are used to draw a portrait of the legendary singer-songwriter.

NR 3 hrs. The secretary of Defense forces a Pentagon naval aide to lead a manhunt for a Soviet spy during a murder cover-up. Wild child Tanya looks to her buttoned-up, by-the-book sister Danica to help her get back on her feet.

A writer asks his ex-wife to read a manuscript of his new novel, a troubling story about a family man whose life takes a dark turn. A young woman meets the love of her life while on holiday in Bath, England. KCET Tues. A man tells a story to a woman about two young people who become lovers in s North Carolina. When their true identities are revealed, they have to find the courage to take a leap of faith. The daughter of a Belgian surgeon enters a convent in hopes of serving God as a nursing nun in the Congo.

The origins of popular nursery rhymes. NR 30 mins. In an attempt to remove Buddy Love from his subconscious, professor Klump accidentally creates him as a separate person. An obese scientist drops the pounds and his poor self-image when a secret formula turns him into a slender ladies man.

Obsession Mekhi Phifer, Elika Portnoy. A hardened loner shapes up for a military drill instructor and a factory girl from town. Three friends try to recapture the fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus fraternity. Led by a former TV newscaster, light-sensitive mutants stalk the last normal man on Earth.

GP 1 hr. Sparks between them fly, but when a photo of them gets leaked to the press, Susanna is in for the shock of her life when Nate is called back home for his coronation as a king. After his arm becomes pinned by a boulder in a remote canyon, mountaineer Aron Ralston must do the unthinkable in order to survive. Ophelia Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts. As lust and betrayal threaten the kingdom, Ophelia finds herself trapped between true love and controlling her own destiny.

A wife and two mistresses join forces to take revenge on the suave cad who betrayed all of them. A Missouri farmer hunts down the Union soldiers who killed his family and left him for dead. HIST Sat. HIST Sun. Rebellious pilot Jake Pentecost and his estranged sister must lead a brave new generation of fighters against otherworldly monsters that want to destroy humanity.

An Army sergeant and his officer ex-wife are caught in a Cold War plot over a military prisoner. Gold miners are saved from corporate villains by the miracle of a mysterious preacher on a pale horse. Needing to win some accolades for her masterfully made pinots, a winemaker from Oregon travels to Paris to compete in a major wine competition.

An airline-security expert tries to bring down a skyjacker who, with his gang, has seized a jet. Awakened from their hibernation pods 90 years early, two space travelers enjoy the pleasures of a budding romance until they discover that their ship is in imminent danger. FXX Sun. A medical intern discovers his colleagues are playing a deadly game in which one commits the perfect murder, then the others compete to find the cause of death.

When crooks shut down a suburban New Jersey shopping mall, a security officer must find his inner policeman to save the day. After running away from a residential nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a pro wrestler, a man who has Down syndrome befriends an outlaw who becomes his coach and ally. Two pilots and lifelong friends fall for the same woman, but must put aside their differences when the Japanese attack their naval base on Dec.

A nature photographer heads to Fiji to shoot a magazine cover. Pecado original Rodolfo de Anda, Janet Mass. Riley awakens from a coma after surviving a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter. When the system shields the murderers from justice, Riley transforms herself into an urban guerrilla to deliver her own personal brand of punishment.

After learning he is the son of Poseidon, a youth must prevent a war among the gods and rescue his mother from Hades, king of the underworld. Fitness instructor Molly runs the Bridal Boot Camp, helping prospective brides-to-be get in shape for the big day. Enelmar Productions, A. The Netherlands Film Fund. The Industrial Development Corporation.

Constantin Film International. Mike Nichols Productions. Assemblage Entertainment. Circle Arizona Productions. Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. Famous Artists Productions. Kung Fu Monkey Productions. Huayi Brothers International. Deluxe Entertainment Services Group. Royal Viking Entertainment. Lightmotive Entertainment. What Just Happened Productions.

Conan Properties International. The Rank Film Organization. Lightspeed Media Productions. Grand Army Entertainment. Prairie Home Productions. Trevor Albert Productions. Artists Production Group. Superfinger Entertainment. Two Brothers Productions. The Jesse Owens Foundation. Soli Deo Gloria Releasing. James D Stern Productions. Square One Entertainment. Lauren Shuler Productions. International Production Company. I Am Other Entertainment. Adams Apple Film Company. An Egg Pictures Production.

Ragtime Productions U. Entertainment Motion Pictures. Goldcrest Films International. Kingsmere Productions Ltd. Copperheart Entertainment. Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Noel Gay Motion Picture Company. Michael Levy Enterprises. Atlantic Entertainment Group. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Stonehouse Motion Pictures. Elfte Babelsberg Film GmbH. Cinemarque Entertainment BV. Chislehurst Entertainment. Fothergill-Scholey Productions. Kevin Messick Productions. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Rose Line Productions Limited. Warner Independent Pictures. The Bridge Finace Company. Avalon Studio Productions. Samuel Marshall Productions. Raven Capital Management. Frank Mancuso, Jr. Stoney Lake Entertainment. Illusion Entertainment Group. Xeitgeist Entertainment Group.

