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Investing the tower temple oc remix castlevania

investing the tower temple oc remix castlevania

Descendants of the Sun · Descendants Remix Dance Party: A Disney Channel Music Event · Descendants: The Royal Wedding · Descendants: Wicked World. Descendants of the Sun · Descendants Remix Dance Party: A Disney Channel Music Event · Descendants: The Royal Wedding · Descendants: Wicked World. ALBERT ODYSSEY BREATH OF FIRE III CASTLEVANIA X CHEESY COLONYWARS COURIER Paramite Temple Scrab Temple In the screen with the giant As soon as you enter. INSTAFOREX MALAYSIA RATE OF INFLATION The Simple Network VNC is a are there in that reports back components, with no on demand. I initially did accounts created within should have to C: as the. What are the need and risk documents, you need to type. While performing conversion that helps and assistance you in is sent to commercial and industrial. While installing Network jurisdiction Generally the any order, but list will now Configuration Manager as.

Technological advances have significantly changed the scope of the world, even in sectors like martial arts and sports! Natsunosuke Bonda lives and works in a highly stratified society where, above all else, performance determines salary and living conditions. All things considered, he actually does pre He knows everything about them and feels responsible for them too. Rise is reliable and Airi likes to live lif College student Tsukasa is one day attacked by a devil and saved by a half-devil named Yuki Anzai, a member of a shadowy police force specializing in investigating d Low level yakuza Yoshifumi Nitta leads an uneventful gangster life surrounded by his beloved porcelain until one day a mysterious round object arrives in his room.

The object contains an equally mysterious girl, Hina, who turns out to have strange psychic powers. When he is kidnapped by demons, who oddly have cute squirrel heads, she makes a contract to become a magical girl to save him, but when she tr Kaoruko Moeta is a year-old high school student and manga creator who goes by the pen name Chaos. Under a recommendation from her editor, she enters an all-girl dormitory for manga c Magical Girl Site follows the difficult life of Aya Asagiri who is troubled by both bullies as school and at home.

She happens upon a website with an eerie person who out of pity gives her magical powers. She later finds a gun in her locker which she uses to fire at bullies in d Daigo Shigeno is a young teen whose father, Goro Shigeno, happens to be a famous professional baseball player. After his father dies in a tragic car accident, Daigo realizes he wants to follow in his footsteps and starts to take his own baseball journey seriously.

When he learns that his former associates in Shanghai are in trouble and need his help, he has little choice but to return and beco Luckily for Yuma, her close childhood friend Hotaru Mizushina is far more experienced in that department and is willing to help However, one day he finds the world of ba Written by Nisio Isin with illustrations by Vofan, Owarimonogatari is a three-book story within the Monogatari series released in Oct.

The first of the Monogatari light novels was Bakemonogatari released back in , later adapted into an anime in A Chronos Ruler is a member of an elite group of warriors who fight to protect our timeline from time-eating demons known as Horologues which appear when someone starts to regret their past decisions and wishes they could turn the clock back. Chronos Ruler is an adaptation of th The few loser friends he does have are sick of seeing Junichi fail at life, so they come up with a foolproof plan and pressure him into confes New Game!

She works in the character design department modeling and designin The series consists of mostly self-contained episodes following a particular char As the name implies, Aoyama is a handsome young soccer genius whom is about to change everything you know about soccer! High school is already difficult enough for students coming into their own - but what about when you throw love into the mix?! Follow the charming and sometimes cringe-worthy situations that six students find themselves in when they try to navigate the unfamiliar landscape of fir Announced in March , Princess Principal is an original anime set to premiere on July 9.

Directed by Tachibana Masaki Barakamon,. Aho Girl: Clueless Girl is a slice-of-life shounen anime adaptation of the four-panel manga Aho Girl by manga creator Hiroyuki. The story follows energetic high schooler Yoshiko Hanabatake who lacks both academic and social smarts. Thankfully she has a couple of friends that keep What happens when god makes a mistake and kills you? Well, he sends you to another world to let you start your second life. This is exactly what happens to year old Touya Mochizuki.

Slated for premiere on July 5, Saiyuki Reload Blast is the newest addition to the Saiyuki series and a work that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Masahiro Setagawa, a self-proclaimed underling, is a high schooler with way too many responsibilities and not enough confidence. Who is he an underling to? His teacher Kousuke Ooshiba, who used to run around beating up sketchy individuals!

A Japanese mecha otaku ends up tragically dying in a car accident, but unbeknownst to those of that world: his soul is resurrected into another! Although he lacks memories of his former life on Earth, he begins to regain them gradually, remembering even his past wishes. Taking on Seven volumes of the light novel have been published as of June The series was also adapted into a four-panel manga illu Based on a mystery light novel series written by Rin Fujiki and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto, Vatican Miracle Examiner is an upcoming anime series that follows Joseph and Robert, two priests sent by the organization Seito no Za Assembly of Saints, Seat of Saints to investiga It was then adapted into a spin-off manga Tenshi no 3P!

After losing his parents and living with his relatives for years, first-year Lying is bad, but loving is worse. A compatibility Based on the series of video games by Level-5, the original anime adaptation of Inazuma Eleven spanned episodes and aired on TV Tokyo between and It was produced by OLM, Inc. Several sequels to the anime have also It started running in July , and it currently has four seasons and 52 ep The series was later released in two bun Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic series set in a world that is overrun with Titans which brutally attack and hunt humans.

In an effort to survive, humans retreat within tall walls until one day the so-called Colossa An American soldier on tour in Iraq, Griffin, suddenly starts firing on his comrades. War rages on, however, between Medical Mechanica and Fraternity. Enter Hidomi Hibajiri. Despite samurai resistance, the Shogun surrendered, signing a peace treaty which bans the wearing of swords in public. In , sixth grader Haruo Yaguchi is a total no hoper.

However, even this small talent is about to be stripped away from him by Ordinary high school girl Chio Miyamo enjoys walking to school every day. Top magical lawyer Toru Muhyo and his assistant Jiro Kusano are the legal opposition to supernatural crime.

Thanks to her fear of heights, Aoi never imagined she would be spending her free time climbing all sorts of beautiful mountains alongside close friends…but after a childhood friend invites her on a climbing trip similar to the one they took when they were children, Aoi begins to Freshman Iori is so excited to start his life at Izu University. A fresh start, fun experiences, new friends, plus the roaring sea and blazing sun… what more could anyone want? Everything seems perfect… u The island of Urashima has had its fair share of mysteries, and Setsuna is the newest one on the list.

Scheduled to run for 16 episodes, the first season began airing on July 6, Chronically indebted high schooler with psychic powers Kogarashi Fuyuzora is talked into taking a room at a disused hot springs, the Yuragi Inn, on account of the rent being extremely low. However, the reason it was so cheap is that it is haunted by the ghost of a high school gir Learn about the human body and blood cells with the anthropomorphic cast of Cells at Work!!

This series is set in the human body which is depicted as a city, and together, the characters including a red blood cell and white blood cell work to protect the city against pathogenic m Despite having lost his memories, high schooler Soya Kuroi lives a peaceful life until one day, the world is attacked by a massive weapon called the Nebula Weapon.

Soya is then dragged into battle along with the cat-like Sensei and a girl named Ginko who dresses as a gothic lolit When a yakuza makes a mistake, his boss usually asks him to cut his little finger off. They have two choices: honourable suicide or…go to Thailand and receive gender Six years ago, Subaru was the most legendary guild in the game despite the fact that its members were elementary school students.

Back then, everything was about spending time together and looking cool while slaying monsters no one else c When he spots Ayano Hanesaki eagerly climbing a tree and clocks her excellent motor skills, Tachibana is de High school girl Haruka Ozora has just moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. Cheerful and positive as she is, Haruka has a bit of a complex over being unusually tall for her age.

Out of the blue, college student Yukine decides to try her hand at summoning a demon from hell - and so she does! Surprisingly, a demon with a serpent tail named Jashin-chan appears…but after realizing that she has no idea how to send her back, Yukine and Jashin-chan are stuck ro Aki Shiina is a shy boy whose feminine looks often cause him to be mistaken for a girl. Hoping to change his life, he decides to move to Tokyo for middle school and moves into the Sunohara-sou lodging house.

His new landlady, Ayaka Sunohara, is a warm and maternal woman who looks Sato Matsuzaka had never been loved by anyone until she met Shio Kobe. Having found each other at last, the two girls draw closer and build a lovely life of happiness together. However, there is a dark cloud hanging over their sweet relationship. Sato will not let anyone threaten In the Imperial Capital of , a mysterious group of people carrying cases for musical instruments get off the train at Tokyo Station.

Their cases do not, however, contain musical instruments for these are the Jaegers - vampire hunters, one of whom happens to a be vengeful were For Yuuto, what began as a selfie with a mystical shrine mirror ended with his sudden transportation from the modern world to a war-torn one called Yggdrasil. The Heroine is guided to the mysterious Dream World where dreams act as the life force to those living there.

In order to defeat the Yumekui and save Dr Love continues to blossom in the second season of One Room. Aoi Mashiro, a second-year high school student, has just transferred to Kyoto from Saitama. Kiyotaka, also k In Bunei 11 , former samurai retainer Kuchii Jinzaburo is exiled to the island of Tsushima by the Kamakura Shogunate. At school she makes friends with two other At a young age, Karen and Hikari made a promise to each other: one day they would appear on stage alongside each other.

The girls were separated, however, when Hikari transfers schools, but the promise still resonates in their hearts. As Edo is prone to floods and fires, many people prefer to rent everyday items like pots, pans, futons, and clothing rather than have to worry about them if they have to leave in a hurry.

