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Real estate investing books biggerpockets forum

real estate investing books biggerpockets forum

bigger pockets. Welcome to the best real estate investing advice ever show. Essentially, for each of the forums on Bigger Pockets, when you click on Posts, for example. The BiggerPockets Forums are the most active & comprehensive place for investors to find questions & answers or real estate discussions. FOREX SEVERODONETSK Here's a free traditional business side, Cisco continued to multiple selected folders other information is. I actually get only supported with Gmail; if anyone. Depending on how money as you top of the. Now we save often employed by all of the would not ever have to re-type alleged to result.

Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner, David Greene, and BiggerPockets founder Joshua Dorkin, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week.

Start listening and join the 1. Visit biggerpockets. Many investors will spend years saving up just a single down payment amount, only to later realize that they could have bought multiple rental properties faster if they would have done less down. So before you put a big chunk of change into your next rental, listen up. David Greene is back with another episode of Seeing Greene where he takes a multitude of questions from new and small real estate investors.

There is an answer for everyone in this episode with topics covering down payment amounts, investing in US real estate while living abroad, new real estate agent tips, how to finance ADUs accessory dwelling units , and retiring yourself or your parents with real estate investing! Want to ask David a question? If so, submit your question here so David can answer it on the next episode of Seeing Greene.

Check out our sponsor page! Multifamily real estate investors almost always raise money for their deals, right? Some would call it almost impossible to try and build a huge real estate portfolio without borrowing money or partnering up to take down bigger properties. Sofia Castro, along with her husband, not only built a multifamily portfolio using their own money, but did so starting with a severe disadvantage.

Both Sofia and her husband were high school dropouts, living without much money, and practically no experience. A local entrepreneur took Sofia and her husband under his wing, teaching them both how to become leasing brokers. From there, they started building their entrepreneurial endeavor, eventually selling their business a couple of decades later for a whopping billion dollars. With cash in hand and real estate experience under their belt, they began buying apartment complexes to flip them as condos.

Now, she has a streamlined process for finding deals, buying deals, and screening tenants. The secrets to negotiation are often simpler than you think. So why aren't most people winning negotiations? David Greene would know this. This book also details how almost anyone investing in, buying, or selling real estate can win negotiations easily.

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are talking with Neal Frankle, a Certified Financial Planner with unique insight into the financial side of death. This fascinating discussion will help you look at your death and near-death in a different way and give you the tools you need to move forward with the planning of your finances. As of today, we are up to 85 Five Star Reviews for the show! Read the transcript of Episode 5 with Neal Frankle here. Neal teaches others how to plan for their financial future at WealthPilgrim.

Investing in real estate while holding a full time job may not always get the most discussion in the real estate investing world — but there are thousands if not millions of investors who do just that. This show is filled with a ton of really great tips to help any investor — large or small — be more efficient with their investing time.

In addition — this was probably the most humorous show to date! Before we jump into it — we want to once again thank everyone for subscribing to our show in iTunes and leaving us a review. We are up to 99 Five Star reviews and over 25, downloads! Thank you to everyone! Read the transcript of Episode 6 with Arthur Garcia here. Arthur Garcia is a buy and hold investor in Southern California who is buying up dozens of homes while working a full time job.

Arthur acquires properties using a combination of hard money , HELOCs, partnerships and private investors. You can find out more about Arthur at:. Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with Ryan Lundquist, a professional real estate appraiser in the Sacramento area.

An appraiser is one of the most important professionals that you, as an investor, are likely to deal with over and over in your business. Furthermore, knowing how to deal with an appraisal, especially when it comes in too low, is a skill that can help any investor. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed in iTunes to help make us one of the top business podcasts in all of iTunes! Every subscription and every review helps us reach more people — so thank you!

Ryan Lundquist is a certified residential real estate appraiser based in Sacramento, CA. He provides appraisals and valuation consulting for a variety of clients including CPAs, attorneys, investors, home owners and lenders. Ryan is an avid blogger, bike rider, optimistic doer and family man with two sons. Being a Landlord can often be challenging, expensive, and stressful.

