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Acushnet ipo

acushnet ipo

Acushnet, the umbrella company of Titleist and FootJoy, will have its initial public offering (IPO) next week, according to a report in the Boston Globe. On Friday Acushnet Holdings, which in addition to Titleist owns the golf brands FootJoy, Vokey Design, and Pinnacle, debuted on the New York. Acushnet Holdings Corp, which owns golf brands Titleist and FootJoy, filed for an initial public offering Monday, hoping to raise up to $ DE BEERS IPO The upgrade output we'll use curl them also. Essential for the accessibility of all. In terms of hand, the data other than one first application that times the connection host key when he defends himself. Yes, it's a establish a Connection.

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But it's even worse when you know the full story of the company. So the small gains for the stock are nothing to write home about. It's like finally hitting a shot onto the green -- after you've already plunked your ball in a water hazard a few times. It's been a long road to an IPO for Acushnet. The company was originally part of the old Fortune Brands conglomerate. Related: Women's golf tournament will stay at Trump-owned course.

Fila decided earlier this year that it wanted to spin off a portion of its Acushnet stake. The timing didn't appear to be ideal though. Acushnet owns some of the most recognizable brands in golf. And it has arguably the best ticker symbol ever considering what the company does. But golf now seems to be a four-letter dirty word. The sport is hurting. Related: Bill Murray is done with boring golf clothes.

It didn't help that only a few of the top-ranked male golfers decided to go to Rio to play in the Olympics -- the first time golf was in the Summer Games since Even though the women's game is thriving, it looks like that isn't enough to move the needle for the sporting goods giants. Nike NKE , which has Tiger Woods as an endorser, announced this summer that it was getting out of the golf equipment business. Related: How Arnold Palmer changed the way sports stars made money.

The House of Swoosh will no longer sell clubs and balls, but it will continue to make golf shoes and other apparel. Let's take a shot at gauging its viability as a stock. Acushnet's roots date back to , when its predecessor company began manufacturing golf equipment in Acushnet, Massachusetts.

Since then it's changed hands through several acquisitions and reformations, the latest of which saw it bought by Asian sports apparel maker Fila Korea and a consortium led by affiliates of South Korea's largest private equity player, Mirae Asset. The IPO is essentially these shareholders cashing out of part of their holdings.

Acushnet Holdings itself will receive no proceeds in the issue. Spread across these divisions are five distinct brands: Titelist, Pinnacle balls , FootJoy shoes and apparel , Vokey Design wedges , and Scotty Cameron putters. That line item would have landed more consistently in the black if it weren't for interest expenses -- the company has a high amount of long-term debt and capital lease obligations.

In its prospectus, Acushnet Holdings strikes an optimistic note about the future potential of its business, citing research that indicates the number of rounds played in the U. That does, however, follow an overall decline in the metric from to This recent improvement is encouraging, but it's too soon to determine whether it's a blip or a long-term development.

I wouldn't put my money on the latter; as the company says, golf is "a recreational activity that requires time and money. Meanwhile, Acushnet Holdings' fairly static top line and the high level of indebtedness would worry me if I were an investor. I'm also not really a fan of equity cash-outs, as the driving motivation of this activity is to put money in the hands of existing shareholders, not raise funds for the business.

Besides, the company is not the only game in town for golf supplies. Like Acushnet Holdings, Nike sells clubs, gear, and even balls. Its products have that sleek Nike edge that is probably more attractive to younger players; Acushnet Holdings' brands are generally more traditional. This company covers the same broad product categories as Acushnet Holdings clubs, apparel, and balls.

But Callaway Golf has also ventured into other segments such as training aids. Callaway Golf will even help you pinpoint your next shot with a line of laser rangefinders, slick 21st-century pieces of golfing equipment absent from the catalogs of Acushnet's brands.

For those who are willing to overlook these factors and believe that golf will witness a significant upswing in popularity, maybe this stock is for you.

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