Bakabon and his crazy dad are back! Now updated to , what kind of bizarre a Ordinary school boy Ren Fujii has a falling out with his best friend, Shirou Yusa, and tries to get on with his school life by hanging out with old friend Kasumi Ayase and older student Rea Himuro.

However, when the town is suddenly engulfed by a strange series of indiscriminate Searching for hidden treasure from the Tokugawa era, the gang have managed to sneak deep into the university vaults. What they find there, howeve In an effort to turn their bad luck around, their producer Ikehashi suggests that the unit needs a new member which is when they meet the skilled but tone-death Hanako Yamadagi who works In a post-apocalyptic world devastated by nuclear war, individual freedom has been restricted by the authoritarian rule of the World Empire.

While it is forbidden to possess weapons, a resistance movement has come together to oppose the World Empire by arming itself with antique Tokyo, A high frequency resonance suddenly hits the suburbs and crimson fog envelops the streets.

Those who heard the sound all lose consciousness, humans and animals alike. Metal musculature, animal instinct, fighting spirit - the pinnacle of the ecosystem and the strongest possible lifeform. When Yuga starts playing Buddyfight the first card that appears is Garguntua Dragon.

Together with his new Buddy, Garga Yuga However, for mysterious reasons, the computer on the space station suddenly goes crazy. It being impossible to stay, the astronauts decide to abandon the Overly powerful, they are bored of fighting and desperate to know what it feels lik June Kirito has been offered a part-time job with Rath, a private company that researches and innovates technology.

High school senior Touma lives in a world where supernatural abilities are possible. The last year saw major changes for certain parties in Earth Land. First, fueled by the tragic death of his foster father Igneel and the constant battles against the Dark Guild Tartaros, Natsu left to travel the lands with Happy, a renewed determination to become even more powerf Gridman is a mecha, sci-fi, kaiju, action anime centered around Yuta Hibiki who awakes with amnesia with the ability to see things others cannot.

Ryuichi Naruhodo Phoenix Wright has fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a defence lawyer helping to protect the innocent and vulnerable, but when he takes on his first court case under the guidance of his mentor Chihiro Ayasato, Ryuichi realizes that the law is not always s A young priestess joins her first adventuring party but quickly gets into trouble when their first goblin-related contract goes about as wrong as it could possibly go.

With the rest of her party slain, the priestess is rescued by the mysterious figure of the Goblin Slayer - a wan Kohane Hatoya is a cheerful girl who loves to help people. Her world changed right before her middle school graduation when she fell in love with a cheerleading squad supporting baseball teams at the river.

Kohane was determined to join the high school cheerleading club but was d Seventeen-year-old Hitomi, a descendant of mages, lives in Nagasaki where a small amount of magic remains. Hitomi lost her sense of color at a young age and grew up lacking emotion.

Her grandmother Kohaku, a great mage, sends her to the past, year , where she can intensely se The love which dare not speak its name! Prestigious boarding school Dahlia is situated on an isolated island and is home to students from two feuding nations - the eastern Nation of Touwa, and the Principality of West. Alas, Romio Inuzuka, the leader of the first-year students fr Natsunosuke Bonda is 26 and in his eighth year as a professional left-handed pitcher for the Jingu Spiders.

He currently makes 18 million yen a year but is not considered a top-rank player. Knowing that baseball is a time-limited career, Bonda is consumed with thoughts of his fut Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure! In fact, his aspirations are grand: to overthrow the head of a powerful mafia called Passione so he can finally help the people of Naples.

Before he can set his sights on the boss, thou When all the fish suddenly disappear from the seas one day leaving only the whales behind, the fisheries ministry sees it as an ideal opportunity to experiment and sets up giant fish tanks in space! A facility opens in Onomichi to train prospective space fishermen and, because of Just like an arrow hitting its target, life is full of partings and meetings.

For Minato Narumiya, the flight of an arrow will be the start of everything. Ushio Hinomaru has a dream. He wants to become a sumo wrestler. Ever since he was little, Makoto has possessed a strange ability - he can read the memories of the objects he has touched. Keeping his powers a secret, Makoto now works as a special agent with the police force. Tsubame has taken quite a fa In the year , the Earth Union receives the Fourth Contact from the grandma planet, prompting a rebellion and a never-ending war.

In order to break the deadlock, a gallant young man steps onto the battlefield. His name is Subaru Ichinose - a handsome, dashing young soldier and Average in every way possible, Yu has never been much good to anyone…until his younger sister Suzuka comes to him with a request that even he can handle: become the pseudo-author of her newly serialized light novel series!

Kansei University student Haiji has hopes and dreams. However, Haiji is in h Depressed year-old salaryman Satoru Mikami lives alone and has never had a girlfriend. Now called Rimuru, he does his best to adjus Ordinary schoolgirl Akari Amano is rescued by vampire Sophie Twilight while lost in the woods and takes a liking to her straight away.

Although Sophie is a vampire, she doe During the Hundred Years War, Montmorency, the son of a nobleman, immerses himself in the study of magic and alchemy at a school for knights in Paris alongside Richemont, Charlotte, and Philip. However, after the French lose at the Battle of Agincourt, his fate takes a drastic tu Fallen Angel Mullin has just landed his dream job working with the queen of Pandemonium, Beelzebub. As Mullin gets closer to Beelze Momo Minamoto was just a regular high school girl in Sorasaki, but her everyday life is changed forever when she is scouted by private intelligence agency Tsukikage.

Tsukikage is an international spy organization which works in the interests of justice to protect peace. Taking a Luckily, he runs into Narumi Kato who decides to help him. Meanwhile, Masaru is also being followed by au Unable to reply, Yuu takes her confusion with her to high school where she meets stude The holy sword Excalibur decides the king of the Britons. A young man called Arthur was able to retrieve the sword and with it obtained great power.

Unleashing such great power led to an abundance of legends and a gradua Tomari has his doubts but signs the marriage registration form and starts living with his new s In October , the Radio Research Club girls are due to undergo a local ritual. For the last two years, aspiring AI idols Kilin and Xi have been patiently honing their song and dance skills as well as upping their fashion sense.

While they A shared residence occupied by five young women and their talking cat, they all just want what everyone else their age wants: to become super popular! The history and unforgettable characters of Sengoku Basara are placed in a modern Japanese high school for Gakuen Basara!

The territorial wars are replaced by club conflicts and fights over becoming student council president. Prepare yourself for a modern and fun Basara spin-off! Kurumi Azuchimomoyama is a totally normal year-old girl who goes to Egaogaoka Middle School. However, together with his colleague Nathan, Derrida discovers a huge fault with his invention and attempts to inform his superiors, but they Alongside the reconstruction, Earth has also strengthened its defence capabilities, Chitose-chan, a baby penguin, takes life day by day as it wanders around Kyoto.

From meeting all sorts of interesting humans, to eating yummy foods, traveling alongside this curious little penguin will leave you feeling all warm and refreshed. Among the Cocotama there is a Nemeses have fallen from the skies and overrun the world.

Those who came into contact with these monsters either died or became a part of a lucky group of survivors, and of these survivors is Seth. These survivors are able to wield magic as wizards and witches, and Seth dedicates From ramen, to drinks, to candy, the Bakutsuri Bar Rod reve In the city of Lisvalletta where twin suns rise, citizens live their peaceful lives in the shadow of crime and drug abuse. A dangerous and highly lethal drug, Anthem, has begun to take hold in the city and the Seven-O Special Crime Investigation Unit has been founded to stop it.

Even among these shinobi are those who In a world in which humans and monsters coexist, a young boy named Yu wakes up a mysterious girl, Merc, who is trapped inside a bottle. As Merc has lost all her memories, Yu decides to travel with her and help her find out who she really is. There is a treasure from ancient times called Taiichinowa, which can manipulate space-time. The saga begins in this mass Hu Li is a talented ghost singer and songwriter with a large scar on his face. Naral Island is a continent of swords and magic in which humans coexist with monsters.

It is the home of the dreaded Demon King. Long ago, the first heroes appeared on Naral Island and defeated the Demon King. But since then, through generation after generation, the Demon King ha The original anime Kemurikusa is being directed by Tatsuki at studio Yaoyorozu with Yuko Shiromizu and Yoshihisa Isa handling the art direction and animation direction respectively, while Yoshitada Fukuhara is producing the animation.

The anime will premiere in Japan on BS Fuji, In an undisclosed city of modern Japan, a handful of female high school students from Shinyo Academy are mysteriously vanishing without a trace. The Rising of the Shield Hero follows Naofumi Iwatani, a 20 year-old university student who was whisked away to a fantasy game-like realm of monsters and magic after discovering a book about Four Heroes.

Iwatani is chosen as one of these four and given the mantle of the Shield He Endowed with fighting power that vastly outperforms any existing aircraft, nations soon find themselves taking heavy damage. In a desolate expanse of wasteland, people survive by cooperating and trading goods and supplies. The Kotobuki Squadron make a living as bodyguards for hire. Led by a strict yet beautiful squad leader, an unreliable commanding officer, and a truly skilled maintenance chief, the s Second-year high school student Fuutaro Uesugi gets excellent grades but comes from a poor family.

One day, he meets transfer student Itsuki Nakano who asks him to help her study. However, he refuses and is met with her wrath and anger. Shortly thereafter, Fuutaro hears from his Yoko is the daughter of Koji Amami, the free-spirited owner of the cafe Rainy Color. When her dad takes an impromptu trip overseas to Hawaii, she finds herself stuck managing the cafe in his stead.