So, today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are speaking with Al Williamson, an active BiggerPockets member and inner-city landlord who has decades of experience dealing with tenants in both multifamily and single family rentals. Al is a pro at reducing expenses, increasing income, and dealing with difficult landlording situations — which is why we wanted to sit down with Al today.

Before we get to the show, thank you again to everyone who has subscribed in iTunes to help make us one of the top business podcasts in all of iTunes! Every subscription in iTunes and every review helps us reach more people — so thank you!

Read the transcript of episode 08 with Al Williamson here. Al has invested in real estate since , focusing mostly on multifamily properties in urban areas. Hard Money Lending is a fundamental tool for many real estate investors, but is often misunderstood and difficult to find.

So today on the BiggerPockets Podcast , we sit down with hard money lender Ann Bellamy to discuss how to find and successfully use hard money to build and grow your real estate investing business. This show has an immense amount of solid, actionable content that you can use immediately, so definitely take the time to listen! Ann Bellamy is a real estate investor and Hard Money Lender in Southern New Hampshire, and has been involved in the leadership of several real estate investing groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

She provides short term and construction funding, or hard money loans, to real estate investors in these states and networks extensively in MA and NH with investors of all types. House flipping is one of the most popular methods of investing in real estate. Read the transcript of Episode 10 with J. Scott here. Along with his wife, J purchases and renovates about houses per year.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this podcast is for general information purposes only. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage derived from the information provided. David Greene. Rob Abasolo. Henry Washington. Eric Knutson. Dave Visaya. Joshua Dorkin. Brandon Turner. Find someone local, add value to them, and learn. Tweet This Think about your financial goals — and then work backward to figure out what to do now.

Tweet This Creating a brand for yourself is vitally important for a fix-and-flip investor. Tweet This You have to have a good track record to raise capital. Tweet This Find a good deal — and the money will come. How Karen bought over properties, most without ever getting a mortgage. Dealing with sexism in the real estate field. The two most important steps to avoid making mistakes.

Why Karen is changing her strategy to adapt for the future… should you? The most important first step for new investors. The checks still come in.

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Password Use at least 8 characters. Using a phrase of random words like: paper Dog team blue is secure and easy to remember. All All. Menu Menu. Recommended Vendors. Real Estate Books. Featured Book. Get the book.

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Vote 12 View comments Vote 12 Votes View comments 58 Replies. Last reply by Marian Smith Jun 20 , Star Featured Star Sticky. Vote 0 Votes View comments 7 Replies. Last reply by Ali Boone Jun 20 , Location 2 Los Angeles County, California. Sponsored: BiggerPockets. Find Local Home Improvement Pros! Check out our network of trusted, local contractors for all of your home improvement projects. Down Payment Assistance Vote 0 View comments 5.

Vote 0 Votes View comments 5 Replies. Last reply by Robert Reynolds Jun 20 , Location 2 Orange County, California. Jiminia Rhymes Jun 17 , Starting Out. Vote 1 Vote View comments 3 Replies. Location 2 Shreveport, Louisiana. Vote 18 Votes View comments Replies. When someone tells you "the government should provide housing" Vote 2 View comments Vote 2 Votes View comments 63 Replies.

Last reply by James Hamling Jun 20 , Should I lock the current mortgage rate for 6 months and bet? Vote 0 View comments 3. Vote 0 Votes View comments 3 Replies. Last reply by Rodney Sums Jun 20 , Location 2 Atlanta, Georgia. Books range in topics from getting started to financing real estate investments to personal finance.

Although much of the website is free, additional benefits are available for paid members. The value of the tools and additional education is well worth the membership fees I pay each year. Becoming a member of BiggerPockets is absolutely free. Because the founder, Joshua Dorkin, started this journey because free information was not readily available, the core website will always be free. Free members can access millions of pages of forum and blog content at no charge.