South Australian Film Corp. Hercules Bron Creative Partnership. Aide aux Cinemas du Monde. Eye for an Eye Filmworks. Project Darjeeling, Inc. Mister Smith Entertainment. No Prisoners Productions. The Carouse Picture Company. Independent Film Channel.

Rat Pack Film Produktion. Amazon Prime Instant Video. Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. Kagan Company Radio Telegraph. Summa Entertainment Group. Senator Global Productions. Heyman-Hoskins Productions. Fade to Black Productions. Ske-Dat-De-Dat Productions.

Jelly Roll Productions Ltd. Mistral Worldwide Company. European Film Productions. Chestnut Ridge Productions. Next Day Air Productions. The Hideaway Entertainment. Analysis Film Corporation. Artemis Rising Foundation. Deutscher Filmfoerderfonds. Jorva Entertainment Productions. Elevate Production Finance. Red Chillies Entertainment. RatPac-Dune Entertainment. Third Eye Motion Picture Company. Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres.

Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. Emmett Furla Oasis Films. Huevocartoon Producciones. Videovision Entertainment. Summertime Entertainment. TEM Programs International. Mike Medavoy Productions. Paul Maslansky Productions. Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Premise Media Corporation. McKinney Underwater Productions. Nine Stories Productions. The German Federal Film Board.

Jin Yi Culture Investment. The German Federal Film Fund. Seven Stars Entertainment. Sobras International Pictures. Sil-Metropole Organisation. Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Schmitdtz Katz Filmkollektiv. Centre National de la Cinematographie. Cogeco Program Development Fund. Mini-treaty Canada-France. Houston King Productions. Secret Public Productions.

Bona International Film Group. Ocean Blue Entertainment. Sudden Storm Entertainment. Universal Entertainment. Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development. Island Def Jam Music Group. Rohit Shetty Productions. New Zealand Film Commission. Still Rolling Productions. Beijing Jingxi Culture and Tourism Company. Memento Films Distribution. Mystic Point Productions. Republic Entertainment International. Zero Point Zero Productions Inc. Dream Management and Entertainment. El Gobierno del Estado de Sonora.

Sakonnet Capital Partners. Younger Than You Productions. Michael White Productions. Indiana Production Company. Instituto de la Cinematographia y Artes Audiovisuales. Memphis Mountaintop Media. Erica Messer Productions. Representational Pictures. LLC Primeredian Entertainment. Vingt Deux Heures Vingt Deux.

Cloudburst Entertainment. Ocean Park Entertainment. Super Crispy Entertainment. Centre National du Cinema. Cayenne Pepper Productions. Asymmetrical Productions. Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd. Jerusalem Film and Television Fund. Beijing Enlight Pictures. Robson Orr Entertainment. Media Programme of the European Union. Alliance Entertainment. New Century Entertainment. National Film Trustee Company.

Shanghai New Culture Media Group. Off White Productions, Inc. Zenith Culture Broadcast. Alpha Pictures Investment Co. Norwegian Film Institute. Altitude Film Entertainment. Top Drawer Entertainment. Memento Films International. Projective Testing Service. National Center for Culture. Society for Arts Chicago. Fun Academy Motion Pictures. Three Rivers Productions. Progress Film Distribution.

Animee Institut Francais. Lisa Erspamer Entertainment. Indomitable Entertainment. Hungarian National Film Fund. Oscilloscope Laboratories. Really Good Home Pictures. Great Basin Entertainment. The Identical Production Company. Levity Entertainment Group.

Chicken and Egg Pictures. Union Entertainment Group. Dreams Salon Entertainment Culture. Starbright Communications Limited. Picture Perfect Corporation. Yellowsaw Productions Limited. Silver Linings Entertainment. Brightside Entertainment. Societe Francaise de Production Cinematographique. Imani Motion Pictures, Inc. Ocean Avenue Entertainment.

Branded Pictures Entertainment. Media Weaver Entertainment. Euroimages Fund of the Council of Europe. Argonauts Productions S. Haarika and Hassine Creations. Compass International Pictures. Remotamente Films A. Embassy Home Entertainment. Showtime Documentary Films. Greenwich Film Production. Bergman Lustig Productions.

Rollercoaster Entertainment. Story Island Entertainment. Program Sensi Contemporanei Cinema. Ingenious Senior Film Fund. TaliaFilm II Productions. Fondazione Solares Suisse. Centro Televisivo Vaticano. Solares Fondazione delle Arti. Isu Venture Capital Company. Shinhan Life Insurance Co. Idea Bridge Asset Management. Arclight Films International. Hammond Entertainment LLC. Filmforderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein. Flanders Audiovisual Fund. Andrew Lauren Productions.