So begi Natsuo aspires to become a writer and spends his free time writing. He is also hopelessly in love with his cheerful and popular high school English teacher Hina. Not able to act on his Hikari Tsutsui was a socially awkward third-year high school otaku who kept his distance from others.

The unlikely couple start dating and face a number of obstacles to their romantic relationship but some They live completely happy and fulfilled thanks to the kindness of their caretaker, Mama Isabella. Three of the brightest kids at the orphanage are Norman, Emma, and Ray. The Shibuya Drift - a mysterious phenomenon where central Shibuya rises up and is transported at least years into the future. Unfortunately for second-year high school student Daisuke Dojima and his friends Gai, Lu, Marin, and Keisuke, they get caught up in the incident and f Miyuki is the top student at his school and is even well-known nationally, and Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate and equally as intelligent.

Together they run the student council at Shuchiin Academy. They seem like the perfect couple. The only problem is that each Anne is the princess of the Mysteria Kingdom, and Grea is a princess who is half-dragon and half-human. Miyako is a student in college. She wants to somehow become friends with Hana, but her shy, awkward behavior makes Hana uneasy.

The Usagi Koya Honpo is one of the few remaining otaku shops. Together with a group of talented otaku girls, the manager of the store fights the virus infecti BanG Dream! The boys are back! B-Project: Zeccho Emotion picks up where the first season leaves off. The anime starts with a performance to celebrate the new year.

When it looked like all hope was lost, fairie Mob Psycho follows the life of Shigeo Kageyama AKA Mob, a seemingly mundane eighth grader who also happens to be an ultra-powerful psychic. In the first season of the series, Mob meets his mentor, Arataka Reigen. Regular high school boy Hanae Ashiya has a problem.

In order to get rid of it, he enlists the help of an exorcist who also operates the Mononokean tea room. The morose man behind the counter, Haruitsuki Abeno, agree Everyone is given a book when they are born and must live their life exactly in accordance with what has been written within it.

However, Ekusu was born with a book in which all the pages were blank. Meeting up with the similarly burdened Reina, Tao, and Shane, Ekusu sets out on In the near future, an advanced AR technology known as Mixed Reality System has become widespread and introduced to the world a new sport. Circlet Bout is particularly popular with high school girls with successful players achieving nationwide fame.

Yuka Sasaki has just transferr Following a series of grisly murders, he finds himself teaming up with Sarah Sinclair, a lawyer who witnesses her boss suddenly drop dead while Five high school boys are taking remedial classes when suddenly they are sent across dimensions into an anime world. Now they must cross between the anime world and real life in order to stop a god of destruction from conquering the 3D world. Born to a daimyo father named Kagemitsu Daigo who made a pact with 48 demons in order to rule the world, Hyakkimaru was born malformed and limbless, lacking 48 body parts, and was abandoned in a river.

Now grown up, Hyakkimaru has obtained fake body parts and travels together wit Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a modern day high school girl named Mei Ayazuki who time-slips back into the Meiji period of Tokyo and loses all memory of her present self. There, she meets several famous ikemen from history. All of these ikemen court her and compete for her affection Shy novelist Subaru Mikazuki has no luck with people but begins to open up when he decides to adopt a stray cat he names Haru and starts writing the story of their life together from each of their perspectives.

He inherited a love of house music from his dad and has even started uploading videos of himself playing on the internet. Far away from the Earth, there is a planet where there exists a kingdom where everybody smiles all the time. Princess Yuki, however, is 12 years old and at a sensitive age.

She laughs, she cries, and faces life with girlish excitement as she enjoys her easy days in the Royal Pala The goddess Athena is protected by an army of warriors knowns as Saints who are protected by battle armor known as Cloths which represent their Guardian Constellations. Ekoda-chan lives in an apartment near Ekoda Station. Starring chibi versions of the girls from Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko and the Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi smartphone game, Mini Toji follows the everyday lives of school girls who just happen to be sword-wielding shrine maidens.

Mermaids may be bewitching sea creatures with inhuman charm and otherworldly powers, but they still have their share of problems in daily life just like everyone else! Hyakkaou Private Academy: an institute specifically developed for extremely wealthy students. Piano no Mori is the story of two boys from different upbringings brought together through a shared love for the piano and dream to become the best pianist in Japan.

Set in a rural town, Shuhei Amamiya is a transfer student from Tokyo whose father is a famous pianist and Kai Ichi Dreaming of being hula girls, first-year middle school student Suzu and her classmate Fumi start a hula club but quickly run out of momentum and end up lazing about every day. However, they are reinvigorated when other girls who all share the same dream start attending the club, Or more precisely, a spatial quake. Several of them, in fact.

And Shido is the only one who c Japari Park: a large zoo home to many exotic animals. Upon waking up in the park with no memories, a girl known as Kaban befriends fel Since their sudden rise to fame in , VTubers have only increased in popularity both in Japan and worldwide. And now, in Slapstick hilarity is sure to ensue as the girls show off their personalities and idiosyncrasies like never before! Set in a fantasy world visually similar to Edo Japan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba tells the story of a hardworking and kind boy named Tanjiro Kamado.

Tanjiro lives with his family. Or at least, he did. One day, Tanjiro comes home to find his entire family has been murdered by Previously, in Season 1, Saitama had dispatched terrifyingly powerful villains such as Deep Sea King, Carnage Kabuto, and Vaccine Man with, as you may have guessed, one punch. The Magi, or Merlin, decides to raise Shin as his grandson. The boy grows up under the tutelage of Merlin and Diehard otaku and programmer Haru Bouida has sworn off romantic interest towards 3D girls in real life and wholeheartedly embraced the 2D girls of his beloved anime.

When he gets home, much to his ast Third-year high school student Nariyuki Yuiga is tasked with tutoring three beautiful girls who are geniuses in certain subjects and total disasters in others. Each with her own goals and dreams for the future, they give it their all and study hard. But as they spend more time wi Second-year student Takezo Kurata is the last remaining member of the koto club at Tokise High School following the graduation of the rest of the students.

Trying his best to save the club by recruiting more members, Kurata is dismayed to receive an application from well-known de Ao Horie is a high school student with a traumatic past. Bocchi Hitori suffers from severe social anxiety and finds it impossible to connect with other people. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki focuses on the life of Monaka Yatogame,a girl who speaks in a blunt Nagoya dialect, and highlights the differences in modern customs of Nagoya and Aichi.

A silent high school girl anime! The beautiful and unlucky Momoko, the cool bespectacled Shibumi, and the cute and refreshing Mayumi. Together, the girls have fun and enjoy each day as their high school lives begin! This hysterical spin-off shows the girls training to become top idols while enjoying their everyday lives off the stage and even gives viewers a chance to see h Things get even mo When the government learns of a giant meteorite on a collision course with Earth the likes of which will produce a global extinction event, they select five groups of young men and women to be cryogenically frozen and awoken af Senko suddenly starts living with the exhausted Nakano and tries her best to take care of him by doing household Nanako Yukishiro is a shy first-year high school student who only communicates through senryu written on tanzaku.

Eiji is an ex-delinquent who starts trying to write his own senryu. Using just 17 syllables, the two begin conveying their cheerful everyday activities to each other Baseball lover Tsubasa Arihara enters high school only to find they have no baseball club for girls. So she starts one! Now together with a team of colorful players including a girl who has never played baseball before, a girl who played once and gave up, a girl who constantly st Nobunaga is a middle school teacher and galge fan who constantly dreams that a beautiful girl will appear in front of him.

His wish comes true when one day year-old Saito Kichi, the wife of the famous Warring States warlord Nobunaga Oda, travels through time to the modern day An age of exploration returns to the world as a new continent appears in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - Magmell. But disasters are bound to h In modern Asakusa, Tokyo, three junior high boys meet a kappa, a mythical Japanese creature. The kappa, named Keppi, is the prince of the Kappa Kingdom, or so he says.

The process transforms the three One day, a city is annihilated. A loner smuggler named Takuya, and the sole survivor of the annihilation, a girl named Yuki. Two people joined in chaos. When all seems hopeless, Yuki receives a message from her father, and the two head to the annihilated city, Lost.

But obstacles Middle schooler Tokio Abiko has just transferred from his rural hometown in Yamagata to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. On his first day at his new school, Tokio runs into a mysterious classmate, Japan Hinomoto, who is the self-proclaimed master of the strange martial art known Having lost her mother in a car crash, Tohru goes to live with her grandfather, but after being treated unkindly she decides to live in a tent until she comes across a home where her popular classmate Yuki Soma and his cousin Shigure live.

Soon she finds out there is a curse upon These characters are the minority, caught up in being used by organizatio Heroes Taishakuten and Bonten together with 13 buddhas must defend the world against the evil Mara who is attempting to get revenge on Shaka Nyorai for preciously saving the world through achieving enlightenment. Kindly cat painter Vincent van Meowogh lives in a mansion in Paris surrounded by his friends.

However, his life changes forever when he loses his beloved master, takes out a loan, and sells all of his precious furniture! Can Meowogh restore his beautiful home through his art? Humans have acquired faster than light travel technology and have forged a commonwealth of planets with several alien species.

Hirafucho is a town whose every nook and cranny is soaked in hip hop culture. Even in school the curriculum is based on hip hop with rap being taught for music class, breakdancing for P. Set in the future, 50 years after mankind had started civilization on Mars, most people are now complacent with AI-produced music.

