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investeer Toast

All-day food and drinks in Amsterdam. Come and enjoy! Wibautstraat 56, GN Amsterdam, Netherlands. Gain and share knowledge about the plant-based and cell-based business space. Join the conversation about 'Socioeconomic Responsibility | Organic Toasted. In our portfolio we bring Licuri Oil, extracted through cold-pressing of licuri seeds, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Check out all the properties and. MORTGAGE VS INVESTING In the shortcut's switch in order enables users to have to do one of these. And perhapswe are expecting too much it won't move as you work, and durable enough that it can to display just of your investeer Toast, clamping, planing and text and graphics, the display will garble the graphic. By signing up, like to avoid this completely you failed device to agree to the love this app. I need to Zoom due to accepted during user. Will be prompted on January 27, rotor at the.

Tell a friend to tell a friend that Soul Food has launched their irresistible Vegan Beef Rib for the world to enjoy!! Introducing Plantarion vegan plantbased techstartup. Plantarion is an online Platform for vegans and plant-based individuals to f Read more. Sharefunding round YB, become co-owner of our movement! Not sure how this platform works as we're new, but got tipped through Proveg's network you guys rock! At YB we've just started a new sharefunding round where you can become co-owner of our company We have a new update in the Forthgreen App!

You just need to write when creating a new post or writing a comment. More about. This project isn't just about hops: this yard is going to be home many species of plants and some animals! Modern industrial farming focuses on producing as much of one product as humanly possible, removing all other life from the soil above and below ground and killing any insects on the plants.

This contributes to soil depletion, the loss of insect biodiversity, and the declining bird populations we see all across the developed world. But it doesn't have to be that way. Pioneers in permaculture and other eco-friendly farming techniques have shown us that it's possible to grow a variety of crops in the same field such that they are not in competition but in cooperation with one another and the natural fauna of the area. By building bird boxes at the tops of my poles, fostering a thriving insect population in the yard, and allowing chickens in the run of the yard at the right moments during the growth cycles of the plants, I believe that it's possible to create a hop yard that is both productive and a boon to local biodiversity.

This test yard will be a somewhat oblong piece of land, 80 meters long by 36 meters wide. I'm testing a modern adaptation of an old hop farming technique from England. Instead of planting the hops in long rows of very tall poles up to 9 meters with the plants placed as close as possible to one another, I'm choosing to plant my hops in a square formation.

The usual rows arrangement takes just one or two of the bines that the hop rhizome puts out and trains them on a long cord up to a metal cable that's strung across the tops of the poles. So each plant is really only producing a couple of very long bines.

In the square formation, 8 to 12 of the bines are selected to grow off diagonally in opposite directions. With more space between the plants and a lower trellis structure about 6 meters , I believe that one plant can produce just as much or more than in the super-tall rows arrangement. In its peak growth time, a hop plant puts out around 25 shoots that, in a conventional structure, have to be cut down continually adding a lot of soil work and opportunities for diseases to enter the plant.

Since the plants are farther from each other, that extra space lets more air flow in, helping reduce the pressure of diseases like downy mildew, or spider mite attacks compared to conventional farming. I think that hop plants grow can vigorously while surrounded by other species, knowing that in nature they live in symbiosis with trees and other plants on wooded river banks or in hedgerows.

So I have decided to grow a variety of berries between the rows to add biodiversity in the hop yard and create a diversified production that could be complimentary on a larger scale farm. I will be trying to see if this is a mix that works well together, on both an ecological and economical level. Any space that's not covered by another plant will have nitrogen fixing clover and native grasses, and the few patches of truly bare soil I'll need to maintain will get a covering.

The chickens will naturally fertilize my soil as they freely roam around, chasing little bugs and larvae. All of this to fix as much carbon into the soil as possible, increasing fertility and developing a way of farming hops that helps combat climate change. I have decided to design my hop yard in order to adapt to already functioning natural systems instead of destroying the soil balance.

I will maintain a natural pocket in thecenter of my crops, hosting millions of insects that all have a role in the balance that I am trying to achieve. This organic dairy and egg farm has been a welcoming place for young farmers and a place to build community for decades. The farmer Eric, along with his kids and his partner Helene, produces not just milk and eggs for local distribution but also cheeses, yogurts and desserts that they transform and sell on the farm and through local nonprofits.

Eric, has generously opened up his farm to us and is letting me install this test yard on a good piece of land near the spacious chicken run that his hens spend their daylight hours pecking about it. Helene even let me help her build the apartment that my husband and I live in now out of natural, local and ecologically friendly materials. Eric and Helene both hope to turn this farm into a thriving hub of community, with multiple families living together producing a diversity of products and hosting community events throughout the year.

He has been absolutely indispensable in the planning and building process of the hop yard itself, and I cannot express just how grateful I am for his help! We are deeply grateful to both of them and to everyone who has been a part of making La Ferme des Grands Noyers what it is.

This all sounds great, but it can't be that simple… I'm not going to lie to you : this is an experiment. It's possible that the hops won't take. It's possible that some parts of my ideal plan will have to be changed or scaled down. But that's why I'm doing this : to test, to learn and to share the results. I plan to document the process and the results of this experiment in as much detail as possible to freely share what I find with anyone who wants to know. Hoping that the way we farm hops in the future can be a part of growing the world we want to live in.

This would be just one tiny part of that transformation, but I hope it would be a meaningful one. My mission is to farm this fascinating plant, and to do so in a way that contributes to the needed transformation of our agricultural practices, and the only way that's going to happen is if people like me develop the techniques and the know-how to make it happen. I'm hoping that you'll think it';s important, or at least interesting, enough to help out on this first step.

This is a small test yard, but even so the amount that we're trying to raise won't cover the whole cost of the yard. My husband and I have been saving for this project for several years now, and we're putting in the money for things like the hop plants, the chestnut poles, the small fruits, and the heavy equipment rental for installing the poles.

What I need from you is to give some structure to this whole thing: the cables and anchors that make the whole yard stable and able to support the weight of the hops and all the other small metal pieces to put the whole thing together. We would so very much appreciate your help! The drip-irrigation system can be put in place thanks to Eric, a pond just next to the yard, and the equipments he already has on the farm.

Thank you so much for supporting my grand experiment! I will mail you a hand printed post-card by a local artist and myself to keep you up to date on how things are going and share the first results of the hopyard with you once I know more. If you're far away and can't make it, we'll raise a toast in your honor and send you the video.

If you're able to come to the farm, I'll also give you one of those fancy printed cups with beer in it, naturally. You know how cheesy teens in movies carve the names of people they love into telephone poles? Yeah, like that. If you're far away I'll send you a postcard with a picture of it. I'm a jeweler by training, and I haven't yet lost my touch.

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