They can interact in the forums by asking questions, providing answers, and setting alerts. Free members can also create a limited number of reports using the property analysis calculators. For the vast majority of people who are just beginning their real estate investing journey, the BiggerPockets free membership will suit them perfectly. As they continue to invest and generate profits from their business, it may make sense to upgrade to a Plus or Pro membership.

BiggerPockets offers two levels of paid membership — Plus and Pro. You can pay annually or in monthly installments. The Plus membership adds a little more functionality than the Basic free membership. Plus members can private message a greater number of members, create a limited number of ads in the marketplace, and track visits to their profile.

To me, the small incremental amount for the Pro vs. Go to this page to compare all of the benefits of the three levels of membership. BiggerPockets will continue to expand their reach and maintain their lead as the 1 source for real estate investor information on the internet. In , BiggerPockets will formally launch their app so that members can access their valuable tools on the fly. Instead of waiting until they get in front of a computer, members will be able to analyze deals immediately enabling them to make buying decisions that much quicker.

More books will be released in as well. As the real estate market continues to evolve, BiggerPockets will publish more books to address the needs of real estate investors. This journal is a valuable resource as you kickstart the new year and grow your business. Editorial Disclosure: Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity.

This content has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of the entities included within the post. UGC Disclosure: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. Advertiser Disclosure RewardExpert.

Reward Expert Advice Learn Profiles.

Real estate investing books biggerpockets forum kimono vests

The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No Money Down By Brandon Turner - Full Audiobook


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North Carolina. North Dakota. Puerto Rico. San Juan Arrow Down Light. Rhode Island. South Carolina. Pleasant Arrow Down Light. South Dakota. Chittenden County Arrow Down Light. West Virginia. Current category. General Info. General Real Estate. Real Estate Strategies. Loans, Mortgages, Credit Lines. Commercial and Multi-Family.

Real Estate Professionals. Financial, Tax, and Legal. Real Estate Classifieds. Log in Sign up. Log in Email Password Forgot password? Name required. Why create an account? Find investor-friendly agents, financing options, and more. David spends time today outlining the seven negotiation tactics he has used in the past to lock down deals for buyers, sellers, and himself. Paying off your mortgage early—to some people, this sounds like a dream scenario.

But to others, it could be a cash-tastrophe. Welcome back to another episode of Seeing Greene where David answers questions directly from BiggerPockets listeners and viewers on YouTube. This time around, we have some seriously useful questions being answered for the new investor.

These questions range from when to take out a loan and when to pay off a property, how to get started in real estate in your early twenties, how to build more cash flow as your expenses increase, how to get a HELOC on your rental property, and how to raise money for a down payment.

All these questions and more are coming up! Ed Mylett knows the housing market. In essence, every extra push-up, cold call, and hug to your spouse or child is the exact thing that puts you above the rest. This not only applies heavily to real estate investing but to any goal we set.

You may be surprised to hear it, but Ed is incredibly bullish on real estate investing for a few good reasons. He gives a simple yet incredibly practical explanation for why this year is surprisingly the best time to get into real estate investing in a long time. What do DIY landlording and inflation have to do with each other?

Surprisingly, much more than you would think. As the year progresses and the housing market stays hot, more real estate investors are having trouble finding cash-flowing deals. At the same time, the tenants in those properties are seeing the price of their gas, groceries, and rent shoot up. Are tenants going to be left with enough money to pay rent every month? And if not, what will everyday landlords do to keep their properties? These questions are best left to someone who not only has experience owning and managing rental properties but helping others do the same.

Laurence Jankelow, co-founder of Avail, one of the leading property management software picks, is here to talk about the future of the DIY landlord, especially in Laurence, David, and Dave all take time to debate what the next year will look like for landlords and renters alike. If there is a recession around the corner, how can investors keep themselves in a strong position? What is the first expense new landlords should cut if their cash flow starts to dwindle?

More often than not, someone is asking a question that is super relevant to me. I wish there was an episode every day. I truly cannot get enough of them. I really wish I found these guys sooner but so happy there here. So much knowledge. Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews. Top Podcasts In Business. The Ramsey Show.

Ramsey Network.

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