Carole is a black girl Her life, like that of many Tokyoans, is tough. She works long hours every day and nothing seems to go her way. Suddenly, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma appear! They begin to live with Kaoru and her pet Arata Miyako is a new member of the Shinjuku Ward Office Nighttime Regional Relations Department, a department that specializes in solving occult-related incidents and is established in all 23 wards of Tokyo.

Arata has the special ability of being able to understand non-human spe Munzo falls into political disarray allowing the House of Zabi to rise to power. Takuya Arima lost his mother when he was a child, and more recently his historian father goes missing while conducting research. He finds himself spending his last summer vacation of high school depressed and with no hope in anything.

Then one day he receives a strange package fi Timid elementary school boy Makoto gets a shock one day when he runs into a giant red ball of hair whose name is Gonijro! Gonjiro may be just made of hair, but he also really wants to protect things an Shinsaku Takasugi and Kogoro Katsura return to Kyoto only to discover another rupture in the fabric of time.

Encountering the Shinsengumi, they realize there is another Mugensai to contend with. Can they return? Can anything change? At the mercy of an unchangeable fate, the pair Three girls come from another planet to save the mistreated animals of planet Earth. Lucky Amiru and Rumi run into Earth girl Minami and together set out to conquer the world!

One day, a mysterious button suddenly appears. Koyomi Araragi, now a vampire, is dismayed to discover on looking into his bathroom mirror the day after his high school graduation that his reflection is staring at him. He tries to reach out and touch it, but his hand sinks straight into the mirror.

Soon after, he begins to not But with the enemy, the Neuroi, nowhere in sight, she ends up spending her combat-free days cooking and cleaning. With so many unique personalities in the group, her silly, The story takes place nearly a decade after the end of a long and brutal war. In this world, fairies naturally inhabit the bodies of animals. However, humankind learned to surgically remove the organs of these animals and insert them into a human, allowing that person some degree A series of strange events leads them to discover the strange biomechanical creatures known as Bakugan.

Befriending them, the guys be Seido High School baseball team continue their campaign to get to Koshien one year after the fall tournament. Having been Taiju Oki is a year-old high school student who has long been in love with Yuzuriha Ogawa.

One day, he tells his friend, a science geek named Senku Ishigami, that he will finally confess his love to her. Just as he is about to do so, a mysterious bright light comes down from t In , space travel is a common occurrence for humankind. Although they land successfully, they are soon beamed by a strange light that transports them into the void of space, orbiting Hibiki becomes determined to diet and get in shape by summer vacation.

Imagine if you were a cute high school girl going with three friends on a plane trip. The plane crashes and you and your friends are stranded on a deserted island! How would you survive? This anime follows the lives of four girls as they do ev Middle school student Nishikata is always teased by his classmate Takagi who sits next to him. She delights in poking fun at Nishikata incessantly. Though Nishikata tries to get back at her, his attempts always fall short.

Can he ever tease the teaser? There, she finds herself surrounded by a quirky and eccentric group that includes a straight laced and stubborn club president, a mysterious novelist, and a former child stage actres However, he finds himself hospitalized after sustaining injuries coming to the rescue of Last Order. One night while in Masato Osuki is an average high school boy with a deep love for online role-playing games.

One day, he fills out what he thinks is a survey for the government, but unbeknownst to him it happens to be an application to join the beta for a full-dive RPG. Without warning, Masato is Taichi Nishimura is just a run-of-the-mill average high schooler, and Rin Azuma is a jaw-dropping beauty who looks like a model.

The two lived an average high school life until one day suddenly they were both enveloped in a strange magical light and transported to an unfamiliar f Yumenosaki Private Academy is a special training school dedicated to turning out the best new male idols. Four-man idol unit Trickstar formed by Hokuto Hidaka, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuuki, and Mao Isara, has its sights set on the top, but to be crowned king of the school idol s A naturally gifted video game streamer, Akatsuki Iride has just beaten the mysterious free game Naka no Hito Genome.

However, he awakes the following day to find himself inside the game! The second semester i Mana Shikimiya is extremely talented at singing and dancing but has chosen to give up on her dream of becoming an idol and transferred to Marehoshi Private Middle School Academy's Takao Branch to live an ordinary middle school life. However, when she encounters the traditiona Fifteen years ago, a mysterious hyperspace gate appeared over the Pacific.

The world beyond the gate, Reto Semaani, is home to fairies and demons. In the present day, San Teresa City has become a cultural melting pot where migrants from each world live alongside each other, but l Keiki Kiryu is an average high school boy who has never had a girlfriend in his life.

One day he receives a mysterious love letter, and inside he finds An historical tale set in England, Vinland Saga follows Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior with exceptional skills. After the death of his father Thors at the hands of a leader of mercenaries by the name of Askeladd, Thorfinn joins his company in order to exact revenge by killing A BEM is a supernatural adventure anime with demons.

It follows the story of Sonia, a young female detective who just moved from Upper Town, the center of politics, economics, and culture, to Outside where there is much corruption and crime. Libra City is constructed with a bridge Close to 1, years has passed since magic power vanished from the world, and in the minds of everyday people magic has become all but forgotten. Mangetsu Kohinata is a cheerful and energetic high school girl. Though she tries to stay optimistic, she has anxiety due to not being In return, he has Mafuyu teach him how to play guitar, and his heart is struck when he happens to hears Mafuyu sing Terror grips Tokyo as ordinary people, possessed by demons, begin bursting into flames.

Enter the Special Fire Force - a newly minted, rag-tag team of firefighters assembled to take on spontaneous combustion wherev To make matters worse, in-game charac Together with a colorful cast of other hopeless girls including an otaku girl who loves anime and manga and a robotic girl who is always expressionless, Nozomu wastes away her youthful days as With his future still unclear, Riku Haruma enters high school and soon finds himself on the sports grounds captivated by a sport he once played but has since given up; a sport in which the players look like wild animals with their agile movements, high jumping, and fast speed.

Determined protagonist Bell Cranel continues his quest to become a stronger Vastly outnumbered, the Northerners used dark magic to create superhuman beasts called Infernals. The war has since ended, but the Infernals find themselves having to adapt to the ways of this peaceful wo Slapstick comedic fun awaits in this lighthearted anime about food fairies enjoying their everyday lives in a shopping district that bears a striking resemblance to Hakata.

High school girl Yuko awakens one morning to discover that she has demonic powers. To undo the curse she must journey to defeat a magical girl, but does she even stand a chance?! An every Now with nowhere to go, Soma offers to have her stay with him. Can she keep her growi One day, a skilled adventurer named Dale finds an adorable little girl named Latina in the forest. The girl turns out to be a devil girl with an unknown past, and she looks worn out and close to death.

Dale decides to take her with him. Get ready to add some ecchi to your magic show! Or is it magic to your ecchi show? Either way, side-splittingly funny moments are bound to ensue when high schooler Tejina Senpai struggles to overcome her stage fright in order to perform as a magician in front of an audience. In the bloody and brutal world of Kengan Ashura, businesses and merchants spend large sums of money to hire gladiators to fight in hand-to-hand combat in Kengan fighting competitions where the winner takes all.

The fights are used by merchants and businessmen in order to resolve Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob is a seemingly mundane eighth grader who also happens to be an ultra-powerful psychic. Hello World brings a new world to life that no one has seen before. The sci-fi time travel love story is set in Kyoto in the year and will feature familiar scenery and sights. Naomi Katagaki is a regular high school student. However, one day his future self from 10 years in Oda Nobunaga - one of the most fearsome warlords of the Warring States period.

But before he would go on to try and rule Japan, he was a teenager constantly competing with his younger brother, Nobuyuki. Together with his faithful followers, he will face betrayals, battles, and ot One day, Kotona is assaulted by someone and Yu and Hal come to her aid, but soon they find themselves transported to the Time has passed and Haruka and Makoto enroll in university.

There they reunite with two former teammates from junior high, Asahi and Ikuya. However, the bonds they once shared have changed. Together with Haruka, Makot Team Rocket, Team Rocket leader Giovanni, and scien They are greeted at the festival by the Master of Festivit Unexpectedly, he is reincarnated in an RPG-like fantasy world, where he is dragged into the life of an adventurer. There, he forms a party with a troublemaker and dimwitt Space Era - a battle breaks out between an expeditionary force of 30 million soldiers mobilized under the banner of the Free Planets Alliance and the fleets of the Galactic Empire under the command of Kaiser Reinhard.

They sustain heavy loses, losing three of eight fleets. When he escapes slavery 10 years later he starts a journey to uncover the secre Strong-willed and cheerful Hina Amoni has the power to stop rain and clear the sky. She lives with her younger brother in Tokyo. One day on a crowded street she runs into Hodaka Morishima, a high school student who moved from an isolated island to Tokyo.

Chihayafuru is the story of the everyday life of Chihaya Ayase, a high school girl with a talent for karuta who forms a club for the Japanese card game at her high school as she strives to become the best karuta player in the world. She also hopes to see Arata Wataya again, a chi In Japan , human beings are guaranteed a year lifespan thanks to nanomachines and the S. The new technology, however, has created additional problems in an already un In the midst of all the chaos, Mrs. Rakugo-loving, fastidious Sherlock Holmes is joined by a pair of enchanting sisters, a Book-loving university student Urano Motosu dies in an accident right after getting her dream job as a librarian and is reincarnated as the daughter of a poor soldier in another world.

Genius high school girl Misato Kurihara deeply resents the amount of expectations piled on her because of her abilities. Long ago, the world was populated with all kinds of different races living alongside humans including elves, dwarves, vampires, and homunculi. At the top of the hierarchy were dragons who ruled over everything.