Taihe Films Investment Co. The Picture Property Company. Motion Picture Pro Studios. Essential Filmproduktion. Armando Iannucci Productions. Double Dutch International. Direzione Generale Cinema. Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Fondation Gan pour le cinema. National Film Board of Canada. Lime Orchard Productions. Elizabeth Bay Productions. Ashutosh Gowariker Productions. Center for Asian-American Media. Moving Image Productions. Shine Asia Media Company. Riead Productions Corporation. La Banque Postale Image 8.

Colorado Film Production. Corporacion Radiotelevision Espanola S. Zero Trans Fat Productions. Department de cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Sri Venkateswara Creations. Downes Brothers Productions. Self-Realization Fellowship. Department of Motion Pictures. Minorodningen Alamode Filmverleih. Ministry of Propaganda Films. Island Bound Productions. Film Capital Europe Funds. Programme Media de la Communaute Europeenne. Cine Boutique Entertainment. Les Amis de la Maison Europeenne de la Photographie.

Atlas Distribution Company. China Film Investment Fund. Strategic Motion Ventures. Shannan Enlight Pictures Co. Pershing Square Foundation. Beijing Mahua Funage Company. Beijing Fun Age Pictures. William Teitler Productions. The Apocalypse Film Company. Sofica Hoche Artois Images. Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation. National Endowment for the Humanities. Khorgos Youth Enlight Pictures.

Three Coloured Dog Films. Erfttal Film-Und Fernsehproduktion. Sunstone Film Productions. Elevate the Game Entertainment. Deux Beaux Garcons Films. National Geographic Documentary Films. Anil Kapoor Film Company. Les Productions de la Gueville. Pacific Northwest Pictures.

Cedar Park Entertainment. Santosh Sivan Productions. Muskat Filmed Properties. Sunny-Field Entertainment. Manu Propria Entertainment. Stan Winston Productions. Fify Seventh Street Productions. Moving Image Development Agency. Focus Features International. Salem Street Entertainment. Sedic International Inc. Department de la Charente.

Motion Picture Partners International. British Media Fund International. Wing and a Prayer Pictures. Electric Eye Entertainment. Bona Entertainment Company. Oddfellows Entertainment. Becker Films International. The Interpreter Foundation. Ukranian State Film Agency. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Solar Media Entertainment. Authentic Management Project. China Film International Media Co. Project of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development.

Nature Conservation Programme in Macedonia. Naked Eye Filmproduction. Shanghai Lix Entertainment. Beijing Startime Cinema Investment. Wuxi Jingli Cinema Management. Cultural Investment Holdings. Shenzhen Media Film and Television. Horgos Lix Entertainment. Peoples Daily Digital Communication. Shenzhen Bigwill Culture Communication. Zentropa International Sweden.

Roger Berlind Productions. Spookhouse International. Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program. Mill House Motion Pictures. Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung. Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport. Unbound Feet Productions. Under the Influence Productions. Zentropa Entertainments Fanoy Planet Entertainment. La Banque Postale Image Yunnan Jincai Shijie Pictures. Inner Mongolia Film Group. Xiu Shanfang Culture and Art Company. Beijing Huaming Xingkong International Media.

Zhongzhi Enterprise Group. Charlie Guidance Productions. Datari Turner Productions. Les Productions du Tresor. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Entertainment Film Distributors. Perfect Village Entertainment. Tencent Penguin Pictures Co Ltd. Beijing Sparkle Roll Media Corporation.

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Village cinemas europa southland session times forex investing in american airlines

BACKTESTING MY TRADE SYSTEM ON 15MINS OF GBPUSD village cinemas europa southland session times forex


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Traders often focus on one of the three trading periods, rather than attempt to trade the markets 24 hours per day. Some traders prefer to differentiate sessions by names of the continent , other traders prefer to use the names of the cities. Since New Zealand is a major financial center, the forex markets open there on Monday morning, while it is still Sunday in most of the world.

Until Friday, there is no time during the week when the market formally closes, although there is a brief lull in activity between about and GMT when most American traders have gone home and most Kiwi and Aussie traders are getting ready for work. Actual open and close times are based on local business hours, with most business hours starting somewhere between AM local time. We built a Forex Market Hours tool that will automatically convert all four trading sessions in your local time zone.

Use it as a reference until you remember the market hours from memory. Remembered your password? Sign In. This is what will appear next to your ratings and reviews. I don't know, create one for me. Full Details. Most recent. SORT Change the order of movies. Most recent Rotten Tomatoes A-Z. Reckon we have something wrong? Let us know. Sign in Get to your watchlist.

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What's the Best Time to Trade Forex? - 3 Major Market Sessions 💰

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