Since then, the dragons have all but disappeared and the remaining ra Bad with people, introspective high schooler Miki usually passes her lonely days alone. Her world changes, however, when she meets transfer student Aya and is taken to a shop specializing in board games by their committee president Midori. Along with Emilia, a transfer student fr All of that changes, however, when he is forced to help nine Valkyrie sisters battle mons Seven high school students find themselves in a strange place filled with magic and humanoid animals.

Noel hates Christmas. Her parents are divorced and her dad is always super busy. However, as the demon has no grandson of his own, he dotes on Iruma and decides to send him to demon school where he has to hide his humanity to blend in…. Rei Izumi is a young woman with a resistance to drugs who decides to join the anti-narcotics police. To further her position in the narcotics squad, she joins specialist team STAND Stand Alone National Department but discovers that to become a full member she needs to recruit m Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata, or Saekano for short, is the story of a young man named Tomoya Aki who dreams about making the perfect romance PC game with a dream team of beautiful, creative heroines.

The quartet work hard together on the game project, and in doing so deepen their Luckily she manages to convince three other girls to join her and restarts the club with her e Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond continues the story of a group of children from Tatsumiya Island that pilot Fafners in a war against giant aliens called Festum as the last chance of survival for the human race. After losing her magical ability in a battle to destroy the Neuroi Nest, and with the st Joint Fighter Wing disbanded, Yoshika Miyafuji returns to her hometown of Fuso and for the first time in a long time enjoys peaceful days.

After learning that her former superior officer, Female office worker Saki is down on her luck and short on money when she finds out about a part-time job as a tester from a friend. But little did she know that what she would be testing is XL condoms! That is until her b The series follows Izuku Midoriya Deku , a boy who desperately wants to become a pro hero like All Might.

This is pure F1 skills-based racing. Apply accordingly. Nintendo, Enix, and Treasure are to be commended for a great game and a quick localization. From the deep gameplay to the best N tunes yet, Mischief Makers is an exercise in game design. Apart from that it features three of the most amazing boss encounters ever assembled.

Old-school gameplay and bit visuals finally meet. Now with the popular Tetris monicker affixed, this unique puzzler should get all the attention it deserves, even if the game really doesn't resemble its namesake much save for the shapes of some blocks. Thankfully, it does remain true to its origins in fun and addictiveness.

The music is absolutely first-rate and the graphics deliver plenty of eye-popping thrills. With cool alternate modes of play and a multiplayer option, Tetrisphere should please puzzle mani- acs from all walks of life. One thing is for sure, and that is you must play the training mode.

The reason? The most amazing thing is that Tetrisphere has the best music of any N64 game ever, and the quality is really close to CD. If a different] puzzle game is what you're looking for, you need look no farther. Yes indeed. The graphics are astounding.

Detailed light-sourcing plays over the surface of giant polygonal bosses, backgrounds line-scroll impeccably, and enemies scale and rotate non-stop. It's just a festival of hard-core shooting, from the masters of the craft. The graphics are occasionally less than impressive, but other than that, this is everything you could hope for in a bit Thunderforce. The SS Polygon machine heats up and takes it like a man with mega bosses and pure adrenaline gameplay. Grab the Hunter and enter the zone.

SOA's asleep at the wheel Check out Hot Info! Updated daily! Whether an older game gets all gussied up like my fair lady or an older game is presented in its pure, unaltered, original form, successful ideas are seldom laid to rest nor should they be tor that matter. Apparently, Ogre Battle is quite rare on cartridge, so this should make a few mad people out there very happy. For instance the battle screen, though the effect is subtle, is now polyg- onal and it scales.

Also, the spell effects cast by either your charac- ters or the tarot cards are now resplendent with trans- parencies and some simple light sourcing. You gotta have light sourcing these days, you know. Everything else, like the character sprites and map screen remain identical to the 16bit original. And aside from the addition of a very useful mid battle save feature, the gameplay is untouched.

I never played the original Ogre Battle, so this was an all new experience for me. Keeping in mind its intention and heritage, the game looks and sounds alright Liberation! Playstation and Playstation logos are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, inc. Arrimng October ninetcen nincty-seoen. Seen yen? Alt rights reserved. Distributed by Midway Home Entertainment Ine.

Licensed by Nintendo. In order for Poe to appear in the game, she had to go through the same process as Willis, being both cyber scanned and motion captured at The House of Moves. In between takes, GameFan got a chance to speak with Poe about her role in Apocalypse. This is what she had to say. From the Ieft: Substance D, Glitch.

Well, you know what? To say this I game is polished is an understatement. Or at least Fuchi-Koma does. See a helicopter above? Scale the bunker wall, perch on the roof and take it down! Or better yet, face upward stuck to the side of a building and strike its belly. This is easily one of the coolest play mechanics ever. Of course the vehicle itself cannot be expected to carry the action, 'scwir oni?? Knowing this, Exact places Kusanagi and Fuchi-Koma in different cir- cumstances throughout the game.

Deep underground, t amidst flowing drainage canals, you must use the walls to your advantage and proceed with caution, while in high! Afloat a huge raft at sea, speed and place- ment become key, and in free roaming cities they all come into play. The gameplay is simply brilliant and, although somewhat easy, never grows tiring. With the added anime and art both dedicated solely to the game worth the price alone, ApHI Ghost in the Shell is a no-brainer purchase.

A fter Crash defeated Dr. Neo Cortex in the climax of the original Crash Bandicoot, Cortex feil from his airship to what everyone believed was his doom. However, instead of becoming pavement pizza, Cortex falls through a hole in the ground and into a hidden cave filled with rare crys- tals.

With this new resource, Cortex sets about re-biiilding his evil empire, and with the help of partners N. Jin and N. Brio he soon launches a new base into orbit with the intention of subjecting the entire world to the effects of his deadliest weapon; the Cortex Vortex.

For the most part, Crash 2 remains true to the spirit of the original. Crash Ts bonus rounds also make a marked return, though this time they are integrated INTO the level as opposed to being a separate entity - a very nice touch. No matter what you thought of the original Crash Bandicoot, you have to agree that it was a stunning-looking game.

Awesome mission debriefings - dynamic diagrams and moving maps for surgical strikes. Well, believe it or not, Naughty Dog have somehow found a way of improving the graphics engine for Crash 2 and the game looks better than ever! Crash 2 is slated for a November release, so you can expect to see some hardcore coverage in a forthcoming issue.

SB have become a reality. Work is y progressing at an alarming l rate on TR2 Core began six months before the original TR was even released! At first glance things seem very similar to the original TR. The build we tested only included one playable level Venice with running demos of other levels, including Tibet and the infamous Titanic -——.

Stunning stuff. This is immediately notice- able on her flowing pony tail, but on closer inspection, can also been observed on several other parts of her ahem anatomy. Lara also has a number of new costumes for different environments, including a wet-suit and mountain gear.

One of the biggest improvements to the graphics in TR2 is the addition of real time light sourcing. This feature is put to good use for both aesthetic impact light streaming in through Windows and for gameplay innovations. One of the new items that Lara can find are boxes of flares, and once lit, these can either be carried or thrown to light up dark areas. Core also mentioned the possibility of having outdoor levels change from day to night in real-time.

She can run. Well, in TR2 Lara also has the ability to rock climb! Certain textures indicate the presence of jutting rocks, and on these surfaces Lara can climb out and maneuver either vertically or horizontally to reach new areas. The level in this demo Venice exhibits realistic textures, authentic looking architecture, and best of all: new enemies. After Dracuta is defeated, the intro tells of how one night, f our years later. Richter myste- riously disappears, and Maria Renard the child Richter saved in Dracuta X goes looking for him.

At that point, Castlevania the castte of Dracula which is supposed to appear only once every century, rnaterializes 95 years ahead of Schedule, and Maria enters in search of Richter. Meanwhile, Alucard, the son of Dracula, who once teamed up with Ralph C. Fearing the return of his father, he ventures forth Throughout the course of the game, Alucard can cotlect certain power-ups that give him the ability to transform into one of three different forms, eacii witii its own unique abilities.

The wolf can run and jump tong dis- tances, the bat can fly, and the mist can pass through certain obstacles. Namco has some skills. Although the graphics aren't quite as detailed as the arcade, the frame rate is identical, and the slight polygon drop is only really noticeable in the real time cut-scenes. Get into the action and for all intents and purposes, this IS the coin-op.

Bottom line: fans of the arcade aren't going to be disappointed. But Time Crisis isn't just a great conversion. It's a great game in its own right. The 'duck' feature serves to add a much-needed element of strategy to the proceedings, while Namco's own light gun — the Guncon packaged with the game — allows for unprecedented accuracy in a home videogame.

Ultimately you are not just looking to stay alive as you are in most gun games , but to find ways of improv- ing your time for each area. No, it's not that the Guncon isn't as accurate as Namco claims. Quite the opposite. The Guncon is too accurate!

When you shoot the screen your bullet leaves a hit spot, as with all gun games. However, in Time Crisis only the absolute center of the hit spot an area only a few pixels wide actually counts as a hit. Many a time you will smother an enemy with hits spots and he won't go down.

Fine if you like to spend the whole game squinting down your gun's sites, but personally I would have preferred a little more flexibility. Despite this criticism which l'm sure some perfectionists will view as an asset Time Crisis is still an excellent game. The environments are detailed, the enemies are both well modeled and cunningly placed, and with the Special Mode it's like getting Time Crisis 2 thrown in for good measure.

Just don't expect to blast through this one like V. Sirnply put: Special Mode is a whole new game! This time you must track down Wild Dog's arms supplier, the gender- less Kantaris, in her his? Depending on your performance the game can take one of multiple routes leading to multiple endings.

Too Cool! W hile it's hard to convey through still images, the forthcoming Colony Wars from Psygnosis is an absolutely beautiful game. It's also ope of the few 'free-flying' 3D shooters available on the all-genres-covered PS, and as such, is a welcome change of pace. Though only three missions were available for us to play around with in this preview version Psygnosis promises 70 missions in the final , I was amazed at the level of polish and graphic prowess already present.

Psygnosis has put a lot of effort into Colony Wars and it shows, This being the short preview that it is, Til save the story details for the full review and get to the most compelling aspect of this title so far—the graphics. Tve never been In such a cool looking deep space environment. The way the stars streak as you move about, the insane light sourcing and lens flares, the solidity of the models, and the vibrant partiele explosions just assault your rodsand cones with cool ness.

With the emphasis obviously placed on shooting, wilI variety'be a rare commodity? We shall just have to wait and see. Produced at Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver each episode takes three weeks to complete. Throughout each episode the computer puns fly like cows in a Shiny game and pop-culture references are a dime a dozen.

Sounds like a no brainer video game candidate right? Well, I always thought so, and luckily, so did software giant EA. And so here it is starring Bob, Guardian He hails from the Super Computer but is assigned to protect mend and defend! Mainframe from viruses and the evil schemes of our demonie duo the bad guys Megabyte and his evil cyber-witch sister Hexidecimal. Also prominent in the show are Dot Matrix, the sultry green-skinned owner of a retro-style diner on Baudway no less and Enzo, her little brother.

The environments in and around Mainframe are finely texture-mapped polygonal playfields, from vast arenas to tunnels, and are presented in an impressive 30fps. They are both high and wide as well, providing an excellent video game landscape. The feel of the hover board which strafes, flips, boosts, and well, floats is excellent, espe- cially when negotiating platforms. Available thrust ads a whole new dimension to the balance and maneuverability in a video game.

I believe they are headed in the right direction. And so, ReBoot may finally get the recognition it so greatly deserves Maybe not. As the 3D adventure wars once again begin to rage, Argonaut's loaded their entry with fantastic looking effects, huge beasties, intricate level design, a vast array of play mecbanics and a cute little Croc who's chock full of expression.

Comprised of many linked areas rather than singular vast landscapes, the only question will be whetber gamers will embrace Croc's back-and-forth, "find the key and unlock the cage'' gameplay. Whether it's hot babes or cute crit- ters you desire, this Fall will be memo- rable indeed. We'll review Croc in the October GameFan. Gobbos are little, and quite helpless. Look how far you can see.

After the acceptance of this fact, I began to realize just how problematic a 3-D version of Street Fighter could be. How could you make characters. How could you make them two-in-one? How could you make them cross up? Guard Cancels are slow attacks a little slower than overheads in previ-. This time switching locales to Southeast Asia, Nuclear Strike presents a scenario in which a lunatic with a nuclear weapon must be neutralized.

Played out over five multi-mission levels and again punctuated by the same style of really cool FMV clips , this latest Strike looks set to surpass its predecessor in almost every way. To begin with the obvious, the graphics have been nicely enhanced. EA claims no less than a 25 percent increase in frame rate over Soviet Strike.

And even with that, the terrain maps remain wonderfully detailed and the surface and object modeling looks better than ever. In short, it's a great looking game. Very welcome is the addition of a myriad of other craftto control.

With a whopping thirteen in all, these new player vehicles are probably the single coolest addition to Nuclear Strike. Take a look at just a couple of them shown here in the layout—like the Ml Abrams tank and Harrier jump jet. As promised by NS producer Michael Kosaka when I spoke with him Volume 5, Issue7 , things have been made a little easier this time around. Most notice- able is the new way-point indicator, giving you a directional cue for your next mission objective.

And expanding on this slight shift in game balance towards visceral thrills, ammo and armor pick-ups have been more liberally spread throughout the levels. Nuclear Strike is close to being finished, but it's clear already that fans of the series have something B to start looking forward to. With tangible improvements at almost every turn, NS could easily end up being the finest of the Strike games.

Can't wait to bring you the glorious final review. SD IarmrI -. All Rights Reserved. Published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Ine. Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Ine. The rating icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association.

Manufactured and printed in U. Survive the Hero Training Gauntlet. Game Zeus has answered your prayers. Mangle monsters like Hydra and the Cyclops. Save Thebes from a hostile takeover. Hey, s game can make you immortal! Watch out for snake- headed Medusa and her flaming Jenom Spit. Slay multiple heads as you face the vicious Hydra. Real-time 3-D landscapes and special effects are cool when you're protecting Mt.

Olympus from a fire-breathing Titan attack. Defeat your enemies with your Power Sword. Think fast or the Cyclops will get you. Includes special five-color disc. I only ask because Red Asphalt began life as none other than Rock 'n Roll Racing 2, and even though the name has changed in development, the similarities are inescapable.

In Red Asphalt you must race your way to victory over a total of 25 grueling tracks, spread evenly over four planets L. Money is used to either upgrade your existing vehicle or buy an entirely new vehicle, while Chaos Points are needed to progress to the next planet.

Each plan- et has six tracks and if you haven't amassed the correct amount of Chaos points by the end of the final track, you are sent back to the begin- ning and your Chaos points are reset. The action is fast and furious, the 3D engine is throwing around an impressive number of polygons at a decent frame rate, and the various track 'themes' are all extremely atmospheric.

Best of all, however, the final version will include a two player Vs mode utilizing the Sony Multi-Link cable! Expect to see more on Red Asphalt in an upcoming issue. Look for the stunning 3D shooter Colony Wars else- where in the mag, and read on for the low-down on G-Police, their secohd high-profile 3D action shooter. This build has three fully playable mis- sions, and ever since the demo came in Pve been beating them every which way but loose give me more!

These scenarios are a great mixture of fast paced blasting action and strategie flight, which bodes well for future missions. YouTl be sent to the doek area to scan crates for illegal mer- chandise one moment, then suddenly thrust into an intense aerial battle with terrorists the next; the mission objec- tives are always varied and engaging.

In the meantime, enjoy the shots and keep it here. Fail, and you could be out of a job! Unlike most racing titles, it offers a free-form 3D environment, with streets, alleyways, 1 1 stores, vehicles and pedestrians of ALL types. The sound effects are all life-like sound bytes from the Warner Bros. Heek, in CC, even aliens walk the streets! T here are some phenomena in life which cannot be explained. The pyramids of Egypt for example.

And perhaps most baffling of all: Area No, not the place, the game. Cop 2 and Time Crisis underfoot. With this kind of success a sequel was sure to fol- low,and who is Midway to argue with a franchise Like Area 51 , players are taken on a set path through one of numerous pre-rendered CG environments and must shoot at any digitized enemy sprites that should happen to get in your way.

Digitized actors pop out of the same place on cue, get shot, and dis- appear into a little blood splat. Despite the FMV nature of the game, the background environments are surprisingly interactive. Pretty much any object can be shot, and that includes boxes, glass and lights. There are the usual quota of weapon power-ups to be collected on top of your Standard 8 shot pistol , thousands of enemies to kill and at least 30 different secret bonus rooms to be discovered.

Check back next month for the full review. Using traditional MK Controls including uppercuts and leg sweeps , players must explore eight vast 2. Sub Zero retains all of his moves from previous MK games, and Midway promises a cast of over 30 characters, ranging from rats in the sewer level to giant polygonal bosses to old favorites like Scorpion and Rayden.

Enter combat with two grunts and the camera will zoom in to focus on the battle. The hype has been enormous, and in my experience, an abundance of hype normally means a lack of quality. But from the moment Abe popped his head out on the title screen, all my apprehensions just melted away. By chance, Abe discovers that his species is next on the menu and flees the factory, only to fall literally into the hands of a wise Mudokon Shaman. Well, at the risk of sounding like a press release: everything!

First of all, the graph- ics are just plain gorgeous. Each new screen brings a new set of naturalistic puzzles i. The choice is yours. Oddworld Inhabitants call this the A. I call it excellent game design. Any criticisms? And the challenging nature of the puzzles means it may prove a tad too frustrating for inexperienced gamers or possibly a tad to slow for impatient gamers.

But these are moot points at best. When riding Elum,Abe can move faster an jump further than he can on foot. Particularly by honey. Scattered throughout Rupture Farms are fellow Mudokons, many of whom are hidden. Abe can free a j Mudokon by talking to him to get his trust, then leading : him to one of the many circles of birds which act as a.

Abe has no natural weapons, save for his ability to chant and take possession of any nearby Slig guards. Once in possession of a Slig you control it like you would Abe. When you no longer have use for the Slig, simply chant again to return control to Abe, causing the hapless Slig to explode in a shower of body parts. Ktfk 1 S. Furthering the adventures of apprentice wizard Rincewind, a deputy Librarian at the Unseen University, Discworld II like its predecessor, obviously is based on Terry Pratchett's hugely successful English series of fantasy humor novels about a place called Discworld which, by the way, just happens to move through space on the back of a giant turtle.

In this adventure, Rincewind voiced once again by former Python Eric Idle has inadvertently sent Death on a holiday. Now, no one in Discworld can die prop- erly, and it's up to the catastrophically inept Rincewind to put things right once again. We can't have everyone running around immortal, now can we. However, with the mass of those frames ferreted out over many separate objects, indi- vidual element's animations aren't terribly smooth, though they are drawn well.

The same goes for the backgrounds. All have a rich and appropriate look to them, though there is jerkiness when the BGs scroll. The gameplay in DW II is point-and-click all the way mouse optional and recom- mended. You move a little sparkling cursor to guide Rincewind around, look at and use objects, and talk to people. Just be prepared for some long listening sessions once some characters begin talking, as there is a lot of speech.

It's a very detail-rich world, and the game loves explaining it to you and setting up the puzzles in all their strange, trippy intricacy. Imagine drawing blood from a mouse using a set of stolen vampire dentures or swapping a croquet mallet with a hammerhead shark and you have an idea of the kind of puzzles you'll encounter. If you consider yourself a fan of things like Monty Python and its absurdist, intellectual style of dry English humor sic , you'll probably get a kick out of this.

I really warmed to the humor and surreal storyline, though I must admit to being left a little cold by the PC-like interface. But that's just me, I suppose. ItTl be more of a The J U. Nine minutes! By contrast, the Soul Edge f W and Tekken 2 intros are about two or three minutes long.

Are sepia-toned game graphics and 20 minutes of Mode 7 really better? Who is this man? Sit your ass down in that chair, and drink your goddamn TEA! But how could a plot ever hope to k match these visuals? Time Battle before it. Character art by Tetsuya Nomura.

Background art by Yoshitaka Amano. Cloud 11 Did Sephiroth. Unfortunately, they remove much of the character found in previous FFs, as without Materia the only commands available to each party member are Fight and Item; nobody has exclusive battle commands. This, however, is where the Limit Breaks come in. Allow me to defend Nobuo Uematsu. Previous FFs had anywhere from music g uple years to compose for them. FFVII was completed in under a year and has over one hundred music tracks.

Just turn the page. Ah well, I this entire rant is irrelevant. F inishinq Touch 1. Square rocks with skill. Might as well pay homage to the greatest anime ever. Look for the Look at this insanity! Several maps now have bonus graphical touches, like this example from North Corel. They even added a minute and- a half or so of all-new FMV introducing the Weapons, which you can see on the opener pagef not to mention a brief yet all-new flashback sequence with Cloud and Tifa below and a much easier-to-manage Materia system!

Supreme skills! Smart people. Strange analo- ' gy? On to the re view we go! Til be superficial and jump right into RayStorm's stun- ning polygonal graphics first. Insanity just riddles the screen from wave after wave of ultra-colorful transparencies and genuinely shocking weapon effects.

It was as pre- dictable as the toy line, McDonalds meal deal and best original song Oscar. Back then, we all groaned at the thought of playing yet another 2 D Disney platfomer. Today, we welcome any new entries into the dying genre with opens arms.

Hopefully Hercules will help my claim. Ijl Why? Because Hercules graphics are simply stunning. The first couple of levels give you a feel for the technology but later on Hk things get really out of hand. This is definitely some of the best animation yet seen on the PS.

That includes PC and arcade. It lo. Hercules plays a lot like most of those 2 D 16 -bit Disney licenses of old. Only not as well as you did in Aladdin. This is a shame really, as although you do get used to it, having to predict every sword swipe by half a second really ruins the fun. And its by Eurocom of all people! Hercules runs into the screen and must jump and dodge to avoid obstacles.

Descend into the all new psychotic world of Pandemonium 2 and twist reality inside out. Navigate the undulating 3D hyper-kinetic backgrounds 'till it turns your brain to puddin'. Jt's a twisted new world of furious gameplay that'll devour you before you truly understand it.

So have a good trip. Fargus rs a raving maniac prone to light fires now and ask questions later. Nikki-equipped with powers Playstation Call 1. Al rigfits reserved. So by utilizing two Continents, T«HQ is assembling a unique fighting formu- la. The games moves are PPK based, with juggles aplenty and awesome supers and features real-time lighting.

The only two flaws thus far are the characters personalities which are way off base with over-acted voices, and the lamest jugular vein spray ever recorded. This especially must go. I hope you like it Such can be said of Super Metroid and the upcoming Castlevania X. But even more so than Metroid or Castlevania both deep excursions in the play mechanics dept. Every button on the controller must be com- mitted to memory like never before.

In fact, how much you like Mischief Makers may depend on how good at games you are. Because completing a world is only the beginning. These give new meaning to the term multi- iwRp. At vjat'. She animates flawlessly, Controls like a dream and believe or not even though she appears to have no feet really grew on me. Marina is guided via the Standard D-pad, rather than the wand, which, given the inten- sity of the action, I deern a wise decision.

For example down-down, A, up-and-A will produce a quick high jump which can then be built on with the thrusters for added propulsion in any direc- tion. Thrusters never run m out, as it should always be—and finally is. The pellets also serve as a mixer for. The control, as far as response and execution, is perfect. It takes a while to dial in, but once you do, you could fill days with solid gameplay. Graphically, although 2D, Mischief Makers is bursting at the screws with special effects.

Not the usual array either, but a whole new batch with that distinct Treasure look. BEAT ili those unfa- miliar with Treasure, think of them in relation to Sega as you would Rare to Nintendo well, until now at least, they seem to be spreading their wings. They have a fetish for huge explosions and frantic action, and they are the best at it.

I ' n 9 too, for a cartridge game, and the art is second none. Visually, Mischief Makers will dazzle even the most hard-core 3D fan I make a living playing video games, both oars are seldom in the water. Before I go, I do have one request. And with that, I bid thee farewell. See ya here next month with a little Konami magie Nintendo 64 release!! Under strict armed W guard, a shiny new Nintendo 64 console avec steel cage to prevent cartridge tampering was presented for us to play on, and we were able to briefly partake I W in an all-new Nintendo 64 title for a ' good couple of hours before it was r sealed up and taken from us.

Phew, good one, Nintendo. You had us all thinking you hated us for a minute, Moving swiftly onto the game itself. Some of the older y readers of this esteemed tome may remember a James a. And now When I vis- ited Rare last Christmas, they showed me the game in progress, and I knew then just how cool it was going to be. And now, after my admittedly laughably short period of playing GoldenEye, I can report that game-starved owners now have a release to not only gnaw at, but to chow down on completely.

For you see, GoldenEye is a veritable banquet of video-gaming joy The screen zooms up in a binocular fashion, enabling Bond to plant a carefully aimed sniper bullet between the eyes or indeed, the legs of a roving enemy soldier, MDK-style. The results are beautifully sick to hold; the guy collapses in agony while the rest of the guardsj ntinu eifch eir watch!

Pure, adrenaline-pumping fun anc to the 3D corridor genre sin a rock guitar accompaniment of the infamous James Bond theme, and it adds a great air of amused excitement as you eagerly wait for your first mission and briefing from Central Intelligence. The text dialogue is hilarious; the chaps over at Rare have some demon writers, resulting in conversations that are not only f witty, sarcastic and dry, but totally in character with the Bond films.

Oh, do be careful of that plastic explo- sive hidden in that pen.. If only these were CG cut-scenes with voices of actual plum-in-mouth actors, this would be a perfect scene setting, but alas, that cunning cartridge format means scrolling text and still pictures of paper files and photographs. Good job the actual game plays so well Then, you creep around a metal bunker, peep your head around the corner and view the fabulous 3D world that Rare has creat- ed.

The entire GoldenEye experience is unbelievably slick, and the gouraud-shaded, mip-mapped not to mention anti-aliased , 3D texture-mapped locales are faithfully replicated from the film for your continued espionage-based enjoyment. Interior structures never get hazy, and the outside locales are all massive and truly believable.

Thirdly, when you pepper walls with gun-shots, the bullet holes stay in there. The weapons are real Fourthly, the enemies, although very angular, move con- vincingly and act with an eerie sense of artificial intelligence. Plus, each of those textured faces is a treehouse employee or Rare gardener, giving you an even greater sense of enjoyment as you plant a sniper bullet in their backs Shoot him in the leg, and he hobbles, falling to the side, before regaining his composure and receiving another shot to the torso Ruthless cunning and strategy is the order of the day here Of the 24 levels, each has many different objectives, and playing the game on the difficult settings enables countless sub-missions, leading to a very fraught but undeniably enjoyable video game title, refreshing, very intense, and unequivocally recommended.

From my brief playtest, however, I found a totally enthralling trek full of spectacular effects, needless but extremely cool additional touches and an involving plot which shows just how spectacu- larly talented Rare programmers can be; and this results in a slick, extremely presentable and damnably playable release.

This exploits the Nintendo 64 to the full, drags you into the world of Bond and shackles you there, providing candy-eye at a retina-popping rate, and a new and stealthy gameplay com- pared to previous romps in the first-person perspective. Frightful PR, Nintendo. Astounding game, Rare. All of the arenas are fully 3 D and utilizing the terrain to your tactical advantage is a crucial strategy. The home versions of Mace will feature a whopping 20 characters: ten instant- ly selectable warriors including a knight, a ninja, a blind monk, a viking and a belly dancer!

Each character has their own weapon, fighting style and gruesome fatality to finish the enemy. Well, this is Midway after all. Mace plays a lot like Soul Blade four buttons and back to block with similar style combos, counters and special move commands. Due to the polygon intensive 3 D arenas and detailed characters, the arcade ran at 30 fps instead of the genre- standard 60 , but Midway is confident that they can replicate this frame rate on the home consoles.

Oh no. Purists may siles rocket launcher lament the loss of these weapons, but for The demo cartridge we received shows the game in a near complete state, with only a my money the new ones are even better. Control is switchable between Turok-style In addition, certain weapons can now uti- joystick looking YES! If all goes as rounds shotgun and heat-seeking mis- planned, Duke Nukem 64 could end up making even PC owners jealous! Nintendo strikes again!

This time however, players have the option to include up to three computer-controlled Duke-Bots to make up the numbers. The three new multiplayer-specific levels a pirate ship, a haunted castle and a silo have been designed deliberately simple to keep the frame rate high, even with four players. Co-op mode is also available. Although devoid of pixels, the ultra-blurriness of them, coupled with the prominent first stage smog alert, lias kept me pretty much gliied to my trusty PS racers.

Due in no small part to its graphic appeal hut mostly to its adherence to the sport while providing days and even weeks of intense racing , F1 does racing right In the configuration setting you can tog- gle Computer Level, Machine Touch, Machine Damage rate of damage off, easy, normal or hard , Computer Accident, rate at which cars drop out, real, or off Radio jm Communication messages from the pits-on or off and Pak File Auto or Manual save.

My driver? From team Tyrell, Japan, U. These sim- ple tactics will substantially trim the learning curve. You can control the action with either the analog wand or the D- pad in several available contigu- rations but I advise sticking with the analog, unless of course you live to tinker. In that case you E. The control is perfect as you basically make your own.

Each spe- cific motor revs its own tune, and the weather actu- aliy changes during each event! Not so much as to siow down the game, hut it is noticeably improved. ES T he games company formerly known as Williams is finally staking a claim to the arcade racing throne. I hated it with a head-twitching passion. And after three days of San Francisco Rush on the Nintendo 64? Fm a changed man, brothers and sisters, ready to preach the Midway gospel to all those that will listen.

Right then, for those arcade-meisters who Ve played Rush before, I can teil you to prepare for pantaloon-besmirching delight when the home version hits. The graphics are exact in every respect to the arcade. Add a cool choice of seven different cars for every expert level, your own personal color er CH r the ramp Dukes of Hazzard style!

Forget your complex 3D physics this time This probobly hos something other o puzzle gome, yet to do uuith the foct thot TS begon beyond the music they both life os o Joguor gome by H20, ond shore this obstroct ond intense uuos only tronsferred to the N64 visuol ond ourol londscope. ULiith ofter the cot become extinct. The visuols ore there terns you've olreody set up on the solely to focilitote the ploying of surfoce of the sphere through shift- the gome, not to express ony ing the differently shoped blocks sort of dromotic ideo.

I must soy oround. It's o bit confusing to I like thot every noui ond ogoin. Rut unlike certoin severol different uuoys to ploy. SD Shift In stores NOW! Box Escondido, CA Money back guarantee on all unmailed issues. The game finally appeared in japan last year, at which point WD announced the translation. There might not be too many more like this. You arrogant fooi! This is none of your business!

Albert Odyssey follows the sad tale of an orphaned boy, Pike. After witnessing the slaughter of both his parents by a vicious band of Goblins, Pike is rescued by a Harpy, Laia, and raised happily in the Harpy Forest. One day, on his way to the Harpy well-spring, Pike encounters a man riding atop a huge red dragon. He demands to know Pike's identity, that of the village, and where to find the "Power Crystal. Suddenly there's a flash, Laia launches herself in front of Pike, and The quest to remove the spell of stone begins The quests and mini-quests are uninspiring, the battle frequency is hor- rendous, and the fighting itself is mind-numbingly slow.

To Working Designs' credit, howev- er, the quests are spiffed-up by an interesting plot, and the battles which used to be almost dysfunctionally slow in the import version have been sped-up with tolerable loading times. I guess the major contributor to this sense of dispar- ity in the battles is the slow command sequences. You have to confirm attacks for each character indi- vidually, after which they immediately roll out their melee and magie.

Trouble is, there's nothing "immediate" about it. The characters and enemies alike move slowly, attack slowly, heek, they even die slowly, and often what should've been a quicky turns into a monotony of button-pressing and wait- ing. And since battles are triggered every 8 to 10 seconds, no matter what, get ready for a lot of forced powering-up. Sadly it looks as though Working Designs were helpless in this area, 'cause the game progresses in such a way that you need to level up constantly, and the orig- inal designers simply chucked in the battle overload to keep the game balanced.

A lame, required play-mechanic, complicated by poor execution. Onward we go Albert's graphics are bit quality for the most part. The colors in certain backgrounds are beautiful, and various Mode 7-type background and spell effects are very nice. The main map is also a Mode 7 showcase, although it's been retouched since its bit days with lush bit J color.

The characters' attacks andj expressions are excellent, and the high number of animation frames are purely bit. The sound is just brilliant! Except for grating battle tunes, the towns, dungeons, and especially the maps are gifted with superb music, both redbook and PCM. And every character has cool Japanese voice when attacking and casting spells.

Props to WD for leaving 'em in. And while it starts weak, play 'til the second part of the game and you'll be treated to a much deeper, much more rewarding storyline. Female villains are treated especially well, such as the Silver Vixens from part one. They're a specialized three-woman mercenary team, led by the arrogant Miss Kris Seed, with a well-written, spiteful personality.

Unfortunately, Working Designs went a bit berserk on the townsfolk. In my opinion, the 'wacky' modern humor is completely out of place in a traditional RPG setting. You'll see talk of Ebonics, marital issues, using the can, and what RPG would be complete without mention of "yucky-poos"? It's all very sad, see- ing as how the dramatic moments are so very well written.

Well, this novel must come to an end. Despite my criticisms, I played Albert Odyssey all the way through, and yes, it was worth the 20 or so hours. He is extremely resistant to magicai attacks. Good Luck! For the rookie Bomberman player do they exist?!

Saturn Bomberman is also a place to settle rivalries. Plug in a multi-tap or two , round up pads and up to ten 10! Play with up to eight players in any regular arena, choose from among 10 cool characters Bonk and Master Higgins are on board , and blow each other to heek. Bah, talk is cheap. This is the ultimate multiplayer Bomberman. Buy this game and have fun. Generally considered to be the series for exploring new gameplay ideas, this particular entry into the X annals looks as if it intends to return to its roots somewhat and deliver an all-out action game.

Graphically, this is one of the best looking games the series has ever seen. Both MegaMan and Zero animate beautifully this is Capcom, after all , and the BGs, while not bursting with scrolls, are lovely to look at. Our preview version was pretty finished, so look for the full GF treatment as soon as we get a final. This is going to be a great MegaMan. The engine is arguat more robust of the two games, a great ioading or iack thereof i tainly a bonus.

Virtually flawless playability, highlights this all around gem of a baseball sim. With little to no load time, MLB offers more overall playtime and less waiting around. New anima- tions are unequalled, with players exe- cuting plays while throwing from their knees. MLB is a must have. Sqny explodes onto the scene, and starts knock- ing people out left and right. Awe Gameplay? Best of c terribly fun to play, especially wi players. Unlike my peers, I think right up there with the best!

Once again, Sega successfully builds upon an already reputable franchise. The new word here is polygons, and the transition was by all means successful. Gameplay glided from controller to screen effortlessly, and no major Al problems were apparent. All Saturn owners should be fired up to play this game, because it gives you the smoothest gameplay, and the best graphics on the platform. The 3D players show put together some of the best dunk and lay-up animations available in any basketball game around.

BTW, if you want this game but have a PS The month of October yields the return of one of the most action-intense racing titles around. Whatwould you call a combination of race bikes, surfing, flying, and terrains of snow, ice, land and sea?

If you thought the original courses were tough, step on up to 10 new tracks including river rapids, national forests. There are steeper embankments, twistier corkscrews, and deadlier water- falls. The new graphics will bring you further into the game, with the 3D engine driving the PS to its limits. Unbelievable physics and new hotter and taster bikes make this game one to look out for.

Live 98 could be the ultimate hoops title, the selection of new, customized moves will have your head spinning. Hockey fans look- out, cuz NHL is back, and looking sweet. Joe KLdd can be contacted at: rlee metropolismedia. Sony has put out such a solid, straight, across- the-board, sports line-up, I have no reason to doubt this will be any less. Player sizes are realistic to go along with their attributes. Each team has specific Team Playbooks, so choose your school and choose your style.

Stat-tracking, atmos- pheric effects, All-Time teams and more. Ist L. Each time they col- laborate at the drawing board, the goal is to bring in unsurpassed realism; a definite EA trademark by now. The players are bigger, taster and stronger—and man, can they hit! What really accentuates the look is the sound effects used «M " 1 "f'""T"! For those of you who pride yourselves in readmg defenses, you can j 1 J Y now totally exploit the D in a very, large fashion.

TCP allows you to either lead your receiver, keep the ball short, or take the ball left or right. I teil you, seeing TCP executed correctly brings on a whole new realm of satisfaction, and a whole new level of gaming. Any video game that makes you more a fan of the actual sport has done a pret- ty outstanding job.

Slated tor an October release, this hot title gives the smoothest, most responsive gameplay of any hockey game to te. We all knew that EA was competitive and liked to win, but. First » glimpses of NHL 98 showed new moves new motion capture, new modes and oh-so-much-more. All of the rosters are up to date with trades, stats and player ratings.

The pace is fast, but realistic and not awkward in the slightest, and every control has touch precision. The glue that holds the game together will definitely be the improved sounds and commentary. The scratching skates, chanting crowds, penalty box doors slamming and stadium-specific organ grinding is intense. In the mode of Tripte Play 98, the sound is live and random in a way that puts you in the stands, while being in the rink at the same time.

The play-by-play commentary is done dual style, again, ala TP Although Midway has been notorious for their 2-on-2, big head rendi- tions of hoops, they are now making their first run at serious 5-on-5 sim action with their NBA some Hardwood Heroes.

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